My dear Akwaibomites

On Thursday, October 22, Akwa Ibom State, an ally in every developmental effort in our country, the cradle of peace and stability, the nest of hope for a better Nigeria, became a victim of a coordinated and premeditated attack by hoodlums and criminals. These vandals came in the guise of #EndSARS protesters and exploited same to put a stain on our State and commit atrocious crimes.

Let me therefore on behalf of the Government and people of Akwa Ibom State express my deepest sympathies to all the victims of the #EndSARS protests all over the country, especially our citizens in Akwa Ibom State who yesterday were brutalized by hoodlums pretending to be protesters.

The #EndSARS protests we know and sympathize with. But the vandals of yesterday we do not know. #EndSARS is an attempt to stop terror. These vandals came to spread terror. EndSARS wants to stop the brutalization of citizens. These vandals brutalized the good, working people of Akwa Ibom State. EndSARS is about stopping extortion and stealing. These vandals stole and looted. #EndSARS is about peace and constitutionality. These vandals committed arson and horrendous crimes.

EndSARS began two weeks ago in our nation when youths protested against the abuse of citizens’ fundamental rights by the Special Anti-robbery Squad popularly known as SARS and against other acts of police brutality. The right to protest peacefully is constitutionally-guaranteed and the protest attracted local and international attention and sympathy.

When the protest came to our shores, I personally addressed the protesters and assured them that their concerns will be addressed expeditiously. I thanked them for the peaceful manner they conducted themselves.
Consequent upon that encounter and to live up to my words, we convened an Emergency State Executive Council Meeting (EXCO) where, among other resolutions, a Judicial Panel of Investigation headed by the retired Justice Ifiok Ukana was set up.

Our State has enjoyed the peace during the protest nationwide, until yesterday, when certain unlawful elements masquerading as protesters took the laws into their hands and attacked citizens and destroyed some private and public property.

Permit me to state here that the most critical responsibility of any Government is to protect lives and property. It is as a matter of fact, the first order of Government business.

There is no responsible Government that will stand idly by and watch the wanton destruction of private and Government assets and property without taking the necessary steps to restore law and order. The declaration of a State-wide curfew yesterday from 9pm to 12noon today which has further been extended to 7am tomorrow was necessitated by the desire of Government to exercise its primary responsibility of protecting the citizens and their property.

Let me commend our youths for the patriotism and resilience they displayed in the protection and defence of our private and Government assets. You all deserve our eternal gratitude and appreciation. You have by such display of fidelity to your State, proved that you are partners in the collective growth and development of our dear State.

Our youths are peaceful, they love their State, the progress we have made so far with the resources available to us, and I know I can count on you to continue to defend our State and all that we stand for.

Government is committed to continually engage our youths in our developmental plans through job creation and other employment opportunities. In the next few weeks, we will commence our bold high level skilled training employment programme tagged “Ibom 3000 Project” which will train Akwa Ibom youths, 3000 per quarter and 3000 per Senatorial Districts in the following sectors: Oil and Gas, ICT, Agriculture and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. The trainings will prepare our youths for over 1,000 jobs that will be created in the Oil and Gas Free Zone and other job opportunities in the ICT and e-commerce sector.

Also, My Entrepreneurship Goals Programme (MEGP-Batch 111) will start next week, which is another bold and decisive step taken by Government to provide needed education and skills in entrepreneurship so our youths may use the skills acquired to create job for themselves. We hope our youths will avail themselves of these great opportunities.

Finally, let me assure you that we will review the situation and further announcements will be made if the curfew will be extended.

God bless Akwa Abasi Ibom State, God bless our youths, elders, and God bless us all.
Akwa Ibom edakadedda, ami mmedakanda.

ENDSARS: “I took Loans from Bank to Start this Business But Vandalised by Protesters” – Nigerian Man Cries Out

All forms of looting, criminality, raping and others were displayed during the ENDSARS protest. This bad actions done by hoodlums who took the advantage of the protest and looted private and public’s properties in some part of Nigeria.

