After the EndSars protest was done by Nigerians youths who demanded that police brutality be stopped and asked for some police reforms, the Inspector General Of Police has this to say.

According to People’s Gazzette, the Inspector General Of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has cited a section of the Constitution that allows officers to kill if they have reasonable justification in a memo. He told officers in an internal memo to use live rounds to prevent illegal acts amongst citizens citing the Section 33 (2) of the Constitution, which said no one would be deemed to have been deprived of life if the person was killed while evading arrest, fleeing from detention, taking part in insurrection or rioting. This is coming at a time when police officers are facing resistance from EndSars protesters.

While some thinks it’s constitutional for them to act in such way at desperate times,some are of the opinion that the police are meant to protect and not kill. See some reactions below;