Residents of Suna west constituency Migori County were early today treated to a free drama as a 42- year old lady was arrested for eloping with a 14-year-old boy with the intention of getting married to the minor. The boy was reported missing for several weeks only to be found today at the woman’s home in Nyamaraga village. It is alleged that the affair between the boy and the elderly lady was known by the boy’s parents who had already warned them to stay away from that illicit relationship. However, as we all know ‘love being blind’ the woman decided to hide the minor in his own house and were intending to get married later.

The irate villagers who learned about what was Goin on decided to alarm the number Kumi leader Evans Nyareva who conducted a raid in the woman’s house and found the missing boy there. The woman has been arrested and is waiting to be arraigned in the court of law tomorrow where she’s going to be charged with child abuse. The boy was taken to a therapist for some counseling. Parents are highly advised to be on the look out for Their children’s whereabouts especially during this coronavirus period that has seen all learning institutions being closed for months.