These days, we leave all the marital issues to our pastors and spiritual fathers/mothers. They see for us, hear for us, understand for us. We take all what is said hook, line and sinker. Having a father-son relationship with God is very key to help us not to make costly mistakes.

Here is a case narrated by a Twitter user. Husband came home from work and discovered that his wife had packed out with his child. Normally, woman could leave a house if there are unresolved issues. So, it is very rare such case happens if there is none.

In this case, the woman left without issue or problem whatsoever! When he went to his in-law’s house to brief her parents, she met her there. Unbelievably, she then told the man that her Prophet (Pastor) says it wasn’t God’s will to marry him and will die if she continues to stay with him! 

Just like Aisha Yesufu said, many families are being broken up today due to prophesies! It is really unfortunate! A lady found her last hope in life for marriage, her man happens to be my uncle. She took him to her pastor for prayers. Pastor said their marriage will not last that he is seeing death of one of the couple. They ran away from the Church. They are still together being married for 13 years now! The pastor is long dead and buried!

How women fall gullible to Pastors, I don’t understand. One has a boyfriend that loves her to bits and wants to marry her but the pastor said he’s not the will of God for her. Now she is ended up with someone who maltreats her. Is that will of God?

I always use my sense when a pastor is addressing me. Tge Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. A Snr pastor told a Jnr Pastor to pray for me, after the prayer, the guy gave me some prophecies. I met the snr pastor, and briefed him about the prophesies. He only laughed and waved it away because it is rubbish!

It’s only the gulible ones that will allow their homes to break because of one stupid prophesy. Some people allow gullible men of god to manipulate them with predictions. Pastors of doom hardly ever see anything good. People should have a personal relationship with God and not to go about seeking for prophecies.

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Cases of immorality in the society are increasing. Young boys are abusing drugs and involving themselves in immoral acts. Married people are also cheating on their spouses with other people. This situation is sad. Something needs to be done to ensure there are good morals within the society.


A married lady was sad to learn about the intimate relationship that her mother was having with her husband(the lady’s husband). According to the society, it is a taboo for a lady to have an illicit relationship with her son-in-law.

Reports suggest that the mother confessed that indeed they were having an affair with the son. It is a sad incident considering that the mother is supposed to be a role model to her daughter.

According to Radio Citizen, it is not the first time that such an incident is happening. A similar incident also happened in Meru where a man had a relationship with his daughter-in-law.

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Kenyans had different reactions after learning about the incident. Many termed the behaviour as ill-mannered. See the reactions below:

A man of God is a great pastor was exposed by one of his girlfriends that he was having an affair. This man of God was begging a married woman telling her how much he missed her and that she should come to his house. When the lady complain and tell him that her husband will suspect, he encouraged her to lie to her husband. The man of God even told this lady that his wife will be going to Nigeria so he and her can have the house all for themselves. The person who exposed them also told Mrs sadiki that you not the only person the man of God is having an affair with, they are other women too. The person also claimed that the pastor was giving Mrs sadiki many duties in the church so that he can be close to her all the time.

this must be a huge embarrassment for Mr Patrick sadiki as his name has been mentioned and he is also a pastor. What do you think the partners of this people should do? File for divorce? Please leave a comment below

Sources: Kenya expose

Most friendships are based on trusts, to an extent where people talk about everything, and share every little detail about their personal things. When a woman is planning for a wedding, she usually does it with her friends, and some relatives. A woman would actually pick the closest friend she has, and the one she trusts to assist in planning her wedding.

A woman took to social media, to talk about the friend who assisted her in planning the wedding. She said her friend helped her plan the wedding, but she didn’t know the very same friend was sleeping with her husband. The friend was visibly pregnant, but it was never suspected that she could be sleeping with her friend’s husband. She was made a maid of honor at the wedding, little did they think she would be sleeping with the husband.

On the wedding picture, the pregnancy is already visible, but no one could have thought this far. It is not the first time that this has happened to people. It is something that usually happens. Some choose to talk about it, and some don’t. 

There was no love lost between mama and I; she was a mother-in-law who was determined not to accept me. Deciding to be in my bed on my wedding night was her final act of ‘get-out’ but instead of me seeing it as such, I chose to ignore it.

Here is my story.

My marriage lasted for less than four months; it shouldn’t even have been a marriage, nor a relationship, it should just never even have happened!

