The leadership race tells you something about thorny trade issues

Members of the World Trade Organisation (wto) are not known for co-operating with each other. So when in June they began the process of choosing a new director-general, many feared deadlock. But now, as the process draws to a close, officials are feeling hopeful. Two candidates are still in the running: Nigeria’s Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the chairwoman of gavi, a vaccine-finance agency, and a former World Bank official and finance minister; and Yoo Myung-hee, South Korea’s trade minister. A winner is due to be announced between October 28th and November 7th, and support seems to be coalescing around Ms Okonjo-Iweala. Yet the contest says more about the discord in the trading system than the harmony.

The candidates themselves did a good job of highlighting various divisions in the course of the selection process (while dutifully noting that only members have the power to resolve them). Between them they identified a long list of problems: jammed negotiations that have left the wto’s rule book out of date; a broken system of solving disputes; members’ lacklustre commitment to transparency; and a trade war between America and China.

What happens next?

Reports emerged yesterday that some thugs attacked the EndSARS protesters in Lagos State which led to some of them sustaining several degrees of injuries.

Thugs attack protesters in Abuja and Lagos

The attackers struck with cutlasses, axes and other weapons and injured some of the unarmed protesters leaving some of them in the pool of their blood. Allegations of who sponsored them are yet to be confirmed as at the time of this report. But, it is believed that their sponsors would be identified soon and made to face the full wrath of the law with the thugs for attacking and injuring Nigerians on a legitimate and peaceful protest.

Again! Thugs attack #EndSARS protesters in Lagos (Watch Video) - Buzza

However, based on the sad experience of yesterday’s attack, it is believed that the indefatigable and determined protesters have reportedly hired heavily built bouncers (guards) to help offer them protection and defend them from likely thugs and other attackers as they carry on with the protest. The protest is still gaining momentum across the country despite all the obstacles so far.

Lagos protesters hire bouncers to ward off hoodlums – Punch Newspapers

Image credit: The Punch.

In the mean time, some Nigerians have paid the ultimate price of losing their lives fighting for the cause. For those that are still alive, they are not backing down especially in view of the fact that some of their fellow compatriots have lost their lives in the struggle. It would not make any sense to back down now that heavy sacrifices have been made already without achieving the goals of the struggle.

VIDEO: Private security guards deployed to protect #EndSARS protesters |  TheCable

It is also believed that the thugs and their sponsors plotted to ensure that they stop the protest by attacking the protesters with the aim of instilling fear in them to disperse and protest no more. Whoever the thugs and their sponsors are, they cannot stop the protesters as the protesters have made plans too to defend themselves.

EndSARS protesters hire private security to protect them against hoodlumsTweet from a a Tweeter user on the issue of bouncers hired.

Self defense is not a crime especially when one’s life is under threat. Hiring bouncers to help protect them as they protest is a step in the series of other things the protesters can do to defend themselves. It is also believed that the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who has been backing the protesters since will do the necessary things to ensure that the protesters are protected.

Lagos protesters hire bouncers to ward off hoodlums

Heavily built guards

Nigerians also look forward to seeing Sanwo-Olu carryout a sincere and immediate investigations to identify the thugs and their sponsors and ensure that they are punished for their evil acts to serve as deterrent to others.

My government will never tolerate the attack of protesters" - Governor  Sanwo-Olu reacts to Protesters attacked by Thugs in Lagos - Gist Of The Day

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Kinnar Yadav, a jealous husband has shocked people after allegedly killing his wife in a very horrific way.

The man is said to have cut his wife’s head off just because he caught her talking to their neighbour.

Kinnar Yadav, 40, had long suspected his wife Vimla, 35, of being unfaithful to him, according to reports.

Other residents of Baberu, located in Banda region in India’s Uttar Pradesh, reportedly told him she was having an affair with Ravikant Yadav who lives in a house near the couple.

On Friday morning Kinnar took a walk and returned home to find Vimla chatting with Rakivant.

Local police say he was looking to buy a buffalo and Vimla had been giving him tips.

Seeing the two of them together angered Kinnar so much that he grabbed an axe and attacked the other man, injuring him before he fled the scene.

He then turned his attention to his wife, killing her and severing her head from her body. The couple’s two sons, Bhagat and Prahlad, weren’t home at the time.

Officers say Kinnar took the head and walked almost 3km to the closest police station to turn himself in.

He reportedly stood inside the station holding the head for more than 15 minutes before senior police officers were alerted to his alarming presence.

Footage of the man brandishing his wife’s head was published on social media, where authorities say it went viral.

