The present Federal Minister of Works and Housing as well as a one time governor of Lagos State who served two terms from May 29th, 2007 to May 29th, 2015, as well as a Nigerian lawyer, Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN has been allegedly reported to have spotted a mystery camera at Lekki Toll Gate where there was an unforgettable shooting Tuesday 20th October, 2020.

This was disclosed on Twitter by Vanguard Newspapers on their verified Twitter account with the caption, “#EndSARS: Fashola discovers mystery camera at Lekki Toll Gate #vanguardnews”

According to the detail of the report in the online website of Vanguard Newspaper, the discovery was made during a courtesy visit to the present Governor of Lagos State, Governor Babajide Sanwo- Olu as directed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellent, Muhammadu Buhari.

More so, the detail of the report also revealed that, the discover was made in the process of making assessment at the venue of the event where the shooting took place. Upon discovery, Fashola having picked the camera with an handkerchief, handed it over to the governor for further forensic analysis and investigation.

In addition, according to the report, Fashola expressed that the camera might have been planted before the shooting took place.

As at this time, the outcome of what is in the camera is yet to be disclosed. Some Nigerians who saw the Tweet of Vanguard News expressed skepticism in their reactions.

See some of their reactions below:

After the lekki toll gate incident, there has been several doubts as to whether people died or not, the army denied shooting at protesters while protesters claim they were shoot at.

Well a mother who lose her son at the lekki toll gate incident has decided to come out and speak about the incident. While Speaking, she said her son was shot and thanks to his friends who picked him up and fled, she said maybe the soldiers would have seized his corpse and claim no one died. Her son was identified as one Anthony who’s said to be a university graduate.

The mother narrated to a journalist how her son was running with his friends despite been shot and how they even fell under a car. It was such a touching story to here.

Click here to watch video.

A lot of Nigerians consoled her and called for justice for the killed young man. See some reactions to this;

What’s your take on this? The way this thing is going, do you think anybody will be brought to book for the Lekki shooting?

A previous Aviation Minister and principal Chieftain of the fundamental resistance in Nigeria, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has on Sunday shot the previous legislative head of Lagos state and the current National head of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu over remarks on the Lekki shootings. 

Responding to an announcement credited to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, where he stated, “Losses of Lekki shootings have inquiries to reply.” Fani-Kayode noticed that the reaction of the National Leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu to Lekki killings is endeavoring to censure the nonconformists for their own demises and for being passed up unfeeling men in Military weariness. 

Fani-Kayode expressed that unfortunately as opposed to showing any regret or showing any lament for the terrible barbarity, with a grin and funny tone, the APC public pioneer apparently said nothing other than I am “still the Asiwaju of Lagos and the Jagaban” 

In a short article made accessible to VANGUARD, Fani Kayode said he would not be cowed and entranced to talk reality regardless of whether everybody has chosen no stay silent. 

Fani-Kayode stated, “Regardless of whether the entire nation is cowed and hypnotized by Tinubu and acclaims his hardness, vanity, deception, trickery, heartlessness, over the top desire, absence of dread of God and doublespeak I FFK, the Voice of the Voiceless, the Servant of Truth, the Lover of God, the Beloved of the Lord, the Otunba of Jogaland, the Sadaukin Shinkafi, the Odum Agu and the Odugwu Eze won’t. 

“His spell can’t quiet, tie or visually impaired me as it has done to other people. I perceive the truth about him and his vain and egotistic words here (Tinubu’s response to Lekki killings) have affirmed it. To think I once cherished and appreciated you gives me restless evenings and goose bumps. How might I have been so visually impaired?” 

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Zahra Buhari-Indimi

Zahra Buhari-Indimi, one of the daughters of President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that the discovery of food items and other COVID-19 palliatives in several warehouses across the country is evidence that her father is not the problem of the country.

The President’s daughter stated this in an Instagram post on Sunday.

She wrote, “Now that people confirmed that Buhari distributed enough palliatives nationwide, it is clear Buhari is not our problem.”

Youths in the country have been attacking warehouses where COVID-19 COVID-19 palliatives are stored in several states.

Warehouses in Lagos, Plateau, Osun, and Kwara, Ekiti, Cross River, and few other states have been attacked and looted dry in the wake of the End SARS protests.

Cartons of noodles, sacks of garri, and bags of rice, tomato pastes, and many other food items, some of which had gone bad due to poor and prolonged storage were found in the warehouses.

