BBNaija star Uriel Oputa has taken to her social media page to tell other women that her body is natural and not as a result of plastic surgery.

Uriel seemed to have gotten tired of the questions from women who thought that she may have gone under the knife.

On her Instagram story, she shared her conversation with a curious follower. The follower said she wanted to go for liposuction, so she asked to know the hospital where BBNaija star had done hers.

Responding to the follower, she stated that she has never done plastic surgery. Uriel went on to note that her body is 100 percent natural. According to her, that is how God gave it to her.

Uriel Oputa reacts after a follower asked her where she can do liposuction. Source: @urielmusicstar

The reality TV star stated that she is tired of being asked the same question by different women.

“My body is natural. I have a small waist because that’s what God gave me. Please stop asking me about plastic surgery. This is like the 10th message. Ladies, please just work out and eat right. It’s so annoying. Not every girl with figure 8 has had surgery,” she said.

“I work out. I eat right and I take my vitamins. I am naturally curvy. That’s what my family has. That’s just us. We have bossoms and everything. We have small waists. That’s just how we are in my family. So, I’ve not had surgery. Please stop asking me about surgeries, it’s getting annoying. Eat right and work out. Ladies, please stay out of surgery,” she added.

Uriel Oputa reacts after a follower asked her where she can do liposuction. Source: @urielmusicstar

The actress found a throwback photo of herself and she took to her official Instagram page to show it to her fans and followers. In the photo, she was still her beautiful self but slimmer with small hips.

While comparing her former physique in the photo to who she is now, Tonto said she is speechless. She went ahead to appreciate her plastic surgeon as she reveals his identity.