• Mike Oliver

A white expatriate identified as Mike Oliver, has caused major chaos online after he blatantly exposed over twenty women he has slept with on his Facebook story. 

According to developing reports emanating from Kenya, Mike Oliver is HIV positive. He confessed to have bedded close or over half a century of Kenyan ladies despite his HIV status, and Oliver claimed the ladies including married women all followed him because of his money. 

It is believed that the foreigner had visited the country for holidays, and he committed these atrocities within the span of 3 months he spent in Kenya. He reportedly left no fewer than 5 broken marriages and got about 7 ladies pregnant. 

Many Kenyans have expressed their sadness towards this situation as Mike Oliver is nowhere to be found at the moment. 

Also, the Nairobi Pastors’ Congress has condemned the evil act perpetrated by Mike Oliver. 

Could this be as a result of poverty on the ladies part or what it be?

Mind you, these are just are few selected pictures. There are several others.