The food items were palliatives donated by the private sector-led Coalition Against COVID-19 to cushion the effects of the pandemic lockdown.

Some were found and looted from private homes of politicians in some instances.

Reno Omokri told the celebrities who said that they did not see any bodies at Lekki massacre that they are using the wrong thing to chase clout. He said that the eye witness testimony is that they shot and killed people, and took away the dead bodies, and the spent bullets, so there won’t be evidence. He also said that many families still think that their relatives are missing without knowing that they are no more.

Reno said that there are many things they can talk about. He warned that the strong eyewitness testimony from djswitchchaholic might hurt their career forever. This is his statement.

“Celebrities saying that they did not see any bodies at #LekkiMassacre are using the wrong thing to chase clout. The eyewitness testimony is that they shot and killed people, and took away the dead bodies, and spent bullets, so there won’t be evidence. Many families still think their dead relatives are missing! There are many things you can talk about as a celebrity.

But respect yourself and don’t dishonour the men and women who died fighting for your freedom from oppressors at Lekki. To cast doubt at their deaths. Even after the strong eyewitness testimony by djswitchchaholic, is something that might hurt your career forever. #EndSARS.

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A civil society organisation, Lagos Democratic Coalition, has revealed that the soldiers who carried out the killing and maiming of unarmed protesters at Lekki Toll Gate were members of Operation MESA (known as OP MESA) in Lagos State.

The coalition said contrary to the denial by the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-olu on his involvement in the shooting of the protesters on the 22nd of October, 2020, he (Sanwo-Olu) actually ordered the operation.

The coalition, in a statement signed by Henry Ojugbana Esq., its Secretary-General and Comrade Senami Ojikutu, Convener, and made available to DAILY POST on Sunday, went on to explain that the Governor has complete control over this security outfit and the RRS (Rapid Response Squad) as the chairman of the Lagos State Security Council that comprises the Commissioner of Police of Lagos State Command, the commander 9th Brigade of the Nigerian Army, the Director of State Security Service in Lagos State as well as heads of the Navy, Air Force, FRSC, Civil Defence and LASTMA.

The OP MESA is a joint internal security outfit comprising military personnel drawn from the Army, Navy and Air Force and set up by the Nigerian Military in 2008 to complement the efforts of the Police in fighting violent crimes in Lagos and in other states.

The Lagos Democratic Coalition said that the Governor’s order to violently dislodge peaceful protesters from the Lekki toll gate with lethal force was carried out by and in conjunction with the command instruction to the coordinator of OP MESA by the Commander of the 9th Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Musa A. Etsu-Ndagi (allegedly without prior notice to or approval from the military authorities) as well as ACP Tunji Disu, the Commander of RRS.

The group said that whilst the total number of persons killed in the state sponsored shootings is yet to be ascertained, “we are aware that not less than 12 persons have been confirmed to have died from the fatal shooting and many have been confirmed to have been fatally shot during the carnage some of whom do not have access to and/or cannot afford medical treatment.

“It is mind-boggling that Governor Sanwolu would order the killing and maiming of the very citizen he swore an oath (and has a constitutional duty) to protect. It is indeed a sad irony that the protesters gathered at the Lekki Tollgate to protest against police brutality and bad governance in the country only to be slain and maimed by their own Governor.

“We know that the blockage of the Lekki Tollgate by the protesters caused significant financial loss to the Governor’s Godfather and benefactor who is known to have a controlling financial interest in Lekki Concession Company (LCC) – the operators and concessionaires of the Lekki Toll Road.

“Nonetheless, the flouting of curfew as well as temporary and minor injury to the financial interest of the Governor’s Godfather does not warrant and cannot justify the use of lethal and deadly force against unarmed protesters by Governor Sanwolu and his military and political collaborators.

“Governor Sanwolu’s inconsistent, conflicting and unintelligible explanations bare implausible denials with respect to who deployed the soldiers, snipers and armed policemen to the scene of the protest.

“We dare to say the Governor has been speaking half-truth on this matter. And as such, there are questions begging for answers: why the soldiers and policemen were deployed when the curfew declared by the Governor was yet to commence?

“Why the Governor had hurriedly imposed a curfew when there was relative calm in the state and without adequate prior notice?

