Ghanaian Lady Spent 15MILLION Naira (€31,000) That Got transferred To Her Account By Mistake

Ghanaian lady who goes by the name Comfort spent 15 Million Naira (€31,000) out of 52 Million Naira (€90,000) that got transferred to her account by mistake instead of (€9,000) in a single day. The transfer was made by a Manchester charity store in Uk, it was supposed to be a refund to the lady Comfort but the store made a mistake with just one zero.

According the BBC North West, Comfort is a cleaner in United Kingdom and she is described as a very hard working and diligent woman but it’s a sad thing to note that greed got the best of her. An error was made quite alright by the charity store but instead of Comfort to call the attention of the store to the error made, she went on to buy expensive things and even went as far as sending money to her friends and family in Ghana where she hails from.

BBC North West declares that the police are already on the case in pursuit of the stolen money and with the hope of getting it back. As for Comfort, the act she carried out was considered as an offense and for this, she has been sentenced to 15months off work. It’s such a pity that Comfort took advantage of the situation without thinking about the repercussions.

if you were in Comfort shoes, what would you have done? Let me know in the comment section below.