A family of four who have lived a happy family life has been torn apart by the fake prophecy of a fake man of God.

According to sources, the eldest son of the family has been married to a very beautiful woman over the past ten years without an issue (child). The couple have visited various hospitals and herbalist but their efforts has not been fruitful. They decided to visit a man of God who they have heard so much about. When the couple went before the so called pastor, he told the husband to excuse them. After leaving the pastor and the wife alone, the pastor told the woman that it was the husband’s mother that was responsible for their childlessness.

He again said that the only way was to bath her with a special water he brought back from his pilgrimage to Israel.

The woman agreed to all the conditions put forward by the pastor including not mentioning anything to her husband.

Upon reaching the house, she took cutlass and threatened the life of her mother inlaw. The innocent was scared to death about the sudden change in her daughter in law.

The woman out of desperation about her childlessness for the past ten years foolishly ended sleeping with the pastor during the bath section. When her husband found out, he was so disappointed in the wife and furious with the pastor so ordered for the arrest of the pastor. After the man was arrested, he filed for divorce.