“Why the CCTV cameras mounted at the tollgate were dismantled shortly before the shootings began and why the lighting and streets lights at the scene of the protest were switched off shortly before the soldiers and armed policemen arrived the scene of the protest and began shooting at protesters are the babbling of a guilty man trying to absolve himself of a heinous crime he knows fully well he is guilty of.

“The Governor’s promise to investigate the killing and maiming of unarmed protesters at the Lekki Tollgate would be an exercise in self-deceit.

“Aside those injured and slain at Lekki Tollgate at the behest of Governor Sanwolu and their distraught families, all Lagosians are victims of Governor Sanwolu’s misguided and callous decision to attack unarmed protesters with lethal and deadly force.

“Our offices, houses, warehouses and shops have been looted and burned to the ground. Our lives, livelihoods and businesses have been grounded. Our streets and public spaces are burning, unsafe, polluted and have been taken over by criminals and hoodlums.

“Public institutions, facilities and buildings which offer essences services – courts, police stations, prisons, mass transit buses, government offices, banks, shopping malls, bridges and roads have either been destroyed or razed to the ground.

“Even our traditional institutions, such as the palace of the Oba of Lagos, were not spared. The destruction of the Oba’s palace is without a doubt a sad consequence of the Governor’s reckless judgment and callous disregard for human life even though the Oba of Lagos is unabashedly tainted politically and disconnected with the people that the youths of his kingdom did not rise in defence of their monarch’s throne and palace.

“We call upon Governor Sanwolu to own up to his involvement in and responsibility for the death and fatal injury of patriotic, unarmed and innocent young Nigerians who were protesting and fighting for a better Nigeria to the good people of Lagos State.

“We also demand that an independent panel of inquiry be set up by the Federal Government to investigate the killing and maiming of our compatriots for simply exercising their constitutional rights to protest.

“Given his culpability for the death and fatal shooting of protesters, Governor’s Sanwolu’s promised panel of inquiry on the Lekki massacre will be nothing but a shambolic exercise designed to mislead Lagosians and will not be independent of the government of Lagos State and its Governor who is himself complicit and implicated in the killing and fatal shooting of protesters.

“We demand an independent panel of inquiry that will be led by the Nigerian Bar Association and the Nigerian Labor Congress with public hearing as modus operandi as anything short of this will be tantamount to a charade and journey to where.”

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Top social media handles including Twitter and Instagram have experienced unrest since the massacre happened at the Lekki Toll gate, on the 20th of October 2020. It all started on that fateful day when unarmed and peaceful protesters were been shot by military men, at the late hour of the day. Masses were murdered in cold blood and most persons were left injured. The soldiers reportedly carried some dead bodies and blocked the access to ambulances and other first aid medical services.

Since then, there have been several posts and tweets from various celebrities and citizens, demanding for justice. They also condemned the act of the soldiers and channelled the blames to the State Governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu.

An operative removing the cameras before the massacre :

Babajide Sanwo Olu during a visit to the victims of the massacre:

The Lagos State Governor:

The case became worse after the Lagos State Governor denied that there were not fatalities and the forces were beyond his control. The president promised to address the citizens, but people were disappointed with the exclusion of the massacre in his speech.

Following the killings, several private and Government properties have been destroyed and looted. Nigerians keep on fighting for justice, day and night in order to ensure that the death of the deceased are not in vain.

As we all know, Twitter is a popular social media platform with millions of users. Since the killings in Lekki, millions of tweets have been added, with hastags #EndSARS, #EndPoliceBrutality.

While surfing the internet, in search for more details about the killings, I stumbled at the profile of a man,whose tweets was full of predictions concerning EndSARS protests and it’s activities. The most surprising and amazing part of this man was that he correctly predicted the Lekki Massacre, giving details of how it would occur in sequential order.

The purpose of this article is reveal his tweets hours before the massacre and the warning he gave to all protesters, after the announcement of curfew in Lagos, on the 20th of October 2020.

The game of politics is one which cannot be understood or comprehended by a mere citizen. To understand the game of politics, you must be involved in politics. This man’s case seems to be different. I likened him to a prophet, because his predictions were 100 percent accurate, as if he was the masterminder of the massacre.

Stay tuned!

Who Is This Doctor?

This man is a UK based doctor and a social media ( Twitter) user. His name is ‘ Doctor Harvey Olufumilayo. Although I have little information about him, but i was amazed at his predictions. Regarding his profession, he has nothing to do with politics, but he predicted correctly.