Banda’s assistant superintendent of police Mahendra P Chauhan told local media: “The incident happened in Baberu town.“Kinnar reached the police station around 8:30 am with the severed head.

“He also attacked the neighbour, Ravikant Yadav, who is under treatment at a hospital. His condition is stable.”

He added: “Kinnar told us that he wanted to kill Ravikant but ended up killing his wife in a fit of rage.”

The suspect was arrested under Section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

A case was registered at Baberu police station under relevant IPC sections and Kinnar will appear in a local court soon, a police officer said.

Source: Daily Star UK

As results from the Ondo elections tickle in, it is evident that the current Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, who is on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is in line to win a re-election.

Incoming results from polling units across Ondo state show that Governor Aberdour is in early lead beating Eyitayo Jegede of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Agboola Ajayi of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP).

So far, results of 606 out of 3,000 Polling Units have been collated. Akeredolu currently has 65,590 votes, while his nearest contender Jegede has 40,027.  Ajayi has polled 11,603 votes so far.

Sexual fidelity is one of the most important symbols of commitment in a relationship. Yet it is increasingly under attack from new pressures, and few of us understand why people have affairs or how best to recover from them.

Although precise figures remain elusive, surveys in Nigeria suggest that between 25 and 70 per cent of women — and 40 and 80 per cent of men — have engaged in at least one extramarital sexual encounter.

So why do so many people risk everything for the sake of a fleeting affair?

Cheating is one of the causes of marital and relationship conflicts. Whenever a person found out that his partner is cheating on him or her, there is high probability that the relationship will not last long. But people have now normalize it, because everyday, you will see the news of someone cheating on his partner on social media.

A woman; Name withheld for privacy’s sake discovered that her husband is cheating on her – the story was shared in a popular relationship group named “The Home Builders Forum.THBFI”. Posted by Racheal Mel, the admin of the group.

The woman stated that her husband is thinking that he can outclass her because he told that her he travelled to Delta State penultimate week and he will be returning next month. But surprisingly, she has seen him two times in town, yet if she calls him he is telling a different story. Whenever she calls him he will tell her that he is in Delta and the weather there is dealing with him. She has already traced him and found out that he lodged in a hotel with another lady and he is paying ₦15,000 daily for the hotel rent. She urged the admin to publish the story without editing it because she knows the husband whom she identified as Felix Ogiri is also a member of the group. Below is the full message shared by the admin of the group:

The story has already generated some mixed reactions from the members of the group, and below are some of the opinions of people regarding the matter:

Aminu Shagari

Aminu Shagari, three-term House of Representatives member and lawyer son of the late President Shehu Shagari, has apologized to the former Nigerian president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Aminu said he helped to bring down Jonathan’s government to ensure Muhammadu Buhari emerged despite that as a military officer he led a coup that dethroned his father in 1983.

Mr. Shagari, who was president between 1979 and 1983, passed away on December 28, aged 93. He was removed in a military coup led by Nigeria’s current president, Muhammadu Buhari.

Years after, Mr. Buhari was elected as a civilian president in 2015 and while preparing to run for another tenure in 2019 he traveled to Sokoto to pay a condolence visit to the family of the former president.

He also ordered that flags should be flown at half-mast for three days at all military formations and public places in the country.

After his visit, Aminu called him out Buhari by stating that the President never gave “words of comfort” during his visit.

He said: “We didn’t hear such because he didn’t say anything. We gave him the condolence register. He only signed and put the date. Personally, I was very disappointed with that. I expected that at least, as Muslim, he would write, ‘May Allah forgive him and may Allah forgive us when our time comes.’ That makes me extremely disappointed in him.”

And in a recent interview with Punch, Aminu stated that Buhari has not contacted his family or deliver the promises to immortalize their father.

“I was never contacted and the Presidency has not contacted our family, to the best of my knowledge. Nothing has changed; the only thing I remember is that, at a campaign rally in Bauchi, after his visit to our father’s residence in Sokoto, prayers were offered for my Dad. This probably was an afterthought following the backlash that followed his (Buhari) mere signing of the condolence register, with no written or verbal condolence message.

“This is somebody we really supported, campaigned for and mobilised people for his election because we obediently adhered to our father’s dictate to forgive and let bygone be bygone. The same Muhammadu Buhari, in the condolence letter he gave the state governor (Aminu Waziri Tambuwal), promised to immortalise our dad. Close to two years after his death, he is yet to fulfil his promise. Whereas he recently named certain landmarks after some Nigerians who are still alive, including former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Let me use this opportunity to tender a public apology to former President Jonathan and seek forgiveness because I helped to divide the Peoples Democratic Party and bring down his government, but, I have found out that what we thought about his stewardship was not entirely true. I expect President Buhari to also ask for forgiveness having found out that most of the things he accused my dad’s and President Jonathan’s administrations of are not true.”

