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Uduak Frank Akpan, who abducted and murdered Iniobong Umoren a young job-seeking graduate under the guise of offering her a Job has reportedly confessed that four members of Akwa Ibom House Of Assembly, 3 members of the National Assembly and 9 powerful Nigerian Pastors are among those that buy different human parts for rituals from him.

Furthermore, Police officer, civil servant linked to Akwa Ibom job seeker’s killer speak on suspicious call records:

A Superintendent of Police, Samuel Ezeugo, and a civil servant, Kufre Effiong, have explained their links to Frank Akpan, the suspected killer of the slain job-seeker, Iniubong Umoren.

According to records obtained from his mobile network provider published

In addition, Suspect’s cousin finally opens up on murder of jobseeker

A cousin to Uduak Frank Akpan, the alleged killer of Miss Iniubong Umoren, has opened up on his role as regards the death of the job seeker.

Mr Kufre Effiong, a civil servant at the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta, was alleged to be complicit in the murder of the Philosophy graduate from the University of Uyo, whose body was exhumed from the compound of Uduak Akpan’s father.

The allegations were made by one Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin, whose investigations attempted to establish that Mr Effiong and the suspect communicated after and in the heat of the incident. His findings also fingered a Superintendent of Police, Samuel Ezeugo, whom the journalist said contacted Akpan no fewer than 12 times between 4th and 27 April.

In his reaction, Effiong said he was first called by his Dad who lives in Lagos informing him that his cousin (Uduak Akpan) has been linked with a kidnap case.

Effiong said a call from another of his cousin, the Chairman of Uruan local government area, Hon Surv Iniobong Ekpeyong followed, who also informed him about the said development.

Effiong said the then-fleeing Uduak Akpan called him when he was with the Chairman who had a meeting with the DPO of Uruan and another DSP. During the call, which the suspect made in his hideout, Uduak Akpan had wanted to know his father’s whereabouts. The father was arrested by police on account that his son was on the run.

According to Effiong, following a few back and forth, Uduak Akpan eventually turned himself in. Effiong said he drove the DPO to Shelter Afrique Junction where “the suspect was picked up by the DPO”.

Meanwhile, before they met the suspect, Effiong said the Council Chairman had instructed that the suspect be taken to the Anti-kidnapping Unit directly but that the DPO advised that he should first be taken to Chairman’s house to calm him down and encourage him to cooperate with the Police.

At the Chairman’s house, Effiong said Uduak Akpan requested to speak to himself and Hon Ekpeyong, where he confessed to the crime.

After he had confessed, Effiong said the suspect was handed back to the DPO to take to the Anti-kidnapping Unit.

Effiong said, “I do not know about the suspect’s activities since he never lived or grew up with me. My role in the entire case is as stated and remains verifiably so”.

Kufre Effiong

Read his full account below.

My name is Kufre Effiong. I am aware of some social media publications attempting to link me up with the gruesome murder of Late Ms. INIUBONG UMOREN. At first, I had wanted to maintain silence and allow the Police and the various agencies involved in the matter conclude their investigations and come up with comprehensive report but it now appears clear to me that silence is not golden in this matter where my hard earned reputation has continued to gather moss in the most misguided, misleading and mischievous manner in the court of the Nigerian social media.

Consequently, I am left with no other option than to make this public statement narrating my role in the trending subject and this I do, not to convince or change the predetermined positions and conviction of people who are bent on imputing ills even on the best of human’s intention for I have already warned myself that no matter how hard and loudly the truth speaks for itself, there are some who would prefer and give themselves to alternative facts. I leave such men and women in the hands of God, time and posterity.

With all modesty and good conscience, I make this statement for the records and information of members of the public who are genuinely concerned about the need to know my true side of the story.

The day was Friday, 30th of April, 2021 and the time was about 2 pm when I was called by my Dad who lives in Lagos, asking whether I have seen a trending article on the social media linking Uduak (who is my cousin) with a kidnap case. Not long afterwards, another cousin of mine who is incidentally the Chairman of Uruan Local Government Council, called to intimate me on the same social media circulations and requested me to come to his house as Uduak’s father, Mr Frank Akpan has been reportedly arrested on account that the son, Uduak has absconded.

On arrival at the Chairman’s house, he told me that he was concerned that the arrested old man was sick and needed medication since he did not carry his drugs to the police station. According to the Chairman, some kinsmen were calling seeking his intervention to explore the possibility of allowing the old man access to his medications.

I was still at the Chairman’s house discussing Mr. Frank Akpan’s case when in the presence of the DPO who had a meeting with the Chairman and another DSP, Uduak called my phone asking if I knew where his father was. Initially, I was upset with Uduak for asking me the whereabouts of his father and immediately signaled the DPO that Uduak was the person who called and somehow, I managed to find the composure telling him that I was seeing the trending social media news involving him. Then Uduak said he had no credit and requested me to call him. Obliging to this his request, I called him back asking where he was and he replied that he was at Oron. Further asking about the missing girl, Uduak claimed that he lose contact with the girl when she got to Ibiaku, stating that he has neither seen nor heard from her since then.

He practically claimed to be innocent.