I thought I was in love when I met UK; he was soft spoken, he had hands and feet like a girls’, you know, clipped clean like someone who didn’t want dirt near him. He spoke like someone who had lived abroad for a while…maybe that was also one of the things that drew me to him; I had always wanted to go abroad, so he was the closest thing for me here and the fact that he became interested in me…was a big bonus!

He asked me out, I was in my final year at the Poly, then.

He bought me fish and chips at one of the fast food restaurant he took me to that Saturday and that’s how it all began.

It was easy to see he was a mummy’s boy and for me, that was no threat. I didn’t feel threatened by him depending so much on his mum for everything, especially when he punctuating every achievement he made, using his mum as the main reason; I figured when we got closer, this would change.

Look at it this way, his mum had been there for him all of his life, he was her only son; I didn’t think I would just come in and take her place, just like that. You know, I also hope to have children someday, so I know how mums and sons can have a strong bond; I would like that too, someday.

But his mother clearly didn’t like me from the get go; then again, I didn’t think it unusual. How many mothers- in- law get on well with their daughters- in- law?

 So how was mine going to be different? I was only determined to make her like me and accept me as her daughter- in- law, if not her daughter at least.

I really tried to get mama to like me; I would go to her house, scrub, clean, cook…it was just never enough and I never gave up, you know. I kept trying.

When UK and I began to make plans for the wedding, Mama was as involved as UK and I; it was as if the union was going to be between me on one side and UK and her on the other. Mama wanted to handle virtually everything; my wedding dress, our rings, UK’s suit, our reception, the colour of cake, the type, the cake maker, caterer…I swear; she seemed to know everyone who could supply these things, décor…so at some point, I began to wonder, who is really getting married here, me or mama?

Whenever I raised objections, UK would say, “Babe, let mama handle this, biko; how many weddings has she had?” Meaning, his wedding was the only one mama would ever have to organize, you know, him being her only child…

As for my own people, they were angry of course but I kept begging them to maintain the peace, I told them that things would change after the wedding. My sister IJ didn’t see it like that, she kept telling me to refuse to some of the things I had agreed to, she said UK’s mum would not stop, she would keep coming for more and more attention until she destroyed our relationship.

Maybe I should have paid attention to her but I was in love, I wanted everything to be perfect; I wanted UK to be happy too, even if it meant me being a little unhappy.

Anyway, on our wedding and even before then, we got gifts of money, from friends and family, we got cheques…you know, addressed to us as Mr. and Mrs…. Even on your wedding day, people came with envelopes and gave us.

You know, as the bride, I couldn’t carry any bag but my sister IJ was my chief bridesmaid, I wanted to pass the envelopes to her but UK said I should pass all the envelopes to his cousin. So all the envelopes and gifts were given to UK’s cousin.


Soooo, well, after the wedding, I expected that UK’s cousin would bring the money to us or give to IJ, right? No. instead, what UK brought to me was a bag of empty envelopes, with no cash, no cheques!

“Where is all the money?”

He told me, he had arranged for it to be put in his personal account!


Ok, so let me roll back a bit.

On our wedding night! You know, we had guests in the house, people who had travelled from the village to attend the wedding from his side of the family…they were all in our house. The place was full. That very night, my mother- in- law came to meet me in the room to tell me I should go and remove all the extra food in the coolers; you know the leftovers in the coolers we served guests at the reception were brought to our house. Yes, mama asked me to remove my wedding clothes and go to the kitchen to put the left overs in the freezer! I swear to you!

Image result for class=

As in…I was like…so in this house full of people, cousins, family, friends….you couldn’t find anyone to do this?

I looked at UK, he looked away…


If I refused to go, there would be wahala, all his family members were in the house, I was in the midst of strangers….so I removed my clothes and went to the kitchen to tidy it up…there were over twenty coolers of left over food! Nobody came to help, they would come to the kitchen, take something, check if there was food, take some, or do something and leave me there.

When I finished that midnight, my wedding midnight o…after putting the food away, I washed some of the coolers, you know…

I was tired. I wanted to just crawl into bed and cry.

When I got to our room, my mother–in- law was in our bed! I kid you not! She was snoring in fact! I went outside to look for UK, he was with his cousins outside the house. I asked him why mama was sleeping on our bed, he said the AC in her room wasn’t working and so she asked to sleep in our room…chai!

On our wedding night!

And listen o. Me being a good Christian girl, I never had sex with UK while we were courting so I was looking forward to it being the first time that night…humm

You know, that was when I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life. This wasn’t going to be a marriage; it was going to be a threesome.

