In 2019, Nollywood actress and celebrity, Stella Damascus, revealed another case of rape accusation against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).

After the interview of Busola Dakolo who revealed how she was raped by Pastor Biodun twice when she was just seventeen years old, people went into a frenzy.

While celebrities and others showed her support when she came out with her story, Stella Damascus came out with her own story to prove that the pastor was indeed guilty as has been accused.

According to her, she has been friends with the victim for over fifteen years and her experience was a very horrific one. See what she tweeted below.

Her story came after celebrity photographer and singer’s wife, Busola Dakolo, accused the Man Of God of raping her as a teenager. She made the damning revelation in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian lawyer, journalist and media entrepreneur.


According to her, she was a 16-year-old in the Divine Delight Club at Ilorin, Kwara State; the precursor to Fatoyinbo’s Commonwealth of Zion Assembly when she said was groomed and raped by the pastor.

Dakolo explained that as a member of the church, she was raped at two different times in a week by the pastor, adding that she lost her virginity to him before she turned 18.

She alleged that the pastor raped her for the first time at her parent’s home and at another time in a secluded road path.

“Fatoyinbo showed up at our house unannounced early on a Monday morning and I was still in my nightgown, as my mother had traveled with my sisters and were absent at service the previous Sunday.

“Immediately I opened the door, he just pushed me, he didn’t say anything, he didn’t utter any word, he just pushed me to one of the chairs in my living room.”

“I saw him, he was removing his belt, he just said: ‘keep quiet, do what I want you to do and you will be fine.”

“He didn’t say anything after, left to his car, returned with a bottle of Krest and forced me to drink it, probably as some crude contraceptive.”

She also said he told her, “You should be happy that a man of God did this to you.”

“I have kept quiet over the years. I had to come out to say this because another narrative was being said,” she added.


She said she decided to speak up because her husband put up a social media post on Instagram, accusing the Nigerian clergy of condoning rape and s3xual assault.

Timi called out the pastor over alleged s3xual relationships with his female members encouraging every victim to speak up. His posts of course was met with backlashes and every other thing you can imagine.

This would not be the only times that the man of God had been accused of s3xual immorality. In 2013, he was also entangled with an allegation of infidelity with one Ese Walter, a former member of the church.

Walter, now married, had set social media ablaze after she alleged in a blog post that she had a week-long s3xual relationship with the pastor during a visit to London.

Walter, however, admitted that her romance with Fatoyinbo was consensual, but said she felt “abused and manipulated” by him and the passive manner the church’s leadership handled the issue after she complained.

Some months later after Busola’s revelation, she revealed that the police had followed her and forced her to sign their invitation letter at gunpoint.

She revealed that the said letter contained allegations of criminal conspiracy, falsehood, mischief, and threat to life.

“One was holding a gun and the second, a letter. They told me they were from IG’s (inspector general of police) office in Abuja and that I needed to sign this letter and acknowledge it,” Dakolo said.

She added that the incident occurred after a tinted minibus followed her while she was driving into her home in Lagos.

“Our culture doesn’t allow speaking of these sorts of things against anointed men of God. They’d rather hide it, and the party that is being victimized tends to live with that self-blame,” she said.

“The damage on the survivor is extremely terrible but the society, the church, keeps sweeping things under the carpet,” she said.