There was drama in the big brother house yesterday night after the housemates had arguments over this week’s wager task.

Everything started when Kiddwaya the head of house received the task brief and normally, all the housemates gathered in the lounge. After Kiddwaya read the brief to them, all the housemates were confused at first about the directives. This then brought an argument between the housemates.

While the housemates were arguing, Kiddwaya who was unhappy made a statement that got other housemates upset. 

Kidd’s statement was that he’s laid back because he’d still be in the house next week, unlike other housemates who are up for eviction. His statement didn’t go down well with the other housemates as they saw his statement as being insensitive. His statement really made the housemates angry and Lucy, Dorathy and Wathoni walked out of the meeting.

Lucy expressed her anger to Wathoni and Praise where she was heard vowing not to participate in the task next week, she also prayed that they all lose the task as well as this week’s wager.

Ozo later asked Kiddwaya to apologise to the other housemates the next morning which is this morning. He refused at first but later agreed to it.