Erwin Jozef Kuchowicz, from Zaniemyśl, was found with 24 kilos of cocaine covered up in a storage inside the lodge of his truck by Border Force officials at Dover. 

A Police truck driver was found attempting to carry nearly £2 million worth of cocaine. 

Erwin Jozef Kuchowicz was halted by Border Force officials at Dover. 

They discovered 24 kilos of cocaine covered up in a storage inside the lodge of the 37-year-old’s truck. 

When cut and sold the medications would have had an expected road estimation of £1.9 million. 

Kuchowicz, from Zaniemyśl, was captured and met by National Crime Agency examiners. 

A few hours after his capture he changed his story, asserting that two men had halted him at an assistance station and gave dangers against his family in the event that he didn’t convey the medications. 

NCA agents worked with Europol and the police to refute his story, and he was charged. 

On Friday 4 September, following a multi day preliminary at Canterbury Crown, Kuchowicz was seen as blameworthy of bringing in class A medications and condemned to a twelve-and-a-half-year prison sentence. 

Andrea Wilson CBE, local head of examinations for London East and South East, NCA stated: “Erwin Kuchowicz was endeavoring to sneak a critical amount of cocaine. 

“Sorted out wrongdoing bunches associated with drug dealing are regularly additionally associated with savagery and abuse, so removing their flexibly lines and benefits decreases the damage they can cause to our nation 

They additionally need the administrations of individuals like Kuchowicz to move stash across outskirts, so this fills in as an update that the individuals who endeavor to carry drugs face being rebuffed with a considerable jail sentence. 

Chris Philp , serve for movement consistence and the courts, said the activities of Border Force officials kept the medications from arriving at the roads. 

He included: “We will keep on teaming up with law requirement accomplices like the NCA to guarantee drugs dealers face the full power of the law.