Speaking on the current state of Nigeria, Aminu said “I am very disappointed.” He noted that Nigeria’s only hope is in good governance.

“I believe if we get it right in this aspect of our national life, our story would turn from bad to good within a short time. With emphasis, all we require is a credible and sincere leadership that will maximise our God-given talents and resources. A lot of us committed so much to bring this administration on board. As an individual, I assumed that, if nothing else, we would get the issue of security right, and every other thing would follow.

“Unfortunately, our security situation has degenerated from bad to worse and the President has refused to listen to every voice of reasoning. Rather, he has turned a deaf ear to what people are saying and insisted on keeping the service chiefs.

“Just recently, the government slammed the entire citizenry with a double post-COVID-19 assault – fuel price hike and increase in electricity tariff, without considering the income of Nigerians. With the minimum wage, in the face of the depreciating value of the naira, how do you expect an average Nigerian worker to survive, meet their family’s financial needs, and be happy?.”

Most of you probably had one or two favourite housemates that you wished emerged the winner but had to rejoice with Laycon on Sunday. In as much as he emerged a winner, he wasn’t presented with his gifts that same day like most people who were probably not accustomed to the show and its rules anticipated it.

Today being Wednesday, the housemates both the evicted and the top 5 finalists graced the prize presentation of Laycon today. He is recently a proud owner of a Brand New Innoson SUV which is said to be worth over N25million, he was also given the cheque of 30 million, a two-bedroom flat, and some other prizes he was awarded that you can decide to add to the list.

The joy and happiness on Laycon’s face could not be contained as he was seen posing with his new car and people took many pictures of him. Notwithstanding all these, so many fans still took to social media on their displeasure over the new car that was presented to Laycon.

On a post made by ”” about Laycon’s new car a few minutes ago, fans expressed their disappointment over the car. Most of them even went ahead to attest to the fact that the car was ugly and that Ozo’s car was better.

Someone even typed “we fans reject this truck, we don’t like it, it is better you give him 2015 Camry than this truck!!!.”

Another comment even encouraged Laycon to return his car first thing tomorrow morning;

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Waist beads are traditional accessories made from seeds, glass beads or crystal stones worn around the waist. Waist beads have been worn by African women as a symbol of femininity and prosperity for centuries and it is believed to have been in existence since the 15th century.

Waist beads are popular across Africa. According to Google Arts & Culture, “Beads were first made in Africa from organic materials – like bone, shells and seeds – many thousand of years ago.” African women have traditionally worn these beads as a symbol of femininity, attraction and sexuality.

Women use it to adorn or accentuate their waistline thereby making their hips appear bigger and flexible. It is one of the best selling accessories in west Africa.

The Yorubas call it the “ileke” and they come in various shapes and sizes and suited for all body types.

These are some of the reasons people wear waist beads.

Body Ornament
Just like many other accessories such as watches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces that people wear on their bodies, a lot of women wear waist beads to beautify and adorn their body.

Sexual attraction
Some women wear waist beads because it is believed to attract the oposite sex. It is believed that waist beads stir up deep emotional responses. There is a saying that “it is the beads that make the buttocks to shake”.

Symbol of love
A few men purchase the waist beads for their special woman according to them, it’s a turn on.

Ceremonies and festivals
During traditional marriage rites, the brides wear more waist beads to accentuate her features.

It is also believed that seeing a woman’s waist beads is the same as seeing her nakedness.

Although there is no scientific evidence to back it up, some women adorn ‘special’ waist beads to either prevent or induce pregnancy. Some are worn to provide protection for the mother and growing baby.

Weight control
Some women wear waist beads to keep track of their weight. Due to the fact that waist beads don’t stretch, you can use it to gauge the size of your waist. When you gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight. And if you were to lose weight, the beads will feel loose and fall further down to the hips.

Although waist beads are frowned upon by some people who deem it as fetish, it is fast becoming a trend.


Contrary to police reports that no ransom was paid, the six Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) officials who were recently released by their abductors have said they paid for their freedom.

According to them, they were not rescued by any security agency and each of them paid N6m as a ransom to the kidnappers before they were freed.

Recall that the Police spokesman, Ramham Nansel, had said no ramson was paid for their release.

“They were rescued by the security agencies comprising police and soldiers supported by vigilante groups and hunters,” ASP Nansel said.

However, the officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to BBC Hausa Service, said the police lied.