The protest which in now stopped started by the Nigerians for more than two weeks across various parts of the country against the extrajudicial killings received by the youths.

A Nigerian man who goes by the name Felix Effiong has cried out for help as he was also one of the victim that were attacked by the looters in the name of peaceful ENDSARS protest. His shop which located at 34 Ikot Ekpene road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

Felix said this is not a protest as the business which he started with the money he borrowed from Bank have been damaged by the hoodlums during the ENDSARS movement. He said that his business is the reason behind his survival.

Here is what he posted.

He also shared picture of his Dekstop computer which was also stolen during the abominable act by some Nigerians. He called on people to help him look for his laptop somewhere if found one should call him.

Below are reactions from many Nigerians consoling him about the tragic moment he is experiencing.

Take heart brother. God will intervene in your matter. May Gid punish those people behind this bad development.

What is your take on this?


The Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately produce the killers of EndSARS protesters.

The association said if the government failed to produce the killers, its National Executive Council would direct members to withdraw their services nationwide.

The association in a statement signed by its President, Festus Osifo, and the General Secretary Lumumba. I. Okugbawa expressed concern over the killings of youths in the country who were agitating for a better Nigeria.

It said, “In view of the gruesome killings of unarmed protesters by armed Military personnels as seen on social media, at the Lekki toll gate last Tuesday night, without mincing words, we vehemently say that this unfortunate incident falls short of any standard of civilization globally of handling peaceful protest in any democratic system.

“Our hearts bleed for innocent Nigerians who lost their lives or got injured in this senseless and inhumane action of the armed security agents of the government.
Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers go to the families of the victims as well”.

It noted that as an institution that indulges in peaceful protest on a regular basis, there is a renewed sense of insecurity with the new tactics employed by the men of the armed forces.

It added, “We are not against government arresting any hoodlum who may want to hide under the guise of the peaceful protest to
perpetuate violence, but to unleash this level of cruelty on peaceful and harmless protesters who were holding the National flag, singing the National anthem in demonstration of their belief in the course of the country by killing and injuring them is highly condemnable.

“We call on the Government of His Excellency the President, Mohammadu Buhari, to provide adequate security for the protesters in line with democratic norms and to immediately produce the
perpetrators of the dastardly act; failure of which we will convene an emergency meeting of our National Executive Council to review the happenings in the Nation with the view of withdrawing
our services Nationwide.

“The President and Commander in Chief of the Nigeria Armed Forces must seize this opportunity to provide uncommon leadership and stir the ship of this nation to safety.”

– When Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade founded PayStack, a fintech startup in 2016, they didn’t know they will be selling it for a whopping over $200 million four years later

– The company was not for sale when global fintech giant Stripe approached the founders, but the latter managed to strike a deal with the Nigerian entrepreneurs

– The fintech startup already processes more than half of all online transactions in Nigeria

– Olubi and Akinlade have shown the world that Nigerians are thinkers and innovators who are excelling in various fields

PayStack, a fintech startup founded in 2016 by Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade, has been acquired by Stripe for over $200 million (over N76 billion).

Akinlade said the company was not up for sale when Stripe initially approached for the acquisition, Nairametrics reports.Akinlade said they sold the company because they believed that Stripe would help them with their mission to accelerate payments in Africa.

PayStack founders sell fintech startup for N76 billion

Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade sold their fintech company for over $200 million.
Photo credit: Nairametrics

He said:

“Paystack was not for sale when Stripe approached us.

“For us, it’s about the mission. I’m driven by the mission to accelerate payments on the continent, and I am convinced that Stripe will help us get there faster. It is a very natural move.”

The deal is the biggest tech acquisition in Nigerian corporate history and has been applauded by many.

Electricity Tariff: DISCOs to refund overcharged households – Presidency
…FG to use NESI’s VAT proceeds to reduce tariff hike by 31%

The Presidency on Monday said it will work out modalities to ensure that customers overcharged by the Eleven Electricity Distribution Companies, DISCOs, during the recent hike in tariff get their refunds.

