A drama started out in a man’s house when he found out that his best friend has been recording his wife’s nakedness for a while now. The attention of this man was called when his wife went to bath on that day and she discovered that a phone was carefully placed inside a cartoon while facing the bathroom. The wife of this man called out to his husband and he came to verify what was happening.

This man recognized the phone and said that it was the phone he bought for his best friend who happened to be living with the man and his wife for weeks now. The man took his best friend in and they have been living together with his wife since his best friend can’t afford his rent. This man called out to his best friend to accuse him of recording the nakedness of the wife and surprisingly, he didn’t deny it.

The moment he said that it was the devil’s handiwork, the wife flared up and started to rain insults on him. The drama escalated as the wife wanted to beat him but the man was stopping her from beating his best friend. The lady was angry that the man has been recording her in the bathroom and getting away with it for weeks now, she also lamented that her husband isn’t joining hands with her to beat his friend.

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Do you think that the man was right for not taking any step in disciplining his best friend over what he did?

Photo Credit : Our Talk Room