Shocking CCTV Footage Of Moment A Man Tried To Kidnap A 4-Year-Old Child In A Restaurant

A rather shocking CCTV footage which captured moment a man tried to kidnap a 4-year-old child in a restaurant in Florida, a city in the West of Johannesburg, South Africa has emerged.

The video has gone viral after being shared on social media.

The suspect is seen in the footage trying to grab the child while she was sitting with her mother and another woman. Some members of the public intervened and pinned the man to the ground until the police arrived.

Watch :

However, private investigator Wendy Pascoe told SAPeople the man, 24, wasn’t trying to abduct the little girl but a “continuation of an initial incident of Assault GBV (gender-based violence) that started on the street and was not captured on camera”.

Ms Pascoe claims he’s known to have drug issues. He was due to face court on Friday local time.