One of them said, “What the police are saying is a big lie, there is no element of truth in it, the kidnappers established contact with our relatives, the ransom money was withdrawn in Nasarawa town.

“They instructed that only the driver should come with the money; when the driver brought the money, they kept us aside and counted it to ensure it was complete, but because it was getting dark, they did not finish and asked the driver to go with us while they also proceeded into the bush shooting in the air.”

Another victim whose leg was amputated as a result of the gunshot from the incident said, “We paid ransom through our relatives before we were released; some paid N5m, others N6m.”

The FRSC officials were kidnapped around Nasarawa while on their way to Abuja for a corps training.

Source :

Info Commissioner To Partner Key Players Tourism Sector For Economic Growth

The Akwa  Ibom State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Comrade Ini Ememobong has commended the state Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel over his concerted move to carve a definite and organic identity for the people of Akwa Ibom through a universally acceptable Anthem , Coat Of Arm, Flag, and Emblem.

The commissioner made the commendations in his Keynote Address during a public hearing on: A Bill For A Law To Establish And Regulate, Akwa Ibom State Official Symbols, And For Other Matters Connected Therewith, which took place at the Old Chapel Auditorium, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Complex in Uyo.

The Commissioner emphasized that the quest by the Akwa Ibom State Government to have a distinct and a recognisable identity was borne out of the acceptance of a preponderant similarities existing amongst states, tribe, countries and purpose, and with the consciousness that despite the glaring similarities there were still manifest differences existing between one state to another and therefore it became imperative for Akwa Ibom people and the state to be clearly defined through a commonly shared heritage and ideologies.

The Info Boss espoused that all over the world, people, states and countries have always sort to acquire features that would differentiate them from competing and complementing peers, thus the desire by the state government to use the historic 33rd anniversary of state creation to introduce critical identity items like the proposed State Anthem, Coat Of Arm and Emblem was a commendable move by the Udom Emmanuel-led administration.

He further explained that identity sticks with humans and usually becomes synonymous with its bearers over a period of time and called for a deeper reflection of the proposed symbols which would later adorn the state as timeless symbols that would distinguished Akwa Ibom in the comity of states.

The state spokesman hinted that the symbols were selected through a citizen-participatory processes which made it very competitive and further applauded Members of the State House Of Assembly for their Intellectual Inputs and for the accelerated hearing with which the bill has been given.

Responding to questions from newsmen shortly after his keynote address,  the information helmsman justified the move by the state government as a right step in the right direction towards given Akwa Ibom State and its people an identity through unique optics and symbols that would resonate with the ideologies of her founding fathers  which would be appreciated and acceptable globally. He commended Governor Emmanuel for his continued commitment to foster peace and unity amongst the people.

Also addressing the public hearing , the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly ( AKHA ),  Rt Hon. Aniekan Bassey stated that the bill was forwarded to the House by the executive arm of government for considerations and possible passage into law, thus it became imperative and appropriate for the House to conduct a public hearing as a deliberate policy of the 7th Assembly in order to ensure maximal participation of the Akwa Ibom people.

The Speaker also noted that the bill when passed into law, will give the people and the state a greater sense of pride and further unite the people, raised their hope and emboldened the uniqueness of the state. In compliance with the open policy of the House, he urged all stakeholders to freely interact, debate, contributes and called for civility and self – restrained in stating divergent opinions.

In a similar remark, the Member, representing Etinan State Constituency and the Chairman, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Committee on Information, Hon. ( Bar. ) Aniefiok Dennis, expressed optimism that the members of the state legislature would bring their legislative competence to bear in the deliberations and  eventual passage of the bill into Law.

The Lawmaker noted that the general principles of the bill has sufficiently indicated that when passed into law, the bill will entrench pride, hope, reference as well as inspire sentiments and psychological attachment between the people and the state.

Other lawmakers present at the public hearing included: Deputy Chairman, Akwa Ibom State House Committee on Information and Member, representing Mkpat Enin State Constituency, Hon. Victor Ekwere, and other Members of the Committee on Information.

Notable stakeholders at the public hearing: were members of Civil Liberty Organizations ( CLOs ), Akwa Ibom State Branch, Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Akwa Ibom State Branch, Bar. Aniema Etuk, Director of Strategy in the State Ministry of information and Strategy, Mr. Joseph Stem, Assistant Director in charge of Ikot Ekpene Zone, Mr. Aniekan Ukpong,  Curators of National Museums, and many other dignitaries.

The Public Hearing was at the instance of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Committee on Information and also featured presentation of Memoranda by various stakeholders.