From that moment on, I began to look for how to get myself together to end the marriage; a marriage that started just a few hours ago, I was already planning how and when to walk away…three months later, I did.

(Series written based on true stories)

A friend narrated an incident to me, it was an incident that she witnessed in a flight, from New York to London when she was traveling to London for her Masters.

In her words, A beautiful young lady was also in the flight, she was also traveling from New York to London. The journey was going to be a long journey.

Picture ; for illustration purpose!

As the boarding of the flight started, everyone got up on the plane. As the young lady reached her seat, she saw an elderly man sitting in her seat and she said rudely; “Mister, this is my seat that you’re sitting on, can’t you read your boarding pass properly?” The old man rechecked his boarding pass and said; “I’m truly sorry, I am traveling on a plane for the first time, can you tell me where’s my seat? My old eyes can’t read properly”.

The young lady then took the boarding pass from the man’s hand and said; “You’re sitting in the seat next to mine, kindly move!”. The young lady sat beside the elderly man. 

The man was not wearing classy clothes, he was clearly poor and was not accustomed to the flight services. He didn’t even know how to put on a seat belt. The old man felt uncomfortable in his seat, so he tried to indulge in a conversation with the young lady. 

“I’m traveling for the first time, my son drives a cab in London and he’s..”. The young lady didn’t let the old man finish his sentence and she said rudely; “Did I ask you, mister? No one is interested in you or your son”. 

The young lady felt disgusted by the old man. As the flight was just about to go off, the old man started coughing, the lady had had enough of it. So she called the flight attendant and said; “Please find me another seat immediately!” ” I can’t seat beside this man”.

The flight attendant had a look at the man for once and said; “what’s the issue here ma’am? Is there any problem I can help you with?”. The young lady replied, ” Can’t you see for yourself the problem here?”. “I don’t want to sit next to this worthless Bum”.

The flight attendant was shocked by the woman’s rude behaviour. She said very calmly and softly, “Mam! The economy cabin is already full, and there are no seat left mam”. 

The woman then replied the flight attendant, ” I do not care! Then find me a seat in business class”. The elderly was just man starring in disbelief. The flight attendant then responded, “I’ll talk to the Captain about this”.

The flight attendant went to the Captain and told the whole story. Upon hearing the attendant’s story, the Captain said, “this is the first time I’ve encountered this issue”. ‘I have a plan”. The captain told the flight attendant about his plan.

The flight attendant went back to the seat where the young lady and the old man was sitting and said, “The Captain said we could give a seat in the First Class, he also apologized that you had to travel with such a terrible person”. 

When the young lady was about to rise from her seat, the flight attendant reached out her arm towards the poor elderly man and said, “Sir, will you please follow me?” The old man went up and sat in the First Class and the whole plane applauded to it. 

Moral Lesson

Never look down on other people, no matter what you have achieved in life, stay humble.

IGP Adamu

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command, on Tuesday, denied some reports on social media alleging that the command rescued 115 young mothers from a human milk factory.

FCT Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Yusuf Mariam, who dispelled the rumour in Abuja, said there was no record of such incident or operation in the command.

She noted that the command was, however, soliciting useful information from members of the public to bust such a syndicate, if it exists.

While urging residents to remain calm, law-abiding and comply with all COVID-19 protocols, the command reiterated its commitment to the protection of life and property within the FCT.

“To report all suspicious movements within your vicinity, emergency or distress, call these numbers: 08032003913, 08061581938, 07057337653 and 08028940883. To report the conduct of police officers, call the Public Complaint Bureau (PCB) on: 09022222352,” Yusuf said.

I have to really write this letter angrily because of how disappointed I am by your threats on Nigeria because we don’t support homosexuality. I know that everyone has the right to choose what they want, and it doesn’t always have to be in line with what the majority go with. However, it is important to make choices that wouldn’t affect others. Now it seems some of the support given to you Joe Biden, by some people were based on some reasons, but some of them were not aware that you are fully in support of the LGBTQI community.

I have to say this because I know that a very large percent of Nigerians are against homosexuality. However, it seems most people who supported you didn’t really take this serious. Now it appears that after you got a lot of support from Nigerians, you still went ahead to threaten financial and visa sanctions against Nigeria.

This is basically because Nigeria is strongly against these practices, and the act is also punishable by law here in Nigeria. I am sure that a very large percentage of those who also supported you are strongly against homosexuality. I also know that the homosexuality issue was one of the first issues you attended to immediately you assumed office.