Disclaimer : All information and predictions concerning Doctor Olufumilayo was gotten from his official Twitter handle. The images and predictions were from his Twitter handle.

What Were The Predictions And Warnings He Gave To Protesters?

His predictions were related to the plans of the Government. After the announcement of the curfew in Lagos, he advised and warned all citizens to leave the protest ground ( Lekki Toll gate) and go to their various houses. He also made mention of the involvement of soldiers and how the Government would deny it.

See Screenshots Of His Prediction And Warning Tweets Below:

After reading all these, I was marvelled at the degree of accuracy in his predictions. He is a qualified doctor and owns a large hospital in Lagos, but he predicts politics and political activities like an expert.

Note: You can verify his Twitter handle for clarification.

Picture credit : Twitter

Despite his predictions about the massacre, he is still predicting the next steps to be taken by the government

What do you have to say about these predictions?

Was the man a prophet?

Share your thoughts on the comments section below

Pets seem to have an innate sixth sense that helps them pick up on subtle energies—and dangers—that we can’t. Alhanna Butler and her fiancé, Ricky, of South Yorkshire, England, learned this firsthand with their Akita Inu dog, Keola.

See, Alhanna and Ricky had been trying to have a baby for a while, and they couldn’t believe their luck when they’d finally gotten pregnant. They were excited to start a family, but Keola didn’t seem to agree…

The otherwise peaceful dog began acting strangely. She’d poke and whine and keep her nose pressed against Alhanna’s belly for hours at a time. She was always lying as close to her owner as possible.

Alhanna had no idea what had gotten into her dog. She decided to ignore the odd behavior, but she would soon realize that was a mistake—and that Keola was actually trying to tell her something incredibly important!

Meanwhile, Alhanna’s pregnancy went off without a hitch, and she was excited to experience motherhood. Although she felt great, it became harder and harder to ignore Keola’s increasingly strange behavior.

Even Ricky noticed that Keola was spending a significant amount of time hovering around Alhanna wherever she sat. At first, the couple just thought it was an odd phase…

In the eighteenth week of her pregnancy, however, Alhanna suddenly developed a sharp pain in her back. It was so strong that she could barely walk. Worried over what this could mean for their unborn child, Ricky rushed her to the hospital.

Oddly, the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong. They told Alhanna she was suffering back pain because the weight of the baby was putting stress on her body. Alhanna believed them, and she went home.

As soon as Alhanna returned home, she logged in to Facebook and told her friends about her situation. Almost immediately, they told her to listen to Keola’s instincts. Even though the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, the dog was likely sensing a very real problem.

Alhanna’s mother finally persuaded her to go to the doctor for more tests. She was certain Keola’s behavior wasn’t a coincidence. Sure enough, after a series of examinations, Alhanna found out she had a double kidney infection—and she was actually close to death!

Alhanna was immediately placed on a serious antibiotic regimen, and she received all the proper care she needed to reverse her kidney damage. A few weeks after her treatment ended, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Lincoln!

As soon as Alhanna brought her new son home from the hospital, Keola was instantly smitten with her new human friend. It was almost as if she knew how close Lincoln and his mother were to danger the whole time.

Now, Keola spends as much time as she can with her new little brother! Even though she’s a big and powerful animal, she knows exactly how to be gentle when she spends time cuddling up with Lincoln.

At first, Alhanna and Ricky were both a little nervous about letting Keola spend so much time around Lincoln. They monitored the pair, but the pup soon proved that she was more than fit to keep a watchful eye on her little friend.

Amazingly, Lincoln wasn’t frightened at all by Keola. He was able to fall asleep easily whenever she was around, and she loved to give him kisses when he was snoozing. She treated him like he was her own puppy!

Now, Keola and Lincoln love going for walks around their neighborhood with Alhanna and Ricky. As soon as Keola sees Alhanna dressing Lincoln up, she jumps around with excitement because she knows it’s playtime!

Keola even hangs out with Lincoln while he plays in his pajamas. Most dogs don’t have the patience for this kind of thing, but check out this photogenic pooch! She was more than happy to pose with her best buddy.

Keola and Lincoln are truly an inseparable pair, and Alhanna and Ricky are thrilled that they took to each other so quickly. Just look at that grin! There’s no place in the world Lincoln would rather be than sitting next to his four-legged friend.