This came even as the Special Adviser to the Nigerian president, on Infrastructure, Ahmad Rufai Zakari, disclosed that the DISCOs will distribute six million prepaid meters to Nigerian households.

Zakari made this known shortly after a negotiation meeting between the Federal Government and Labour Union.

It would be recalled that, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) earlier in September, increased electricity tariff from N30.23 per kilowatt-hour to N62.33 Per kwh.

Following the tariff increment, five distinctive bands (A-E) were created to reflect the various service levels and minimum hours of power supply.

For instance, customers in “Band A” are to enjoy a daily minimum supply of 20 hours, those in “Band B” minimum of 16 hours, “Band C” minimum of 12 hours, “Band D” minimum of 8 hours, while those in “Band E” are expected to enjoy a minimum daily supply of 4 hours.

However, Zakari stated that, “The implementation of the above tariff reliefs will be executed within this week as the suspension of the Service-Based Tariff is removed, the distribution of six million free meters to Nigerians and refunds for any customers overcharged by the DIsCOs will also be implemented.

“We completed our work with Labour on electricity tariffs. The federal government will use Value Added Tax, VAT proceeds from the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry, NESI, to reduce the September increases by 10 per cent to 31 per cent for bands A to C. Band D and will remain frozen.

“I thank the federal government for allowing me to serve as Secretary of the joint committee. Creative solutions to find incremental relief for Nigerians at this difficult time is great. The Committee’s work is extended for two months. Thanks to the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC and the Trade Union Congress, TUC, for the constructive partnership,” he added.

It is an eleven-digit code which is used to identify every customer across the Nigerian banking industry using biometric details.

This private number and the DOB (Date of birth) is being used by scammers to withdraw money from unsuspecting people’s bank accounts. That is why the warning is always being passed round concerning the security you as a bank account holder should place on your BVN.

Scammers are now so advanced that sometimes all they need is the BVN and DOB to carry out their evil act of illegally withdrawing money from people’s account.

Here are 4 ways these scammers and hackers obtain a person’s DOB and BVN to take money from the person’s account.

One of the ways these scammers use in getting the BNV and DOB of people is through the slips disposed by people in the bank. There are people who fill in most of their information, BVN and DOB inclusive and because of a little mistake they squeeze the slip that already contains their personal information and throw it in a bin.

Some people might even be careless to leave the slip where they filled it, and pick a new one. These scammers can go there and pick some slips from the bin and with the details already filled in the slip they can make a withdrawal from their victim’s account.

Beware of the site you log in to and fill in your personal information. Some of these sites are unauthorized. You may be seeking a loan and you would need to fill in your bank information on the website. They can obtain your BVN and DOB from this kind of site. Beware of sites that do not have the “S” included at the back of the “http://”. Safe sites start with https://. Note that there is an “S” after the http, and this S at the end of the http stands for security.

Another way scammers use to get the BVN and DOB from a person to withdraw his/her money is through contacting the person. They would call you acting like they work with your bank. They would then inform you that there is a challenge with your account, and they would help you fix it when you send your details which includes your BVN and DOB. If you ever experience this kind of situation all you have to do is to confirm first from your bank by calling the customer care line, you can also go over to the bank to confirm yourself.

Another way scammers can get your BVN and DOB is through your lost phone. That is why it is advisable to inform your bank immediately you lost your phone that contains the sim you used in opening your bank account.

SARS Officers Arrested A Man And His Sister Because They Drove An Expensive Car To Fill Their Gas

According to the video shared by a man on twitter, he lamented that SARS officers stopped and arrested a man with his sister because they drove an expensive car to fill their gas in their shop. The SARS officers suspected that the young man driving the car stole it somewhere or he made the money through fraudulent means.

