Taking about 2023 Election, there is no how you will not mention politician’s like Tinubu and Atiku, they are leading the race for 2023 Presidential Election in the country.

Atiku has been trying to be president since 1993 when he lost the SDP ticket To Moshood Abiola in the primary election, in 1999 he became the vice President of the country, due to the problem between him and his boss in 2007 he was not able to contest for the president under the same party he was Elected as the vice president, he moved to opposition party. He lost the election in that year.

He decamp back to the People Democratic Party (PDP) and try again in 2011 but also lost in the primary election To The formal president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, in 2014 he moved to the new party All Progressive Party (APC) and lost the ticket to President Muhammadu Buhari in the primary election once again but he never give up and still went back to PDP to contested again In the 2019 election but lost with a margin of 4 millions votes.

On the other hand, Bola Amhed Tinubu is preparing for the perfect time since 2007, but the perfect time is now nearer that is 2023, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu been a game planner, it has been for this time.

So why did I believe they should Forget about being the president of the country but rather work for the process’s of this our good country? 

Here are my reason:

1. Age: Age is a great factor that should be consider, they are both becoming aging, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is already 68 years old this year and Atiku will be 74 years old this year and by 2023 they will be 71 years and 77 years old respectively.

If president office as been counted as one of the civil servant office, they would be a retired personal in the country, in the same country when civil servant must retired by the time he is 60 years old because they may not able to cope with office work again, the same country where they is non teaching staff in the university must retired as the age of 65 years old, and Lecturer must retired as the age of 70 years old because he will not able to control the classroom again and How will you expect a 75 years old person to Control A Whole Country that has over 200 Million People?

Even medically, as you get older you need more rest, the average hour a 75 years old will working will be 8-10 hours but for a better Nigeria, we need a person who can work more than 13 hours in office without being tired.

2. People Around Them: There is no doubt that both of them has friends like enemy’s that surround them, looking the history of both them, you will understand both of them have fake friends around them, most of them are not for Nigeria Progress but they are only after the gain they may gain if they become the president of the nation.

3. Instead of running for the president they should Support a young Candidate:

I think 2023 is a time when we need flesh blood in the administration of our beautiful country and they are in the best in the position in finding the best young candidate in taking Nigeria forward.

Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a leader who easily pick out talent among his follower and they have prove it to the world that he was right. Remember 2007 he was the one that nominated Rauf Aregbesola for Osun state government and he was one of the best Governor they have had in the state, what about Raji Fashola in Lagos state?

They should stop their ambition of becoming the president and the stop the confusing in the both party and support a young ambition leader that they know that he can deliver for a better Nigeria.