Built-in Nigeria by Nigerians for Nigeria. 

Ajayi oluwatobi, a young man in his 30s is the CEO of Nord Automobiles. A second Nigerian automotive manufacturing company with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

An establishment born out of the need to create a remarkable made-in-Nigeria automobile brand.

Before now, Innoson Motors is the only indigenous automobile company in Nigeria, and it is located in the South-Eastern part of the country.

The success recorded over the years has motivated other Nigerians to set up their own automobile company in the country.

President Muhammad Buhari has also contributed to the success of Innoson Motors in Nigeria by patronizing the indigenous factory. The president ordered Government agencies and corporations to patronize local companies in order to strengthen the economy.

The Nigerian Army, FRSC, and others buy their armored vehicles and other vans from Innoson Motors.

The owner of the automobile company, Ajayi Oluwatobi, posted on his Twitter handle on Wednesday afternoon that the company has completed a new model of vehicle. He called it ‘Nord Tank’.

“Built-in Nigeria by Nigerians for Nigeria. 

Nord Tank”


One of the major challenges of automobile companies in Nigeria is the lack of patronage from the people. Nigerians are used to foreign-made vehicles and fairly used cars.

The indigenous automobile industry can only survive when we begin to patronize them.

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