At that point, I encouraged him to turn himself in by going to the Idu Police Division to clear himself so his father can be released to go and take his drugs or that I can link him up with the DPO who is closed to us. Later, in the presence of one of our brothers, a Barrister who had come to see the Chairman, I forwarded the DPO’s phone number to Uduak. It was not long afterwards when Uduak called the DPO who encouraged him to come out, assuring him that he could personally come to the Shelter Afrique Junction to pick him up on arrival.
While there all waiting and praying that the suspect does not change his mind, Uduak called the DPO informing him that he has arrived Shelter Afrique Junction.

The DPO then suggested that he will not go with his car to pick him so he does not panic and react adversely on sighting his car which has tinted glass. Rather, he requested that I drove him to the location and thus, accompanied by the DSP, I drove the DPO in my car to Shelter Afrique Junction where the suspect was picked up by the DPO.

Meanwhile, before we moved out, the Council Chairman had instructed that the suspect be taken to the Anti-kidnapping Unit directly but the DPO advised that he should first be taken Chairman’s house to calmed him down and encourage him to cooperate with the Police and thus, the suspect was taken to Ewet Housing.

At Ewet Housing, the suspect still denied knowing the whereabouts of the deceased, maintaining that he last heard from her when she said she has got to Ibiaku Junction but when we pressure him further, the suspect requested that he needed audience with the Chairman and myself alone. So, we took him in urging him to tell us the truth to enable us assist him where necessary. It was at that point that Uduak mentioned for the first time that the missing young lady actually got to his house. On hearing that, I could not find any emotional intelligence or coordination other than to ask and I asked straight, “is she alive?” Uduak started crying and shook his head to indicate that she was no more!

At that point, I lose it completely and almost fainted but managed to give him few slaps. I became completely distraught, devastated, incensed and confused at the same time. I was wailing like a woman who has just lost all and so was the Chairman. With that mixed frustration and infuriation, we quickly handed the suspect back to the DPO to take to the Anti-kidnapping Unit and this, we did without any second thought, telling the DPO that we had washed our hands off the matter and would not wish to be associated with it.

Accordingly, the suspect was taken to the Police custody where interrogations and thorough investigations are being carried out by the Police and the sister law enforcement agencies. I have no doubt that the suspect would have made useful statements to the Police to guide their further actions on the matter.

Unfortunately, the social media has been overflowing with so much damaging publications trying to link me up with the crime and further extending it beyond the specific incidence of Late Ms Umoren to an atrocious trade on human parts. Well, I want to state that I do not know about the suspect’s activities since he never lived or grew up with me. My role in the entire case is as stated and remains verifiably so.

Voluntarily on my own, I have made statement to the Police on record and they are fully aware of my role in the case. I have also assured them of my cooperation whenever and wherever I may necessarily be called upon.

As a human, I am deeply saddened and devastated by the turn out of event as all the three of us namely the DPO, the Council Chairman and myself who facilitated the arrest of the suspect are now facing false, malicious and damaging media attack trying desperately to link us with the offence in respect of which we made lots of sacrifices to ensure the suspect got into the Police net where he is currently being detained, interrogated and investigated.

Personally, I have been receiving threat messages from some over-zealous individuals who have labeled me trader on human parts. Now everybody who has lost friend or family member to kidnap cases, view me as the culprit. I no longer feel safe walking the street as a simple and ordinary man that I have always been but I have no regret that I measured up squarely to that responsibility of bringing out the criminal suspect face to face with the law. I am consoled that the suspect is in lawful custody and will be prosecuted in line with the law of our land. So, if this is the price I have to pay for bringing the murderer of my sister from another mother to face the law, I embrace this very heavy burden and trust that both time and God will be kind enough to redeem my image so misguidedly tarnished.

My only regret is that, there is no absolute reparation and replacement for the tender life so heartlessly and callously terminated at its prime stage. I commiserate with family and friends of the dearly departed and hope that justice will be done in the matter.

Notwithstanding above, honestly being my role in the matter and my conscience being crystal clear, if any person or group of persons know more than the Police do or possess within their exclusive preserves, any evidence linking me or anyone else with criminal act of Uduak Frank Akpan, they should freely approach the Police authority and make useful disclosures on such information rather than submerge the public media with speculative allegations aimed at constituting media trials and securing street convictions for very responsible persons who played sensitive and critical roles leading to the arrest of the suspect by the Police.

Thank you.

Senator Akpabio’s wife reacts after Iniubong Umoren’s death linked to her husband

Ekaette Unoma Akpabio

Mrs Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, wife of former Akwa Ibom Governor and current Niger Delta Affairs Minister Godswill Akpabio, has knocked back at allegations her family had connections in the death of Miss Iniubong Umoren.

“My attention has been drawn to a publication made by a certain David Hundeyin on Social Media platforms that Davok Suites, 58, Unit G/S.9 Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State belongs to Ekaette Akpabio, wife of Godswill Akpabio.

“Ordinary, I would have excused this ignorance since ownership of any property or Hotel in a Government Estate is verifiably open to public knowledge.

“It is rather unfortunate that in Akwa Ibom, sponsored blackmail against my family has been the order of the day in these past years!

“I do not know the self-seeking interest David Hundeyin wishes to serve by linking the gruesome murder of INI Umoren to my family.

“I do not own Davok Suites. I am not a shareholder. I do not also know who owns Davok Suites neither do I know anybody whose name is Kufre Effiong – who is a staff of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

“Kufre Effiong does not work for my dear husband, Senator GODSWILL AKPABIO.

“I urge well-meaning Nigerians to ignore this blackmail, and the smear campaign on the reputation of my family,” she said in a statement on May 12, 2021.