Alhanna and Ricky have a great life together in South Yorkshire. They have plenty of friends, and now that Lincoln’s in their world, they’re able to bring him along to all of their social events. Their neighbors love his company, too!

Alhanna thinks about her close call with death nearly every day. She can’t believe that Keola’s intuition was correct. Had she believed the initial doctor, she wouldn’t have survived. Keola is truly the cornerstone of this beautiful family, and she’ll always be cherished for it!


The Buhari government is known for its massacres and secret burials. Intolerant of youth, General Buhari’s signature is the massacre of protesting youth and rapid secret burials to cover the evidence. This has happened across the country from north to south. Even dead soldiers are buried in private to deny the true record of casualties.

A Denied Victim
Denied at death, Buratai mass buries soldiers in secret, private and unrecorded burial

Sadly, the Lekki toll gate massacre perpetrated under command of Buhari’s brutal, life-term general Buratai and his head of police, has become the latest episode of a blatant massacre and attempted burial of the evidence.

The public is implored to provide information of their missing and dead.

Anyone with missing loved ones from #LekkiMassacre, please share their information with tag #LekkiMassacreMissing 
as @HQNigerianArmy secretly buried them as is their usual RoE and @MBuhari denies them at death in his signature barbaric style. #EndSARS #EndBuhari— Dr. P Brimah, Author, Right Advocate (@EveryNigerian)October 23, 2020

The Evidence From Lekki Massacre That Buhari Wishes To Bury did a terrific and detailed job of simply and clearly demonstrating the level of carnage at Lekki perpetrated under cover of the black out, by Buhari’s gestapo military and police forces:

Notion: If these videos are untrue, can the government provide us with alternative videos of their version? Where are the videos from the Lekki toll gate cameras before the lights went off? Where are CCTV videos from the banks and other buildings in the area?

It is also imperative to note that shooting innocent and unarmed civilians is illegal by the Nigerian constitution and International law that binds security forces in Nigeria. It is a violation of their fundamental human rights. The #ENDSARS protests began as a reaction to innocent civilians getting killed without reason. Is the solution to the problem a continuation of it?

The truth will always prevail.

Viewer’s discretion is advised.

A timeline of events

In the video below, you can see the Nigerian army collecting the bodies of the dead. Why were they collecting the bodies and where

are these bodies?

In this video, we see the shooting and someone telling people to stay down.


In the video below, you can see the Nigerian army collecting the bodies of the dead. Why were they collecting the bodies and where are these bodies?

Video from on office building nearby. You can hear the staff asking people to sit down and lay down so they don’t get shot


In this video below, the recorder alludes to the fact that Nigerian army soldiers have killed people. They’re so many, he has lost count. This is not the only video we have of dead people. There are more. Near the end of the video, he alludes to even more people shot.

At Hospital

Witnessed From Far Off

BBC Report: The Soldiers Picked Up The Dead Bodies

This Hero Was A Victim Denied

Look At Him Now! In A Pool of His Blood! … With Other Victims

Take a good look at the images above. Check out the tweet for yourself with this link. Watch the video below. Do you see the man with the traditional wear on the right side of the video? There are at least 3 people shot in this video while the man in traditional wear fights for his life.

DW Journalist Laments How She Took Cover

In Tears, Adeola Fayehun Describes How Ambulances Were Prevented From Accessing and Recovering Dead and Injured

Lagos State Governor Admits Knowing Unit Sent To Massacre While Denying Casualties…Later Claiming Only 2 Died, and In Hospitals

Dr Brimah Lists Several Other Cases Of Buhari’s Massacres With Secret Burials from Mainstream Media Sources

Over the years of General Muhammadu Buhari’s “democratic” tenure, while development and progress has been minimal at best, and all sorts of terrorists reign supreme across the country, retaining it as the world’s most terrorized nation, what has become hallmark, is the former dictator’s intolerance towards civil protests and his growing record of state-perpetrator violent massacres of Nigeria’s youth.

Black Tuesday’s unprovoked massacre of dozens at Lekki Toll gate is just the latest in a frighteningly unending pattern that continues to escape consequence.

