Sequel to the ongoing nationwide protest against the disbanded SARS operatives, a former President, Goodluck Jonathan, on Tuesday, finally lend his voice on the surprising attack on peaceful protesters in some state.

Goodluck Jonathan who has been on peace mission to a troubled African country, Mali, for the pass few weeks said that no Nigerian blood needs to be spilled or life lost during a peaceful protest that seeks to advance the country.

Speaking further, while counseling the concerned authorities, added that the citizens of the country may hold different views on national issues, but there is no doubt that most people desire the same thing for Nigeria, that is, a place where all Nigerians can live out the full potential of our God-given abilities.

I implore everyone to exercise restraint as we walk through these challenging times. He concluded.

Consequently, diverse reactions have been trailing the ex-President’s statement, as many implore him to recontest for Presidency if possible.

Recall that Goodluck Jonathan lost the 2015 Presidential general election to the current Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, and the ex-President, was known for his famous quote, “No Nigerian blood is worth my re-election”.

Below are some of the reactions:


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