Akpabio’s wife
David Hundeyin, an investigative journalist, had published that Uduak Frank Akpan – accused of raping and murdering Miss Umoren – didn’t act alone. The journalist claimed that some police officers in Akwa Ibom and some big names in the state may have been complicit.

Using leaked data from the murder suspect’s mobile service provider, the journalist claimed that Akpan had links to one Kufre Effiong, a senior civil servant in the Ministry of the Niger Delta, where Senator Akpabio heads.

“It has just come to my attention that Davok Suites, the hotel at the centre of the 58 Unit G/S.9, Unit G, Ewet Housing Estate nexus involving Kufre Effiong ang Frank Uduak Akpan is owned by none other than Ekaette Akpabio, wife of Godswill Akpabio,” the journalist wrote on Twitter – claims which the Minister’s wife have dismissed.

In his investigation, the journalist also claimed that one police officer, Samuel Ezeugo, who was named as one of the officers that arrested Uduak Frank Akpan “actually has a preexisting relationship with the suspect and is in fact working in cahoots with the organ trafficking gang”.

Meanwhile, the Akwa Ibom Police Commissioner has debunked the investigation of the journalist, even as he assured the matter would be transparently treated to ensure justice.

CP Andrew Amiengheme added that there were no human bones found inside the compound where Iniubong’s body was exhumed and that the array of women’s footwears, children’s school uniforms, books, certificates found there belonged to family members of the suspect – and not victims as widely thought.

David Hundeyin’s investigation report on the murder of Iniobong has revealed heartbreaking things and activities behind the scene; before and after the death of Iniobong Umoren.

However and sadly, the unfortunate reality is that we are in a clime that justice is easily swept under the carpet especially when it involves the less prominent.

We would have been so happy if relevant authorities will be sincere to ensure that those involved whether directly or indirectly in the murder of this innocent girl and others that died by their hands without our knowing are punished.

But from the look of things and from our own investigation, it seems the gang of body organ sellers in Akwa Ibom State were being patronized by politicians from both camps (state party and opposition). They have unitedly resolved that this matter must be swept under the carpet.

They are both guilty and as such it will be almost impossible to fight them. The gruesome murder of this young lady is painful but we can do little.

If you can observe, her family have been receiving donations from almost every quarter without knowing that this is their technique to make them forget about the fight for justice.

Just recently, her sister was given a scholarship by a prominent politician in the state.

For the first time in a long while, both parties in the state are united in this wicked course of ensuring that this matter died abruptly.

There seems to be total darkness across the country, as the national grid has suffered a total system collapse.

Ibysonfortes gathered that the system collapse occurred following voltage collapse at some parts of the national grid

The national grid is controlled and operated by government-owned Transmission Company of Nigeria.

Power system collapse is the process by which the sequence of events accompanying voltage instability leads to an unacceptable voltage drop in a significant part of power system.

Ibysonfortes gathered that the system collapse occurred around 11.01 am on Wednesday.

Reacting to the development, TCN General Manager, Ndidi Mbah told our correspondent in a chat that at about 11.01 am today, 12th of May, 2021, there was a total system collapse of the grid, as a result of voltage collapse at some parts of the grid.

She stated that TCN has commenced grid recovery immediately after the collapse, from Shiroro Generating Station to Katampe TS, Abuja through the Shiroro – Katampe line at 11:29 am, and also through Delta Generating Station to Benin Transmission Substation and has reached Osogbo and parts of Lagos.

“While the grid restoration and power restoration gradually progress to other parts of the country, the cause of voltage collapse that precipitated this failure is equally being investigated.

“TCN appeals for patience as it works assiduously to ensure full restoration of the grid and consequently power supply to the remaining parts of the country,” she added.

Meanwhile, in separate messages to their customers, the electricity distribution companies have called for calmness, stressing that they are working with TCN to resolve the development.

Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc, in a text message to its customers, said, “Dear customer, there is a partial system collapse on the national grid. Our TCN partners are working to restore supply immediately. Please bear with us.”

Also, Kaduna Electric said on Twitter

“We regret to inform you that the power outage currently being experienced across our franchise – Kaduna, Sokoto, Kebbi and Zamfara States – is as a result of the collapse of the national grid,”

Pandemonium ensued at Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) on Unity Street in Abule- Egba, Lagos, when a prophet set a member ablaze during service with the claim that, God asked him to do so

The victim, whose was identified as Madam Bosede, is currently nursing the pain in the Korle- Bu Teaching hospital.

It was gathered that the prophet in his sermon claimed he got a revelation that God was in their midst and He God ordered him to do so to glorify his name, adding that if the woman was set ablaze she would not suffer burns as said in his vision.

The victim, Madam Bosede, who joined the church a month ago told The Nation yesterday: ” Our prophet said the spirit of God whispered to him that, ” I would not burn if he sets me on fire. When I came out, they poured kerosene on my body and set me ablaze. But, unfortunately, I was burnt beyond recognition and before the other church members could get water, the deed had already been done. “

However, the cleric claimed that he clearly heard a voice instructing him to set a member on fire to prove and confirm that God was in their midst.

” I heard the voice clearly, but I don’ t know what happened after we set fire on her. God has been speaking to me since and it has been working, so I wonder why now, ” he said.