Before these SARS officers parked in a Sienna and arrested them, the young man and his sister were trying to pay for the gas they bought while standing beside the expensive Mercedes Benz they brought. The officers saw this and parked, after series of questions, they collected the keys of this man’s car and asked him and his sister to enter the back seat while one of the officers took control of the wheel and drove them away.

Click here for the video

This type of situation is increasing everyday, the government should not overlook this.

I don’t understand why some women always like to hit a man first when there is a problem. This woman was not the only one around, there were men around when the guy came to cut their light for not paying for their light. But she chose to be the one to beat up the man.

You can clearly see how she was dragging a fully grown man like a kid. Even the wrapper she was wearing did not stop her. She didn’t even remember that her wrapper can fall in public and it will cause a total disaster for her and people around.This happened in Zamfara State. As she was dragging the man, the only thing this gentle Nigerian man did was to call on the people around to call her to other. But the woman insisted and started giving him some very hot slap on his face. As she was slapping him, she was heard telling him to beat her back. The man being a gentle did not retaliate in beating her back.The people around didn’t stop the woman except for this man you can see wearing a sweat cloth. Others were busy reminding the man that as a man you don’t have to beat up a woman. Even as the woman continued to slap and push him around.

This is totally unacceptable. This man did not just wake up to come and cut their light. He was on official assignment. And for a woman to beat up a man like this is wrong. What if the man was the one that started beating her first with the wrapper she was wearing? I believe all the people around are going to join hands together and beat him up.Please women should learn to respect men and not beating them like babies no matter what. Because if it was for this PHCN guy and this Lady to fight without anyone interfering, I believe the guy will teach her an unforgettable lesson. It was not weakness that made this guy not to retaliate but self-control. And I wish the authority he works for will do the needful in this case to stop this treatment on their staffs.

Check out the comments of people that watched the video:

As a man, can you allow yourself to be beaten by a woman just like this man without retaliation? Feel very free to let us know what you think at the comments section below. Follow this page to always get breaking news, entertainment gist and lifestyle. Like and share thanks.

The winner of the Big Brother Naija Season 5, Laycon was the cynosure of all eyes on Wednesday when the presentation of his N30 million cheque was broadcast live on DStv Channel 198.

Laycon won a total prize worth 85 million but 30 million in cash. The other add-ons include a two-bedroom apartment given by Revolution Home, a trip to Dublin sponsored by Guinness, among others.

During questions from the press, Laycon revealed he would be using his music to touch lives, adding it was the primary reason he went into the Big Brother House in the first place.

It was also a win-win situation for Multichoice and major sponsor, Betway as both confessed it was as rewarding to them as it was envisaged.

30 fans also won 1 million naira wash, courtesy of Betway.

Congratulations Man!!!

The Nigerian Navy has handed over four suspects of illegal oil bunkering to the EFCC
FILE: The Nigerian Navy has handed over four suspects of illegal oil bunkering to the EFCC

The Port Harcourt Zonal Office of the Economic And Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has commenced investigation of 11 suspected illegal oil bunkerers handed over to it by the Nigerian Navy.

The suspects were handed over to the EFCC on Monday, September 28, 2020 by the Nigerian Navy Forward Operating Base, Bonny, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, after being arrested for suspected involvement in illegal oil bunkering.

Specifically, Captain B.I Yahuza, while handing over the suspects to the EFCC , for further investigation, disclosed that they were arrested by Naval operatives on September 22, 2020 for conveying 320 drums of product suspected to be illegally refined Automotive Gas Oil( AGO).

The 11 suspects are: Indongesit Effiong Mfon; Asuquo James; Samuel Bassey; Blessed Effiong Bassey; Victor Edet Attah; Edet Okon; Nse Jackson Okon; Innocent Effiong; Njok Okon, Uduak Asuquo and Effiong Asuquo.

A Principal Detective Superintendent of the EFCC, Ani Davis Stanley, received the suspects on behalf of the Port Harcourt Zonal Head, Abdulkarim Chukkol.

He commended the synergy existing between the Navy and the EFCC and assured that thorough investigation of the case would be done.