Police Arrest Fulani Man After Wife Boasts He Does Kidnapping Now Super-Rich

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A Fulani man who specializes in kidnapping people and making huge money has been arrested by the police after his wife boasts her husband does kidnapping business and is now super-rich.

Halima a resident of Gwaragwada community in Abaji Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, has boasted that her husband does kidnapping business which has made him supper rich and forced her to stop hawking fura nunu (Cow Milk).

A witness, Mr. Amos Iliya, who lives in the Abaji community, told MAWA Foundation that he has been a long time customer patronizing Halima for her fura nunu.

Iliya who has not seen Halima for a long time was worried and tried to inquire from her where she has been and why she has stopped selling nunu.

Responding, Halima said that her husband is now having a new profitable business called kidnapers.

When asked to explain the nature of the business, she said she cannot give details but knows the name of the business her husband does is Kidnappers.

Explaining her husband’s business, Halima said her husband has made plenty of money, has built new houses, bought a power generator, and has employed many persons to work under him.

“My husband is a kidnapper, he has made big money, built houses, bought a generator and has employed people to work for him”, Halima boasts.

Worried by Halima’s revelation, Iliya and other persons invited policemen who arrested her together with her husband

A Police search found six persons kidnapped and held captive in the suspect house waiting for ransoms to be paid.

Admitting to the crime, the suspect said he began kidnapping business since last year while he operates along Abuja-Lokoja high and Nasarawa-Benue-Otukpo route.

The police have since freed the six persons held captive.

The suspect has since asked for forgiveness, promising to be a good citizen if forgiven while serving as an informant for the police on issues of kidnapping.

We could not immediately reach out to the police prosecuting investigating officer for a response.