Some members, however, left the church, doubting their prophet’ s credibility, adding: ” We cannot worship here again, who knows who the spirit will ask him to burn next. “

A resident, Irene Ohekina said, ” I don’ t pity her; she was the one who allowed herself to be deceived by the prophet. Why did the prophet not try the fire on himself or any of his family members? “

A whole lot of laughable comments was whispered among the church members where majority claimed to stop the church for what has happened for no one knows who will be next to be burnt.

Readers reaction; Use the comment box.

One of the coordinators of the #EndSARS protests Serah Ibrahim has presented fresh videos and pictures appearing to show people allegedly shot dead or injured by the Nigerian Army at the Lekki Tollgate on October 20, 2020.

Ibrahim’s evidence was played before the Lagos State Judicial Panel probing police brutality and the tollgate incident in continuation of her testimony about the army’s role in ending the protests.

The witness, a freelance auditor, first appeared before the panel on April 18, when she alleged that at least 10 people were shot dead by the soldiers.

She also tendered flash drives containing the videos and pictures, some of which she said she shot personally with her iPhone.

The army, which appeared thrice before the panel, denied the allegations, saying it fired blank bullets in the air to disperse the crowd.

It has, however, shunned repeated summons by the panel requiring it to respond to petitioners’ further questions and evidence debunking its claims.

There are no fewer than 14 petitions relating to the shooting incident, out of the 235 petitions received by the panel between October and December 2020.

Ibrahim resumed her testimony while being led by Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) Mr Olumide-Fusika.

The videos, played before the panel, showed the soldiers present at the toll gate, shooting into the air. It also seemed that they also fired at the protesters.

It showed what appeared to be bodies – about at least five – with several other protesters injured.

One after the other, Ibrahim played the videos, explaining in the process that the soldiers not only shot at harmless protesters, they even took away some of the dead bodies.

The witness said the videos and pictures were evidence that the army lied about firing only blanks.

In one of the videos, the witness showed the entrance of one of the hospitals that victims were taken to, saying the hospital was overwhelmed.

“That is the entrance of a hospital, there were people all over. They were attending to people at the car park,” Ms Ibrahim said.

According to her, soldiers took away the bodies of several protesters that they shot.

She specifically mentioned that the soldiers took away one of the shooting victims, Lekan Sanusi. Sanusi, an active protester, was thought to be dead.

It was later found out he was taken to MRS Hospital at Bonny Camp where an unidentified nurse helped him to escape.

“They took the bodies to the Military Hospital. We got to know because one of the people in the van that was not yet dead said he counted 11 bodies. It was one of the nurses there that saw that he was still alive that helped him,” she said.

Last October 30, the panel paid an unscheduled visit to the Military Hospital as part of its investigation into the Lekki shooting incident but did not find any corpse at the morgue as the hospital was undergoing renovation.

But the witness insisted that the bodies taken from the scene by the soldiers were taken to the Military Hospital.

“Some people didn’t let the army carry some of the dead bodies of people that they know. They were hiding them and dragged them to the shanties,” she added.

Serah also played videos of some persons who suffered gunshot wounds from bullets allegedly shot by the military with protesters surrounding them and trying to tend to their wounds.

When asked if she could authenticate the videos as to the time they were taken and the location, she mentioned that anyone could do this using Google Drive and she proceeded to demonstrate how it could be done.

The videos of two mothers who claimed to have lost their sons at the protest ground were also played.

One of the mothers, Mrs Ndifreke Sunday, testified in Efik, which was interpreted to the panel.

“My child bears Victor Sunday Ikana. Their father died and left them, and I took care of them. He went to Lagos and has been staying for long. He sends help (money) to me and his siblings, one boy and three girls.

“On 20th of October, someone called me and said I should call Npoi-Ikana. When I called, his phone rang but he did not respond. Then I called his friend, who is also in Lagos.”

The bereaved mother said her son’s friend told her that Ikana was shot and killed, but she had not seen his corpse.

Another mother, whose video interview was played at the panel, said she picked up the corpse of her son at the shanty near the Lekki tollgate, among other corpses.

“They said people were not killed, but we saw many corpses. We identified my son with the cloth he was wearing,” she said.

Judge emeritus Doris Okuwobi, who chairs the panel, adjourned further hearing till May 15.

Death is an unavoidable experience that has little regard for all. It affects the wealthy as well as the poor, the literate as well as the illiterate, the well- connected as well as the lonely. Death is accompanied by a great deal of sorrow, darkness, and mourning.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, lost one of his sons, Pastor Dare Adeboye. Dare Adeboye passed away peacefully in his sleep on Wednesday night, leaving the entire RCCG family in mourning. Dare was the Assistant Pastor in Charge of Region at the time of his death.

Late Pastor Dare

He had ministered the day before and was said to have retired to his bed, never to be seen again.

As Pastor Dare’ s wife Temiloluwa went to check on him after discovering that he had slept for an extended period of time, she found that he was not breathing.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the former President of Nigeria, has revealed why he is depressed.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan expressed his condolences to Daddy Adeboye over his son’ s untimely death. Former President Jonathan expressed his condolences to the General Overseer and members of the RCCG in a letter to the General Overseer and members of the RCCG, describing pastor Dare as a much- loved clergyman.

Goodluck Jonathan also said that the late man of God lived a life that was built on good works and prayed for God to grant his soul eternal rest.

” My household and I condole with Pastor Enoch Adeboye and the entire membership of the RCCG on the demise of Pastor Dare Adeboye, son of the General Overseer, and a greatly valuable clergyman, ” former President Goodluck Jonathan said in a statement.

