Successful Quin

You can never make a perfect judge if you judge by listening to just one side of the story,last week in Oghara Delta state,Success Oyovwikose whose facebook name is Successful Quin was accused of cheating on her fiance just two months to her marriage,in case you missed the initial story,her fiance whose name is Elliot Iwhia was dating Success and another girl named Blessing Abobo,but when he decided to settle down,he told Blessing that he no longer wants to carry on with the relationship because he wants to get married to Success

Elliot Iwhia

Blessing Abobo

lElliotengaging Success Oyovwikose

True to his words,few weeks later he engaged Success in an elaborate ceremony and visited her family for the introduction ceremony,a marriage date was picked and preparation was in top gear,Elliot had even ordered a customised wedding gown for Success,but last week everything came crashing when Success was accused of cheating on her fiance barely two months to their marriage,lots of people suspected foul play because the guy people claim she was sleeping with happens to be the younger brother of the aggrieved Blessing Abobo,which made many people to believe that it was a complete set up

The Fiance immediately went on social media to call off the engagement and warned the general public not to mention his name alongside that of the girl.

Success equally has her own Version;

Success-Hello good afternoon,I saw my picture all over your timeline with false stories,please never judge by listening to one side of the story,I am ready to give you the full story please make sure to republish it again,I just need to clear this false stories from my head

Our Studio-Hello,drop your side of the story,but what about the confessional video you made

Success-I was taken to the house of a native doctor,I don’t even know when those things came out of my mouth,I know a lot of people have been waiting to hear my side of the story,I don’t have much to say but I want to tell the general public that Blessing Abobo whose Facebook name is Blexin Lipsyblusy showed up in 2018 and tried all her best to fight me out of the relationship,she ended up being a loser,she was surprised that I later engaged to the man that she has been fighting me for,I did not know that she has a plan B,which is the set up plan alongside a video to publish on social media,she met Elliot two years ago,but I have been with Elliot for over seven years,I don’t know what she is gaining from all these

Checkout the screenshot of the conversation below for the complete story

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