NTA Journalist Who Survived Lekki Shooting Described It A Miracle, Gives Info On What Happened

A female journalist working with the Nigerian Telecision Authority, Jennifer Uloma Igwe was caught up at the Lekki Tuesday Night’s Massacre. She was present at the vigil to cover it, when things took another turn and eventually, lights were turned off and shootings began.

The video which was shared on Twitter showed the journalist in a black top and white trousers, covering the protests while asking the protesters questions, especially on why they chose to defile the curfew and come out.
Determined to get their cause, the protesters were driven by forces beyond fear of arrests by the government and came out to the Toll Gate the same night.

Eventually, the lights were turned off and the people started hearing shootings. Sirens were blarring all around, and the journalist hid in what looked like a gutter with her colleague.
She described her survival as a miracle, as she had a really close shave with death.

The video was shared to Twitter, and has already gotten thousands of views in less than 2 hours.