Is it difficult to apply for a Canadian visa? The complete guide to applying for a Canadian visa.

You want to once set foot in a beautiful Canada, but you are having a hard time getting a Canadian visa. What you need to do and how to apply for a visa easily, don’t miss the helpful information shared below.

You are about to apply for a Canadian visa, but you still have too many unknown things such as what does the Canadian visa application need? The implementation process like? How long will the results take? Do not worry that the following article of Genebext will help you answer your questions.

Is it difficult to apply for a Canadian visa?

One of the questions many tourists ask when applying for a Canadian visa is is it difficult to apply for a Canadian visa? The answer will not be difficult if you follow the correct procedure and prepare all the necessary documents as follows:

– Full of application forms: Family information, Application for temporary residence and Application for visitor visa

– Original passport (with remaining period of over 6 months) and old passport (if any)

– Some other identification papers: Identity card / Citizen card, birth certificate, household registration book, marriage registration / divorce certificate (if any), …

– Papers proving financial: Papers proving ownership property (land, house, car, …), savings book, …

– Proof of work: Statement of the last 3 months of salary, labor contract, application for leave, certificate of capital contribution (if any), …

– Invitation letter (for relatives visiting relatives)

– Schedule of the trip

– Confirmation of round trip flight booking and hotel.

How long does it take to apply for a Canadian visa?

Many of you will be wondering how long it will take to apply for a Canadian visa. Usually the application processing time will range from 3 to 4 working weeks.

However, depending on the type of application, there will be different processing times which may be shorter or longer, the specific time is as follows:

– Single-use, single-entry Canadian visa: You will wait for a period of 4 weeks to complete the procedure and receive the results

– Canadian visa for tourist entry, use many times: Waiting time to receive results 4 weeks

– Canadian visa family travel: Waiting time to receive results 4 weeks

– Canadian visa to study abroad: Waiting time to receive results from 6 weeks to 3 months

– Canadian visa to work in a short time: 3 months for processing and receiving results

– Canadian temporary residence visa: Waiting time for your results is 4 weeks.

In the event that you apply at the peak time, it may take longer. In particular, the quality of your application will also partly affect the processing time of your Canadian visa.

Types of Canadian visas

Below are the types of Canadian visas that you can refer to for more information and to apply as needed

1. Visa for tourist / visiting relatives

For this tourist visa will be divided into 2 categories: Single and multiple travel / visiting relatives.

A one-time tourist / relative visit visa will allow you to enter only once. You will be required to leave Canada once the visa period ends. If you want to continue to enter, you must apply for a new visa. With a tourist visa / visiting relatives repeatedly, you will be allowed to enter Canada many times within the valid visa period.

2. Visa investment

This is the type of visa that Canada offers to investors from outside the country. To obtain an investment visa requires investors to have a large enough investment in accordance with Canadian requirements and regulations.

3. Canadian student visa

This is the type of visa that you must apply for when you want to participate in the university programs of Canada, the national graduate. To get a Canadian student visa you need to meet the requirements and conditions that Canada sets forth.

4. Skilled labor visa

This type of visa is for skilled workers who want to come to Canada to work. The Government of Canada has launched a policy of granting skilled workers visas to attract quality workers from other countries.

5. Visa family self-group

A visa for those whose relatives (spouse, children) already have Canadian citizenship and have a residence card in Canada. You can apply for a family reunification visa in Canada.

Which country can I get a Canadian visa to go to?

Canada, a country with a developed economy, is why applying for a Canadian visa is not easy. However, when you get a Canadian visa you will be able to travel to many countries without having to apply for a new visa because you already have a replacement Canadian visa.

Canadian visas can go through the following countries: European Union countries, USA, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Australia, Bahamas, Korea, Switzerland, San Marino, Vantican, Papua New Guinea, Solomo, New Zealand, Norway, Monaco, Israel, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Chile, Barbados, Antigua, Barbuda, Andorra, Samoa.

1. Experience in applying for a Canadian tourist visa

The following will be the experience of applying for a high success rate Canada tourist visa that you can refer to:

1. Things to prepare

Prepare all necessary identity papers for the application

– Passport book is valid for a minimum period of 6 months, with blank pages, notarized copies of passport sides and pages that have been stamped with customs or visas of any country.

– Canadian visa application form (Form IMM5257) and family information declaration (IMM 5645)

– CVAC approval form and using VFS services

– You used to serve in the military (form IMM5257), the form that used a representative (IMM 5476)

– Notarized copy of a number of other documents such as identity card, household registration book, birth certificate, marriage registration, …

Prove career

– Prepare full documents proving your job: Labor contract, appointment decision, application for vacation leave, list of last 3 months salary (staff).

– For business owners: Business registration certificate, receipt of tax payment for the last 2 years, a certificate of account balance in the company.

– With retired officials will provide retirement decisions, retirement cards and payroll. For the students, students need to have leave application, student card, student.

Prove your finances

– To prove your finances when applying for a Canadian visa, you must have at least 5000 USD or have a proof of a savings account.

– Certificates of property under their ownership such as: Land, houses, vehicles, companies, …

Provides information about his schedule

– You need to provide complete information about your hotel, flight and expected travel itinerary in Canada.

2. Follow the Canadian visa application process

– Step 1: Prepare all the papers mentioned above

– Step 2: Fill out all information in the application form and identification documents, then submit it to the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC). Once you are checked, you will receive an inventory of the documents submitted and will go get the biometric data, you will pay a fee of 153 USD

– Step 3: When you receive the result notification, you will bring your appointment card and other documents (statements, original identity card or papers with identification).