This obviously hurt some of your supporters here in Nigeria and America. This means that it may soon become difficult for Nigerians to fly to the US if we do not fully embrace homosexuality. Incase you don’t know, it would be very difficult for Nigeria to accept such practice because of how religious we are. This country is made up of a lot of christian and muslims, and both religions do not support homosexuality.

This even made me wonder why some people supported you when they were fully aware about your stand on homosexuality. Donald Trump had his flaws while he was also in power, and his strict rules seemed to have affected Nigeria in some ways. However, what you are trying to do is obviously going to negatively affect Nigeria in a serious way if this issue is taken up seriously against us.

I sincerely hope that the sanctions shouldn’t take effect, and we here in Nigeria should be left to continue living and abiding by our laws. I feel the practices we choose to practice here in Nigeria is our choice, and it has kept this country running for a long time. I have said this before, it would be very difficult for a country like Nigeria to accept homosexuality because of how religious we are.

A Nigerian man based in the United States who came back to the country to have a good time with his loved ones has had a hell of an encounter with kidnappers. 

It was gathered that the United States of America-based Nigerian reportedly escaped from kidnappers’ den after turning the heat against one of his captors and beating him to a pulp, according to a report by Punch. The man, identified simply as Chinweizu, was said to have been abducted on the Akara Isuikwuato Road in Abia State alongside an unidentified woman. It was gathered that the kidnappers, suspected to be Fulani herdsmen, seized the duo around 3pm on February 3, 2021, and took them into the forest. A source close to Chinweizu said while inside the bush, three of the kidnappers left the male victim with one of their armed colleagues and took the young woman away to possibly rape her.

But Chinweizu was said to have attacked the kidnapper when he turned his back on him.The source, who preferred not to be mentioned, said, “He (Chineweizu) kicked the kidnapper from behind and picked his gun and used it’s butt to consistently hit the eyes of the gang member until the white part of one of eyes almost popped  out.”The source, who preferred anonymity, said the kidnapper’s gang members left the young woman when they heard the cry of their colleague and rushed to help him. The source stated, 

“But before they could get there, the kidnapped victim had gone after inflicting a serious injury on one of the kidnappers, who is a Fulani man. He (Chinweizu) also took the kidnapper’s gun away.“He reported the matter to the Army and said the kidnappers would rush their colleague to a nearest hospital. Some of the hospitals were informed about the development and on the same day, the kidnappers came to one of the hospitals with their injured colleague.“They were immediately rounded up. The victim was called upon to identify them before they were taken away by security operatives.”

Another source in Isuikwuato corroborated the story of how Chinweizu escaped from the kidnappers’ camp. The source said, “They kidnapped an Ahaba man and a woman of unconfirmed origin. Both were taken to their camp in the heart of the forest.“The man disarmed and wounded one of his captors and escaped, while the others were attempting to rape the female captive. The cry of the disarmed kidnapper disrupted the rape and the two victims escaped in different directions.“Today, three of the kidnappers came to Ahaba junction for medical attention for the injured kidnapper. Unknown to them, a trap had been set and in time, soldiers and policemen arrived and took them away.” Confirming the incident, the Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna, said the suspected kidnappers seized Chinweizu and a woman after they had shot a 63-year-old man dead. 

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This is story of this young lady who shared her story on twitter makes me to understand how men that enable Ladies entitlement mentality.

If a man can hurriedly do this to a lady he barely know, a girl he met at a place with overly priced drinks, loud music and where you vibe with a total stranger, what would became of the ladies when they agree to be their girlfriends. If they demand for your kidney or any sensitive and vital part of your body, it shouldn’t be out of place because you have given them the platform.

This young lady by name Chidinma took to her twitter with the handle @The_chiii to share her encounter with a man at the club. According to her, she went to the club with a man friend while they were sipping their drinks, a man from the VIP section sent one of his boys to go call her. According to her, she did not answer him let alone give ears to what he had to say. 

Minutes later, the said “big man” came by himself and started spraying money on her in the presence of the man she came with. To me, that was the height of disrespect for the man that she came with. Although she said that she did not go with the “big man” because she loved and respected the man she was with, I wondered if she wasn’t in love with her boyfriend what would have happened? Maybe she would have gone with him.

But I want to ask the men, how will you feel if a man does something like that to you? What will be your reaction? 

Checkout peoples reactions to this