Who Could Have Done This? This Man Was Murdered In His Shop In Cold Blood.

Some times I wonder what people stand to gain by taking the life of another. Someone will look at a fellow man who breaths the same way he breaths and decide to end his life. Would anyone ever live forever? 

Even if you decide to kill your fellow because of land, Position or anything, would you possess them forever? I see no reason why a man should kill a fellow man at all. 

Mr. Kingsley, an Igbo man who does business in Kogi State has been murdered. The man who sells drugs and also run a POS business in Olamaboro Local Government Area, Okpo to be precised was killed by some unknown gun men who came into his shop and murder him in Cold Blood. 

The worst part was that, they didn’t ask for money which means they weren’t Armed Robbers. They must be some kind of hired Assassins who have been paid to do this. What on Earth shall it profit a man to end his Neighbor’s life for whatever reason? 

There is one question I always ask, now that KC is dead, will the killer live forever? 

The death of Mr. Kingsley pains alot of people as they showed that through social Media posts. 

What more can we say? May his soul rest in perfect to peace.

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