The endsars protest that has been going on in Nigeria for over a week now is now affecting everyone in the country. A Nigerian man has taken to his Twitter page to announce how soldiers bank accounts have been tempered with as a result of Endsars protest.

The activities of Endsars Protest have involved many people including those in military. According to a post on social media (Twitter) by Mazi Gburugburu, for the last 72 hours, young Nigerian soldiers have been complaining of some Banks, restricting their accounts because of their involvement in Endsars protest.

Although, Mazi Gburugburu didn’t mention the names of those banks involved, but he boldly stated that they are giving those banks the period of 24 hours to free those soldiers restricted Accounts, else, they will bring out their names and cripple them nationwide.

Reactions have rained Twitter platform following the above post. According to some of them, the banks are doing so in order to obstruct the protest. One of them even narrated how his friend’s account was restricted because he was part of the endsars protest. Another, said the ATMs in his area are not dispensing money and believes it’s because the banks want to obstruct the protest. There are many other comments given. See screenshot of some of the comments below:

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