In December of 2018, after Buhari dared to comment on US president Trump’s alleged call for violent illegal migrants to be forcefully turned back at the US border, an obviously irate New York Times, decided to let Buhari know that his many massacres had not gone unnoticed. The US editorial released a thoroughly produced investigative journalistic documentary exposing how General Buhari directly supervised the massacre of at least 45 Nigerian protesting youth in Abuja that October. The documentary can be viewed here:

Proving Buhari’s complicity in the string of barbaric massacres perpetrated by Nigeria’s overhanded, unhinged and wildly reckless “security” services, the heads of these armed agencies who have been serially implicated in these massacres, remain in office to continue to send citizens to early graves, as Buhari has never held any accountable and even retains them in office beyond their tenures.

Below, I repost my 2017 list of Buhari’s massacres which I sadly promised to update at the time I sent it to the press, and with sorrow in my heart, I now update as promised, with the most recent #LekkiMassacre.

List of President Buhari’s Massacres, Secret Burials From 2015-2017 As Reported – First Published September 20th, 2017

There is a growing list of state perpetrator massacres, with the victims either declared missing or discovered to have been secretly buried in mass graves in the two plus years of the administration of Nigeria’s elected military dictator Muhammadu Buhari.

Below are some of them:

Description: Massacre and Secret Burial. Between December 12th and 14th of 2015, 1000 minority Shia Muslims were killed and buried secretly in the middle of the night by a joint action of Nigerian military, fanatic civilians and the Kaduna state government. The Nigerian government months later admitted to killing and secretly burying 347 citizens.

Number Massacred: 1000

Location: Zaria, Kaduna state.

Date: December 12th – 14th, 2015

Some of the victims of governor el-Rufai and army chief Tukur Buratai abducted or mass buried girls, whereabouts still unknown
Discovered mass graves in Kaduna where new and old dead bodies from Zaria massacres were suspected to have been dumped

Excerpt: “The Kaduna State Government on Monday announced that 347 persons were killed during the December 12 Shiite/Nigerian Army clash in Zaria… The burial of the victims was done in secret… Mr. Lawal, who led a six-man government witnesses before the panel, said 191 corpses were taken from the Nigerian Army Depot, Zaria, and were buried at Mando area of Kaduna. He said 156 corpses were also conveyed from the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Zaria, to the same Mando area. The official said the corpses were those of youth members of the Islam Movement (IMN) …The state government said the corpses were committed into a single grave (mass burial) at the Mando area jointly supervised by the state government officials and about 40 men of the Nigerian Army, led by an officer in the rank of a Major.”

Status: No resolution, no compensation, no repudiation.

Description: Massacre of One. Eighty-seven-year-old, Octogenarian, Alice Agbemrehwue Omadefe of Ovre-r’Eku, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State went missing after soldiers recruited by Presco Plc and Newcross Petroleum Limited violently attacked over 500 protesting women. The protesters said that their oil wells and farm lands had been forcefully taken over by the two companies and the Edo State Government.

Number Massacred: 1

Location: Delta state.

Date: March 2016

Excerpt: “It was a pathetic sight as this reporter, who was monitoring the protest took to his heels alongside the protesters when soldiers chased the women most of whom are in their eighties into the adjoining bushes around the site, wiping them with tree stems while others kicked the women as they tried to run away from the scene. In the ensuing confusion, some of the protesting women sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital while others fled into the bush. Among those who fled to the bush to escape the fury of the soldiers was Madam Alice Omadefe, whose whereabouts are now a source concern for her family and the community.”

Status: No resolution, no compensation, no repudiation.

Description: Massacre and Secret Burial. From May 29th to June 3rd. Over 100 pro-Biafran protesters killed in coordinated massacre by Nigerian army and police. Many killed while sleeping in a school near St. Edmund Catholic Church Onitsha. Random killing of groups of civilians in Asaba and different parts of the South East.

Number Massacred100+

Location: Onitsha, Anambra state

Date: May 29th – June 3rd, 2016

Excerpt: “In Onitsha, dozens of trucks and vans filled with soldiers in combat gears raced down major roads and streets. Any gathering of three or more people was at risk of being fired upon… Three military trucks were used to cart away heaps of dead bodies… A security source, another SSS source and a military police source individually confirmed that a mass burial occurred in the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1 in a military cemetery, near Yahweh Church, inside the Onitsha Military Barracks.”

Status: No resolution, no compensation, no repudiation.

