Cucumber is actually a fruit, contrary to the common categorization as vegetable. This fruit is very common and you are most likely to find it in most kitchens for its diverse health benefits.

It is enriched with numerous and valuable minerals and vitamins, together with antioxidants which are vital for the well being and normal functionality of our body.

Other than the cucumbers being used in the kitchen, ladies have found a way of using this fruit in the bedroom, a few minutes before sleeping. They have learnt the secret behind this fruit and skin care, making most of them adopt the use of this fruit before sleeping. Ladies are much concerned by their outward appearances as compared to their male counterparts, making them adopt new ways of keeping up their looks very fast.

Before sleeping, most ladies have adopted a new norm of putting cucumber slices in their eyes. Cucumber is cut into small sizes, refrigerated and put on the eyes for about 15 minutes. The fruit is able to remove puffiness around the eyes and keep the skin surrounding them hydrated, and also alleviate swells around the eyes.

When it comes to relaxing and cooling the body from day’s routines, cucumber slices can be applied on the skin before sleeping. The fruit is able to open up the poles on the skin surface, enhancing excretion process, thus cooling the bodies temperatures.

Cucumbers contain antioxidants and silica, which helps in reducing dark spots on the skin. The slices can be rubbed on the dark skin circles, leaving the skin brightened and rid of the dark spot, though this changes are not permanent.

The wholesome benefits of cucumbers on skin care and beauty is the driving factor making the fruits be adopted by most ladies, using them inside the bedroom before sleeping for better results.

Next time while you doing shopping at the grocery store, don’t forget to pick cucumbers on the shelves.