Abdominal wall surgery is a procedure that improves the appearance of flabby, stretched-out abdominal (belly) muscles and skin. It is also called a tummy tuck. It can range from a simple mini-tummy tuck to more extensive surgery.

The cosmetic industry is a highly thriving one as it has been noticed that people would go above and beyond to look good at all times, even if it entails undergoing dangerous procedures.

For some ladies, applying makeup is not enough to improve their appearance as they also undergo cosmetic surgery even if there is a chance they might lose their lives in the process

As people mourned her, some claims began circulating that she had gone for cosmetic surgery without the knowledge of her family. Some claimed she lied to her husband that she was travelling for shopping, others said she went for surgery to look good for her 40th birthday.

Read Husband ‘s message and other statements regarding the woman’s death below.


The husband of the deceased also sent a message to one of the Facebook users spreading lies about his wife. He mentioned that the claims being made online about his deceased wife do not have “any iota of truth”. He didn’t mention which of the claims he was disputing.

May God give Her Family the Fortitude to bear this Irreparable loss.!