A Man Went To Computer Village In Lagos To Buy iPhone 11 Promax, Checkout What He Got

In the early hours of today, September 23, there was a mild drama at Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos, as man went to buy iPhone 11 promax but got an IPhone with Vitamin C cellotaped at the back to look like iPhone 11 promax.

The man below wearing a yellow T-shirt, is the one that fell victim to the fraudsters.

The funniest part of it is that he bought the phone for N100,000 from a road side seller and didn’t even check to see the content that was inside.

On reaching home, he opened it and saw that it was not an iPhone 11 promax. He the stormed the place he bought the phone with his brother (the one wearing blue) and started creating a scene in the process of looking for the seller.

In a video making rounds online, it shows the moment people gathered at the scene trying to enquire what the problem was. After narrating how everything happened, they told the man to collect the phone like that, that the person that sold the Vitamin C promax to him was nowhere to be found.

Social media users who reacted to the video are now saying that people should learn how to be smart, that all these items should be tested before payment because Computer Village is not a place to dull. Another funny thing about computer Village is that the Seller would even be among the people feeling pity for the buyer and they wouldn’t know.

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