Few Hours To Go, See What US Vice-President Said Concerning The Electoral College Votes

It just hours to go and the fate of the United State will be determined by the representation that will either assign Joe Biden as president or act against him to the electoral college votes.

It is exactly 14 days left for Joe Biden to be sworn in as the 46th president of America, but he has to be confirmed by the electoral college before the main day he will be sworn in. Donald Trump has been trying all sorts of possible means to take Joe Biden down in the electoral college votes.

Following the crisis between Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the electoral college, the Vice-President of America, Mike Pence has released a statement concerning the electoral college votes. In His statement written to the Congress member, he said that he won’t overturn the election because he did not have the legal power and the right to reject Electoral votes cast for Joe Biden. He said that he has received series of threats from the president to cancel or send back any state Electoral votes.

Pence said that he has taken an oath to support and stand for the constitution despite the pressures from other authorities asking him to determine which electoral votes should be counted and should not.

The statement was sent to Congress a few minutes before the congress starts to count the Electoral college votes.

What would you say concerning the brave action of Mr. Pence, who is the Vice-president of America?