Over charge by Bank:

Over charge by Bank mean the broadcast appointment you buy is 104 Naira.

Clarification: Normally your bank charge you 100 Naira when you energize broadcast appointment from your ledger however remember that your bank will send you a caution of charge which cost you 4 Naira yet this 4 Naira won’t be deducted until month to month end when your bank will reveal to you that some sum have been deducted for SMS alert for the period of April for instance.

Defenseless against programmers:

Defenseless against programmers mean once you’re energizing from your financial balance and programmers realizes that your number is interface with your ledger then they will figure out how to hack your financial balance, this open you to many assault like getting your BVN through your versatile number, accepting OTP from your ledger and they can likewise initialise exchange for your benefit.

Favorable position of revive broadcast appointment from your ledger.


Accommodation mean it make energize of broadcast appointment simple for you whenever of the day even in the 12 PM in much as conceivable you have cash in your financial balance and you have enlist for USSD exchange on your telephone.

Fast access to your Bank Services.

Fast access to your Bank administrations mean you can approach all your bank benefits despite the fact that it is end of the week time.

If not too much trouble share with companions and friends.