Description: Large scale massacre of dozens of villagers by Nigerian Army in June of 2016

Number Massacred: 30-500

Location: Ngubdori and Alamderi villages in Borno state.

Date: June, 2016

Excerpt: “At one point, two men stepped from inside their homes. The soldiers shot both of them, witnesses said. Seven other men came out of their homes and were shot, too.

“We watched so many of them killed like that,” Mallam said. Then the soldiers turned their weapons on the crowd, gunning down 13 more men. The soldiers grabbed a canister of fuel, doused rags and set fire to all the grass huts before leaving.”

Status: No resolution, no compensation, no repudiation.

Description: At least 26 unarmed civilians massacred during invasion of the house of Biafra secessionist leader Nnamdi Kanu after loyalists reportedly threw stones at a military convoy deployed to his street. Videos showed the house completely riddled with bullets and bodies sprawled around. Many of the victims’ bodies were reportedly found where they died of bullet wounds in near by bushes. Nnamdi Kanu and his parents are still missing.

Number Massacred: 26+

Location: Umuahia, Abia state.

Date: September 14th, 2017

Excerpt: “THE Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, said Sunday night that five people were feared dead and about 30 others injured when gunmen suspected to be soldiers allegedly attacked the country home of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Status: No resolution, no compensation, no repudiation.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of NewsRescue

To be updated…The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of NewsRescue

Complied by Dr. Issa Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian

A report published by the Digital Forensic Research Lab on Thursday noted that open-source evidence contradicted these denials.

Forensic analysis of videos showing the killing of protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate area of Lagos by soldiers on Tuesday as authentic in spite the Nigerian Army’s classification of the reports as fake and the Defence Headquarters’ claim that the footages were doctored.

According to HumAngle, a report published by the Digital Forensic Research Lab on Thursday noted that open-source evidence contradicted these denials. 

Satellite imagery of the Lekki Toll Plaza from Google Maps.@jean_leroux/DFRLab via Google Maps

“Several videos corroborate the location and presence of Nigerian soldiers at the Lekki Toll Plaza, a major toll highway toll concession in the South of Lagos,” said Jean Le Roux, the lab’s Research Associate for Southern Africa. 

“Video footage posted on Twitter place Nigerian soldiers at the plaza where they are seen approaching peaceful demonstrators and opening fire. Subsequent footage shows injured civilians being carried away from the same location.”

@jean_leroux/DFRLab via Google Maps

“A different video shows what appears to be soldiers of the Nigerian Army approaching protesters where they were stationed behind plastic barriers. Soldiers approached the group and opened fire. No warning is heard in the video. Muzzle flashes indicate that several of the shots seen and heard here were fired into the air,” it stated.

Screengrabs from a video uploaded to Twitter showing what appears to be members of the Nigerian Army approaching protestors and opening fire. Arm patches, camo and berets are consistent with that of the Nigerian Army.@only1switch/archive, left and center;, top right

It confirmed using features close to the toll gate and across the channel that the video was taken “looking into a Northern direction on the Eastern part of the toll gate, suggesting that protesters were approached from both the east and west by law enforcement, as suggested by some witnesses”.

“Video footage also identified injured protestors at the same scene. The author of a video uploaded to Twitter on October 20 shows injured and bloodied protestors with the author claiming they were shot by soldiers. As the video pans, a parking garage to the south of the toll gate can be seen,” DFRLab continued.

“Another video taken in front of the toll gate showed several injured protestors being carried off in the presence of camouflaged soldiers, presumably the same soldiers seen in the second video above. At least two protestors are carried away, while a third is seen on the ground during the video,” it added.

Geolocation of the last video placed soldiers at the Southern section of the toll gate’s Eastern part.

“Despite denials by the Nigerian Army, open-source evidence links the presence of Nigerian soldiers at the Lekki Toll Gate at the same time as the first reports of shooting came in,” the organisation emphasised. 

“Video footage also showed Lekki Toll Gate protestors, who had been peaceful in the preceding 11 days, bloodied and injured in the presence of these soldiers.”

According to Amnesty International, an on-the-ground investigation revealed that at least 10 people were killed when armed officials of the Nigerian Army opened fire on the protesters.

“These shootings clearly amount to extrajudicial executions. There must be an immediate investigation and suspected perpetrators must be held accountable through fair trials. Authorities must ensure access to justice and effective remedies for the victims and their families,” it said.