A wide believe that light skin attracts! 

“Growing up, everyone around me was doing it- My School friends, My Mom, My Aunt. So I did it too

Skin bleaching (also called skin lightening, skin whitening and skin toning) is the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten the skin….. For the same reason I ignorantly threw the words “black like a tar pot”

Women engage in skin lightening because light skin is associated with higher status, privilege, and beauty, thus, women feel the need to bleach their skin to look beautiful and attract high-status mates. In the entertainment industry, music videos project white skin ladies more than the black ones. Thus, corporations manipulate audiences through advertising, making people believe that with lighter skin, they have more chances to succeed

Most black Women want a lighter or brighter complexion to get rid of facial imperfections, and look beautiful-many people who bleach their skin, like Cooper, are rewarded for it.

This is the main reason why most people want to do everything possible to achieve the skin tone that will make them acceptable in the society.

Skin bleaching is no longer a new trend. The truth remains that skin bleaching does more harm than good.

Skin lightening ingredients work by reducing melanin in the skin. Melanin is the pigment that gives the skin its color.

Our skin is porous, as a result of this, it absorbs anything that we apply on it and this goes straight into the body system. That’s why we need to be careful with what we apply on the skin.

The side effects of Bleaching include;

1. Kidney Failure : the kidney is the organ responsible for flushing out toxins in the body. Using skin bleaching creams will cause excessive toxins build up in your system because your skin absorbs anything you apply on it. The kidney will try to flush out all these toxins which will overwork your kidney and cause the kidney blood vessels to collapse.

2. Steroid Acne : this is caused by skin bleaching products that contain steroids known as corticosteroids. This acne can occur around the face, back and arms.

3. Stretch marks and green veins : skin bleaching causes skin thinning. Which will result in stretch marks and green veins.

4. Dermatitis : caused by the contact of the skin with harmful ingredients. It is an inflammation of the skin with symptoms like redness, swelling, skin ulcer,blisters, itchiness, and dry patches.

5. Blue Black Patches On The Skin : this is as a result of using a bleaching cream or soap for long. It burns the skin forming blue black patches.

Harmful skin bleaching ingredients to avoid in your cosmetic products

1. Hydroquinone

2. Steroids

3. Mercury

4. Monobenzone

Most skin bleaching ingredients are harmful and the side-effects of skin bleaching cannot be reversed.

Develop the habit of reading the ingredient list of your skin care products. Never buy a product without an ingredient list. This is because it may contain harmful chemicals which you know not of.

Always do your own research before using a skin care product. Discard any products that is making your skin lighter than its natural complexion.

It’s better to be darker than your normal complexion and healthy than to bleach your skin and suffer from this diseases and skin problems as a result of skin bleaching.

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