The Management and Staff of Ibyson_nigeria, “Ibyson Fortes’ Blog” take great pleasure in congratulating The Executive Governor and indeed all citizens of our dear state, “Akwa Ibom State” for their immense efforts, roles, sacrifices and contributions in bringing the state to where it is today.
Ever since it was created on 23 September 1987, It has made tremendous growth;
The government, past and present, have provided good roads network in our urban communities.
Road construction and maintenance are critical elements of good governance.
Akwa Ibom has enjoyed relative peace and security, much more than other states of the country
We are confident that the plans to make Akwa Ibom the industrial hub of the Niger Delta will be evident before the elapse of Udom’s Administration. .
On this very special occasion, We would like to Thank you for making a great contribution to Our Dear State, Without your effort, the goal would not have been achieved on time.

Iboro Benson
CEO, Ibyson Fortes’ Blog.