Back in the golden olden days of print newspapers, bad guys would regularly read the obituaries, then craft a plan to break into houses and steal valuable items during the wake or funeral. But like most analog businesses, this criminal model has gone digital.

Today, the internet makes discovering and then executing creative ideas not much more than a mouse click away — which makes exploiting death for the purposes of identity fraud easy, too. The idea is either to siphon funds from the accounts of the deceased, or to build new IDs around their personal details in order to build credit and make a bigger haul down the road.

Officers of Rapid response Squad (RRS) in Lagos State Paraded a gang of 7, who specialise in stealing money from bank accounts of deceased People .

The Gang was headed by 45 year old Ostia Nwafor otherwise known as Ossy and other members identified as, Nwogu Joseph Chika (36), Anthony Odama (43), Ikechukwu Nkem (32), James Okonkwo (51), Adedio Paulinus (29) and Ogundepo Olufemi (51).

A report by the Police after an investigation revealed that the suspects connive with Bankers locally and abroad to carry out their criminal activities.

Members of the syndicate confessed that they were working on $220,000 and N25 million fraud before they were arrested.

One of their banker in Benin is at large while the banker in Lagos has been aphrehended by officers of the Lagos State Police command.