Moments After A Lawyer Filed A Petition Against DJ Switch And Others, See What He Told The Reporters

A Lawyer got into a confused state of mind after reporters asked him some deep questions that he couldn’t give a straightforward answer to after he filed a petition against DJ Switch and other celebrities for spreading fake news. This lawyer appeared before the judiciary panel of inquiry and filed a petition against DJ Switch, Falz and other celebrities for spreading fake news on social media. He made it clear that those celebrities that were mentioned in the petition should appear before the judiciary panel of inquiry and confirm to them where they got their news from.

Moments after he filed the petition, Reporters were waiting for him so that he could speak with them and these intelligent reporters used his words against him. The lawyer came out and they asked him about the petition, he told the reporters that

“The Government decided to accept the 5 for 5 demands that the protesters out forward days ago but the protests didn’t stop because of the Fake News that these celebrities have posted on Social media. Even though after the Lekki shootings, Fake News has already done more bad than good. He said that Fake News is responsible for the large carnage and destruction of properties in Lagos and other states”

“We went to call the attention of the panel to major issues like this so that they can invite those celebrities that posted unverified information on social media so that they can verify their claims in front of the panel”

One of the reporters threw a question at him and said

“For the past one week, every thing that the Government put out as the truth has turned out to be false by their own admission, why should the public be believing the government rather than the people who are posting on social media?”

Another reporter added to the question and said

“If this your petition is against those that spread fake news these past few days, why didn’t you include the military and the government?”

The lawyer replied and said

“We are a non government organization”

The reporter cut his words and asked

“Why are you then interested in this case”

The lawyer replied and said that

“Because we are Nigerians, the lives of every Nigerian matters to us and we must speak out for them, the government and the military may have used social media to spread their news but our own is for the panel to call those who are responsible for fake news”

A reporter asked him and said

“But the Government has made more false claims these past few days?”

The lawyer (who is now under pressure) replied and said

“The government is inclusive in this petition”

The reporters then asked him that is he now saying that the Government made false claims?

The lawyer replied and said that the confirmation is left to the panel to decide.

The reporters then questioned him again and said that

“But the Government made false claims on social medka which they later refuted on social media, isn’t that a false news?”

The lawyer replied and said YES, Its A False News (after initially saying that the panel would decide). He later said he won’t answer anymore questions as he walked away.

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