Being a Christian wife should be a beautiful thing because you are not just a wife, you are a christ like kind of wife. However, so many men are running away from Christian or spiricoco women because of some of the awkward things some of them do to their husbands once they get married.

Dear Christian Wife, Please Stop Doing These 5 Things To Your Husband –

1. Calling him DEAR, BROTHER or DADDY

What is the meaning of “Dear, your food is ready?” The word “dear” used to be such an affectionate term till many Christian wives used and murdered it. It is certainly not as affectionate any more.

What is “Brother James, your food is ready?” Really? The same “brother, brother” you both used to pursue yourself before marriage is still what you’re continuing in marriage? No, stop this.

What is “Daddy Junior, your food is ready?” Except you’re over 50 and old school, you shouldn’t be caught addressing your husband this way. He is your husband and definitely not your daddy!

2. Answering your husband with SIR

This is quite shocking. Yes, Sarah called her husband “my lord”, which is actually very beautiful. In certain situations, you can answer “sir” to your husband but definitely do not turn it into a master and servant relationship. I mean, create an atmosphere of romance and intimacy. There are enough people calling your husband “sir” at work.

3. Dressing like a PASTOR’S WIFE inside the house

This is rather worrisome. We know that you carry the gospel on your head which is actually cool. But that does not mean that you should not dress like an attractive and sexy wife for your husband inside the house. This is especially when the children aren’t around, you should tease your God given husband with see – through clothes, nice nettings, hot wears etc. Wear something that teases your figure especially if you’ve added weight after child birth. Let him bless God for giving him such a beautifully endowed wife.

4. Not TAKING CARE of yourself

Some Christian wives now have a particular kind of body odour just because they have refused to take good care of themselves. Their excuse is that they are often constantly praying. No, don’t do that. No one prays 24/7. Even Jesus emphasised on the need for rest. And if you read the Songs of Solomon, you would see how much the lady was praised due to her beautifully enticing figure and appearance. Even God loves neat and beautiful things, hence why He made us fearfully and wonderfully. Take very good care of yourself. Use a very good perfume and roll on. Wear attractive clothes when indoors and wear good but decent clothes when outside. Make sure your hair is well done and smells nice. Most Christian wives now make “all back or thread” as if it was instructed in the Bible. Can’t you style your hair properly and beautifully again? Use a nice lip gloss, comb your eye brow, cream your skin as well as your face. Most importantly, wear a lovely smile always. You’re a Christian wife and not an angry wife!

5. Judging his SEXUAL DEMANDS

Some Christian wives see sex as a sin. I definitely do not know the kind of Christianity you’re practicing. In the Bible, we keep on reading – “and this person knew his wife”. The “knew” used there means “sex”. So, stop denying your husband from sexual intercourse. There are also some Christian wives that frown at some kind of sexual styles. Except the style makes you uncomfortable by causing back or leg pain, there is actually nothing wrong in being expressive sexually. He is your husband! Stop feeling guilty when you have sex with him. Stop frustrating his life!

Being a Christian wife should be the best thing. Don’t let the devil guilt trip your mind from enjoying the beautiful things God has planned out for your marriage. Enjoy and not endure your marriage.

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