” Though I never had a personal relationship with Pastor Dare, I did have the opportunity to meet his father, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, and it appears that the apple did not fall far from the tree.

” According to all accounts, Pastor Dare Adeboye’ s life was a system of good works and prestige to the Body of Christ. His father was renowned for his godliness and ethical leadership, and he was known to emulate them.

We share the sorrow that comes with the passing of such a dedicated man to everlasting glory. May God give his family and ministry the strength to cope with the loss. “

Abubakar Malami

The Attorney-General of the Federation has disclosed that some high profile Nigerians will be facing prosecution for financing terrorism.

This is coming after over 400 businessmen were arrested in an operation coordinated by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), and in collaboration with the Department of State Services (DSS), Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Malami who addressed newsmen on Friday May 7, said the arrest of some of the suspects followed the recent conviction of some Nigerians for financing terrorism in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He also disclosed that gave rise to a wider and far-reaching investigation in Nigeria.

He said;

“As you will actually know, some time back, there were certain convictions of Nigerians allegedly involved in terrorism financing in the United Arab Emirates.

“That gave rise to a wider and far-reaching investigation in Nigeria and I’m happy to report that arising from the wider coverage investigation that has been conducted in Nigeria, a number of people, both institutional and otherwise, were found to be culpable.

“I mean reasonable grounds for suspicion of terrorism financing have been established, or perhaps has been proven to be in existence in respect of the transactions of certain higher profile individuals and businessmen across the country.

“I’m happy to report that investigation has been ongoing for long and it has reached an advanced stage.

“Arising from the investigation, there exists, certainly, reasonable grounds for suspicion that a lot of Nigerians, high-profile, institutional and otherwise, are involved in terrorism financing and they are being profiled for prosecution.

“In essence, it is indeed true that the government is prosecuting and it’s indeed initiating processes of prosecuting those high-profile individuals that are found to be financing terrorism. It is indeed true.”

Malami who did not give the number of suspects being investigated, stated that anyone found culpable will face the full wrath of the law.

He added;

“As to the number, investigation is ongoing and it has to be conclusive before one can arrive at a certain number. But one thing I can tell you is it is a large number and they are being profiled for prosecution,” he said.

“It is indeed a large number and I’m not in a position to give you the precise number as at now, because the profiling and investigation are ongoing.

“The message is clear; nobody is going to be spared. No stone will be left unturned. We shall certainly and aggressively pursue those people that are involved in terrorist financing as far as the Nigerian state is concerned.”

The CBN has sacked the entire members of the board of First Bank of Nigeria.

First Bank Nigeria, First Bank branches in Nigeria, First Bank revenue, First Bank financial statement

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele has announced the sack of the entire board of directors of FBN Holdings Plc and its subsidiary First Bank of Nigeria Ltd. The announcement was made via a television broadcast in the early evening of Thursday, April 29.

Godwin Emefiele cited insider abuse, insider credit and breakdown of corporate governance as the reason behind the sacking of the board of FBN Holdings, Nigeria’s largest bank. The CBN governor further announced the reinstatement of Dr Sola Adeduntan as the Managing Director of the interim Board after he was removed by the now sacked board of First Bank Plc.

According to the Governor, “First Bank of Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s systemically important banks given its historical significance, balance sheet size, large customer base and high level of interconnectedness with other financial service providers.”

Following the sacking of the board, the CBN appointed the following people as directors of the holding company, FBNH, Dr. Fatade Abiodun Oluwole, Kofo Dosekun, Remi Lasaki, Dr Alimi Abdulrasaq, Ahmed Modibbo, Khalifa Imam, Sir Peter Aliogo, and UK Eke (Managing Director) as Directors of FBN Holdings Plc. Remi Babalola was appointed as Chairman.

For First Bank Ltd, Tokunbo Martins, Uche Nwokedi, Adekunle Sonola, Isioma Ogodazi, Ebenezer Olufowose, Ishaya Elijah B. Dodo were appointed directors while Tunde Hassan-Odukale was appointed Chairman.

The CBN also confirmed the reinstatement of Sola Adeduntan as Managing Director; Gbenga Shobo as Deputy Managing Director; and Remi Oni and Abdullahi Ibrahim as Executive Directors of First Bank of Nigeria Limited. Gbenga Shobo was just yesterday announced as MD/CEO of First Bank setting the stage for the CBN intervention; while Remi Oni would soon proceed on terminal leave having been appointed Chairman of PENCOM.

In the press briefing, Mr Emefiele stated that the apex bank had been keeping close tabs on First Bank over the past 5 years having discovered that the bank was in “grave financial condition with its Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) and Non-Performing Loans ratio (NPL) substantially breaching acceptable prudential standards.”

According to Emefiele, “The insiders who took loans in the bank, with controlling influence on the board of directors, failed to adhere to the terms for the restructuring of their credit facilities which contributed to the poor financial state of the bank. The CBN’s recent target examination as at December 31, 2020 revealed that insider loans were materially non-compliant with restructure terms (e.g. non perfection of lien on shares/collateral arrangements) for over 3 years despite several regulatory reminders. The bank has not also divested its non-permissible holdings in non-financial entities in line with regulatory directives.”

