The confessions of a mother have sent shivers through the spines of thousands of socialites and stirred conversations about the psychological implications and the sanity of the woman in question.

The middle-aged woman (name withheld) confessed to having an amorous relationship with her own son, Carlos. According to the single mother she had been harboring her feelings for her son for a very long time and had tried so many years to subdue her emotions but to no avail.

She explains that she gathered courage one time and told her lovely son, Carlos, about how she feels about him and her desire to have a romantic relationship with him.  Surprisingly, her son also confessed to nursing the same feelings for his mother. ‘And that was how our relationship began’ she noted.

Talking about her love for her son she said ‘Carlos is the best thing that ever happened to me and I really want to be with him for the rest of my life’

She has however come under heavy criticism and humiliation for boldly practicing and confessing to incest.  For some people she should know better than to lure her son into such an atrocious act, for others, she must be suffering from some sort of emotional or psychological trauma for her to do such a thing.

What in your opinion do you think maybe her reason for such an act? (tell us in the comment session)