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If you have been finding it difficult to save a YouTube videos to your phone gallery, then worry no more, as this article is going to provide complete solution to the problem.

How Can I Download YouTube Videos On My Phone?

Below is the easiest way to download YouTube videos directly to your phone gallery

Step 1: Simply open your YouTube app and click on the video that you intend to download and save to gallery.

Step 2: Simply copy the special link to the specific video you intend to download.

Open the specific video that you intend to copy it’s link, then click on the share button below the video as shown in the picture above, some windows will pop up, simply locate the copy to clipboard button or copy link button and click on it. That’s all you have copy the link to that video like that, now move to the next steps.

Step 3: Open your browser and go to savefrom.net and you will see a box asking you to paste the link to the video you intend to download as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Now, paste the link that you have copied earlier to the box mentioned in the step 3 above and the video will be generated automatically giving you multiple options to select the download of your choice.

Step 5: Click on any of the download button as shown in the step 4 on the picture shown above, allow the downloading process to start and complete, and boom! your favorite video is ready in your gallery.

That’s all, you can now watch the video in your phone gallery at anytime.

Check the picture above for more clarification on how to save YouTube videos to your phone gallery.

Alternatively If you feel the above step is too stressful you can try this method below

Step 1: Click HERE to download the SaveFrom.Net app called button, it works with the same system at which the website works.

Step 2: Having download and installed the above app, now open the app.

3. Open your YouTube App, locate the video you wish to download. Having located the video that you intend to download.

4. click on the share button and in the next screen select SaveFrom App just like the section of the picture above and select the format you wish to download.

That’s all, enjoy watching your YouTube videos offline.

Having read this complete guide on how to download YouTube videos, you shouldn’t have any problem in downloading YouTube videos to watch offline anymore as this is the best and easiest method to download this videos for offline watch.