Emefiele also reassured First Bank of Nigeria depositors, creditors and other stakeholders of the bank of its commitment to ensure the stability of the financial system insisting that it acted to protect 31 million customers, minority shareholders of First Bank of Nigeria Ltd.

Beef up Story

On Wednesday, the Board of Directors of First Bank of Nigeria Limited announced it had appointed Gbenga Shobo as its Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The appointment was disclosed in a statement made by the bank’s Chairman, Ibukun Awosika

However, in an apparent leak, a letter from the central bank to First Bank revealed a query from the former to the latter expressing concern that the appointment of Shobo was done without the approval of the apex bank.

“The attention of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been drawn to media reports that the Board of Directors has approved the removal of the current Managing Director of the bank, Dr. Sola Adeduntan, and appointed a successor to replace him. The CBN notes with concern that the action was taken without due consultation with the regulatory authorities, especially given the systemic importance of First Bank Ltd.”

The CBN also claimed that the tenure of Mr. Adedutan was yet to expire (bank MD’s have a maximum 10 years) and that they were also not aware of any misconduct of the former MD and as such there was no justification for his removal.

Given that the tenure of Dr. Adeduntan is yet to expire and the CBN was not made aware of any report from the Board indicting the Managing Director of any wrongdoing or misconduct, there appears to be no apparent justification for the precipitate removal.”

Full statement of Emefiele’s sacking of FBN Holdings Board

CBN Bans Maize Importation


1.0 Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

2.0 The media has been awash with commentaries on the purported management changes at First Bank of Nigeria Ltd (FBN) and the related regulatory inquiry by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to the Board of First Bank of Nigeria Limited. It has therefore become necessary for me to address the public to clear any misconceptions.

3.0 Ordinarily the board is vested with the authority to make changes in the management team subject to CBN approval. However, the CBN considers itself a key stakeholder in management changes involving FBN due to the forbearances and close monitoring by the Bank over the last 5 years aimed at stemming the slide in the going concern status of the bank.

It was therefore surprising for the CBN to learn through media reports that the board of directors of FBN, a systemically important bank under regulatory forbearance regime had effected sweeping changes in executive management without engagement and/or prior notice to the regulatory authorities. The action by the board of FBN sends a negative signal to the market on the stability of leadership on the board and management and it is in light of the foregoing that the CBN queried the board of directors on the unfortunate developments at the bank.

4.0 As you may be aware, FBN is one of the systemically important banks in the Nigerian banking sector given its historical significance, balance sheet size, large customer base and high level of interconnectedness with other financial service providers, amongst others. By our last assessment, FBN has over 31m customers, with deposit base of N4.2trn, shareholders funds of N618bn and NIBSS instant payment (NIP) processing capacity of 22% of the industry.

To us at the CBN, not only is it imperative to protect the minority shareholders, that have no voice to air their views, also important, is the protection of the over 31m customers of the bank who see FBN as a safe haven for their hard-earned savings.

5.0 The bank maintained healthy operations up until 2016 financial year when the CBN’s target examination revealed that the bank was in grave financial condition with its capital adequacy ratio (CAR) and non-performing loans ratio (NPL) substantially breaching acceptable prudential standards.

6.0 The problems at the bank were attributed to bad credit decisions, significant and non-performing insider loans and poor corporate governance practices. The shareholders of the bank and FBN Holding Plc also lacked the capacity to recapitalize the bank to minimum requirements. These conclusions arose from various entreaties by the CBN to them to recapitalize.

7.0 The CBN stepped in to stabilize the bank in its quest to maintain financial stability, especially given FBN’s systemic importance as enumerated earlier. Regulatory action taken by the CBN in this regard included:

i. Change of management team under the CBN’s supervision with the appointment of a new Managing Director/ Chief Executive Office in January 2016.

ii. Grant of the regulatory forbearances to enable the bank work out its non-performing loans through provision for write off of at least N150b from its earning for four consecutive years.

iii. Grant of concession to insider borrower to restructure their non-performing credit facilities under very stringent conditions.

iv. Renewal of the forbearances on a yearly basis between 2016 and 2020 following thorough monitoring of progress towards exiting from the forbearance measures.

8.0 The measures had yielded the expected results as the financial condition of FBN improved progressively between 2016 when the forbearance was initially granted to the current financial year. For instance, profitability, liquidity and CAR improved whilst NPL reduced significantly.

9.0 Notwithstanding the significant improvement in the bank’s financial condition with positive trajectory of financial soundness indicators, the insider related facilities remained problematic.

10.0 The insiders who took loans in the bank, with controlling influence on the board of directors, failed to adhere to the terms for the restructuring of their credit facilities which contributed to the poor financial state of the bank.

The CBN’s recent target examination as at December 31, 2020 revealed that insider loans were materially non-compliant with restructure terms (e.g. non perfection of lien on shares/collateral arrangements) for over 3 years despite several regulatory reminders. The bank has not also divested its non-permissible holdings in non-financial entities in line with regulatory directives.

11.0 Following further review of the situation and in order to preserve stability of the bank, so as to protect minority shareholders and depositors, the Management of the CBN in line with its powers under BOFIA 2020 has approved and hereby directs:

i. Immediate removal of the all directors of FBN Ltd and FBN Holdings Plc.

ii. The appointment of the following persons as directors in FBN Ltd and FBN Holdings Plc


  1. Chairman – Remi Babalola
  2. Dr. Fatade Abiodun Oluwole
  3. Kofo Dosekun
  4. Remi Lasaki
  5. Dr Alimi Abdulrasaq
  6. Ahmed Modibbo
  7. Khalifa Imam
  8. Sir Peter Aliogo
  9. UK Eke – Managing Director


  1. Chairman – Tunde Hassan-Odukale
  2. Tokunbo Martins
  3. Uche Nwokedi
  4. Adekunle Sonola
  5. Isioma Ogodazi
  6. Ebenezer Olufowose
  7. Ishaya Elijah B. Dodo
  8. Sola Adeduntan – Managing Director
  9. Gbenga Shobo – Deputy Managing Director
  10. Remi Oni – Executive Director
  11. Abdullahi Ibrahim – Executive Director

12.0 The CBN hereby reassures the depositors, creditors and other stakeholders of the bank of its commitment to ensure the stability of the financial system. There is therefore no cause for panic amongst the banking public, given that the actions being taken are meant to strengthen the bank and position it as a banking industry giant.

Popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Abubakar Gumi, has disclosed that many bokoharam leaders are ready to surrender.

In an interview with Root Tv reporter, the Islamic scholar stated that Nigeria can never displace the Fulani’s rather we should come together and iron things out. He also said there is a liable information that many bokoharam leaders are ready to drop down their weapons. Acccording to Sheikh Gumi, some secessionist in the Niger Delta has sent a request to bokoharam seeking to work together with the terrorists group.

On Pantami issue, the Sheikh described him as a nationbuilder who was working to attract other youths to support the government. He added that Nigerians would regret if Pantami is removed.

Click here to watch video.

While some are of the opinion that the security operatives should investigate the scholar claims, some wonders how Sheikh Gumi got such informations. See some reactions below;

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The General Overseer of the Deeper Life Christian Church, William Florunsho Kumuyi has reacted to the agitations of the Oduduwa and Biafran supporters. following the activities of Sunday Igboho who calls for the separation of Yoruba people and Nnamdi Kanu who has spoken up for the Biafrans.

While being interviewed by news sources, Kumuyi shunned Nigerians for calling for the break-up of the country, he said that the movement is a way of stopping and hindering God from solving our numerous problems. He added that people who are interested in these movements should remember that God can still do something miraculous in the country. Read his speech below:

If we are thinking of separating the East, West or North, we shouldn’t expect the solution God wants to give us but when we have hope that even if we have gone through some deep waters, our God still has the possibility to make things change. I believe that we will fly again”.

It is true that the major challenges are insecurity, Corruption and Marginalization. This is why the military and the government need to act fast, we pray for God’s perfect will on this to Manifested and soon.

What are your thoughts on this?

Do you think Pastor Kumuyi’s statements are accepted?

Sultan, Gana,Pantami
Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar III, Jerry Gana, and Minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami

Professor Jerry Gana, a former Nigerian minister and prominent Christian leader from the Middle Belt, has been accused of sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists by a foremost Islamic body in Nigeria, a moved that appeared aimed at deflecting raging controversy over Isa Pantami’s inflammatory comments against Christians and other non-Muslims across Nigeria. 

The Nigeria Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), led by Sultan of Sokoto Muhammad Saad Abubakar, said in a Sunday evening press statement that Mr Pantami was not a threat to Nigeria’s secular union and should not be held responsible for his comments longing for the blood of unbelievers, threatening to subjugate Christian-dominated parts of the country in the northern region and praising terrorist groups and figures like Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. 

“The Honourable Minister Pantami remains one of the vital vocal forces against terrorism and terrorist activities in the country,” the NSCIA said. “He was among the pioneer Islamic Scholars who publicly and openly condemned the activities and antics of Boko Haram Groups.”

Mr Abubakar’s group was pushing back against the position of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which had said over the weekend that Mr Pantami’s recently-uncovered comments were dangerous and President Muhammadu Buhari’s failure to take action over the matter showed the minister was serving a sinister interest of the president’s.

The NSCIA said rather than criticise Mr Pantami for apparent support to terrorists, Nigerians should instead interrogate Mr Gana, who served twice as information minister under Sani Abacha in the 1990s and former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the 2000s. 

“It is pertinent here to ask the CAN National President that between Honourable Minister Pantami who engaged the leader of Boko Haram in debates against his wrong and misguided ideologies and that Christian Minister who bailed Muhammad Yusuf three times who is it the country should rightly accuse of being a friend, supporter or member of the extremist group -Boko Haram?” NSCIA said in its statement.

Mr Gana was accused of bailing out the late Boko Haram leader following his arrest in 2008, reports at the time said. But police spokesperson at the time Emma Ojukwu said it was the court that granted Mr Yusuf bail and not the police or the influence of an individual.

The claim has been repeated in several media publications ever since to suggest that Mr Gana had ties to the dreaded sect. It was unclear how Mr Gana responded to the allegations at the time, and he declined to comment when reached by Peoples Gazette about the NSCIA charges on Monday morning. 

Mr Pantami has made concerted efforts to disabuse public evidence of his support for terrorist groups and violent extremist rhetoric. Following the re-emergence of a document that exposed his involvement in a 2010 plot to assassinate the former Kaduna Governor Patrick Yakowa, Sultan and other Muslim leaders denied ties to Mr Pantami, claiming his Salafism was incompatible with their moderate Islam.

But the latest statement from the Sultan that exonerated Mr Pantami of any wrongdoing despite publicly available evidence has now contradicted the earlier position of the Muslim leaders. 

See the strength of Sultan of Sokoto”s statement below 👇

The Nigeria Supreme Council For Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) under the leadership of His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Saad Abubakar, CFR,mni has been following heedfully and meticulously how the country and indeed, the world at large, have been so much inundated with barrages and deluge of lies, fabrications and smear campaigns being churned out against the person of the Honourable Minister of Communication and a Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami. 

Knowing fully, with unshakeable conviction that the Honourable Minister is a man of impeccable character, a genuine Islamic scholar, a responsible and right honourable public servant and a person globally recognized as a man of peace and integrity he would survive these campaigns of calumny and would come out clean and stronger when the storms of wicked lies wither away, as they definitely would. It would not take more than a layman’s intelligence to discern the lies contained in those stories and press releases. 

Besides the fact that they are surely handiwork of premeditated and well calculated plots of witch-hunt , they are as well obviously an outburst of hate, mischief and desperation all at the same time. As it were, the NSCIA does not normally involve itself in addressing issues that affect individual persons, especially those holding political offices whether Muslims or Christians. The NSCIA focusses on addressing issues rather than personalities. It has, however, been compelled to wade into this matter because of the dangerous dimensions it has taken. 

First, those whose stock-in-trade is hate and prejudice against Islam have found reasons albeit unfounded ones, to disparage him, pull him down and his religion as a Muslim scholar with all sorts of awful and dreadful publications.

Similarly people that do not mean well for this country have also used the situation as a launch pad for fanning the embers of discord and causing disaffection to provoke nation-wide violence and hostilities. In situations like this it becomes imperatives to make rightful, just and honourable interventions. The Hon. Minister has been leading Friday Prayers, conducting Tafsir, study circles, preaching sessions, delivering lectures for more than 20 years. He has also excelled in his field of computer science/ICT. 

NITDA was recommended for scrapping. His coming as its DG made it a vibrant agency the impact of which is felt all over the country. His appointment as Minister of Communication has brought transformation and vigorous and unprecedented pursuit of mandate of the Ministry. His effort to put the telecom industry on the path of global best practices is appreciated by all patriotic Nigerians. His stance on deviant and violent groups are their stance on him are well-known. Then suddenly the mainstream and social media became loaded with all sorts of trash thrown at the Minister. Today they say he was a supporter of Taliban. Tomorrow they say he plotted the killing of Yakowa. 

Another day they say he is on watch-list. The NSCIA as the apex body of Islamic affairs is in a good position to know Ulama and organizations that harbour deviant ideologies as well as moderate and nominal Muslims. The statements and actions of the Hon. Minister speak for themselves. The Honourable Minister Pantami remains one of the vital vocal forces against terrorism and terrorists activities in the country. He was among the pioneer Islamic Scholars who publicly and openly condemned the activities and antics of Boko Haram Groups. 

Pantami’s debates especially with the leader of Boko Haram, Muhammad Yusuf, despite possible repercussions, unequivocally, proved him to be a frontline and audacious Nigerian scholar against terrorism. His recent interventions against terrorists especially the use of internet, digital technology tools and mobile communication apparatus stirs him against the present leadership of Boko Haram. The terrorist video clips against Dr. Pantami warning that they would eliminate him are widely circulated by the Nigerian press. 

No doubt, the present travails of the Minister proved the fact that terrorism is fighting back at those who fight it with Dr. Pantami as a clear example. With all these very clear achievements on contributing to the development of Nigeria and indeed to nation-building and peace-making, it becomes really appalling that the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria would join the ignoble band-wagon of the architects of mischief who peddle lies and fabrications against the Honourable Minister. 

Forgetting the cordial relationship and mutual understanding and trust that exist between Christian and Muslim leaders in the Nigerian Inter-Religious Council (NIREC) and the painstaking efforts we are making to engender peaceful and harmonious co-existence amongst our followers, the President of CAN, obviously driven by prejudice, jumped into the frontline of the unreasonable ones, asking the DSS to go after Pantami. The National President of CAN needs to be reminded that the NSCIA has always exercised restraints on issues involving individual political office holders except when it becomes ultimately necessary like in the present case. 

If the NSCIA has been as prejudicious and as pathologically hateful, it would have asked Nigerian Government in 2008 and 2009 to arrest and investigate a one time prominent, active and vocal Christian Minister who at three different instances bailed the late leader of Boko Haram when the latter was arrested by the Nigerian Security agents. 

In fact, it is pertinent here to ask the CAN National President that between Honourable Minister Pantami who engaged the leader of Boko Haram in debates against his wrong and misguided ideologies and that Christian Minister who bailed Muhammad Yusuf three times who is it the country should rightly accuse of being a friend, supporter or member of the extremist group -Boko Haram? 

At this point, the NSCIA wishes to commend the courage, brevity, rightful intervention and patriotism of the Kaduna State Branch of CAN for standing up for truth and saying it as it is through their statement which unequivocally distanced Dr. Pantami from the mischievous allegations peddled by purveyors of hatred with vilifying vituperation of venom as news causing confusion in the land. It certainly takes brevity to say the truth and stand by it and on its side. This shows that the CAN President did not consult widely and it also shows that there are well-meaning Nigerians across all the divides. 

The NSCIA calls on Muslims and other well-meaning Nigerians to shun those trying to use any slightest opportunity to create disaffection among Nigerians.