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I was twenty years when I found out my mom was cheating on my dad. I was a first-year student at the university and had returned home for vacation. 

I went to see my mom in her office one day and she left me for a meeting. Just some minutes after she left, I heard a beep sound, apparently coming from her phone. After a series of beeps, a call came through. I went to the phone and answered the call. 

It was a gentleman seeking to have a word with her. I told him my mom wasn’t around so he hung up. It was then the messages on the phone caught my eyes. I didn’t intend to read but somehow I was drawn to it since it was already opened.

“Would you pass by after work tonight so we spend some time together?”

That was the message that caught my attention. I went back to previous messages to make sure I wasn’t making things up. Everything was out there! They’ve kissed, they’ve traveled on several occasions, they’ve had sex and they’ve been together for about three years. “How could that be?” I questioned myself. “Where has dad been all this while?”

Mom had been a great mom to me. I’m the only child and she never ceased to provide and be there for me but from that day going, I started looking back and assessing the relationship that existed between my mom and dad.

Dad is the reserved type. He rather acts than talk. My mom didn’t like talking a lot too but she was very outgoing and forthcoming. Between them, they didn’t talk a lot. My mom would usually spend the night watching TV and dad would be somewhere around the house minding his own business.

They had been able to live for twenty-two years being like that with each other so I guessed nothing was wrong. They never fought—I never saw them exchanging words so finding out my mom was cheating was a very big blow to me. 

I needed someone to talk to.

Talking about it with my dad was out of the question. I feared he would be angry and trigger a divorce. I have a lot of wishes—having my parents divorced wasn’t one of those. Dad caught a hint of my mood and asked what the problem was. I couldn’t say the truth. He thought I was having boy issues and rather tried to convince me to share with him.

Yeah, I was having issues except that the person involved here was his own wife.

A week before school resumes, I gathered courage and had a discussion with mom…

“I know you are seeing someone else apart from dad,” I said. “And I know you’ve been seeing him for over three years. I know also that you’ve been traveling with him and spending time with him after work.”

Surprisingly she wasn’t stunned. She said, “You’ve been reading my text messages. I underestimated you. How long have you been doing that?” I kept repeating, “Mom why are you doing this to dad? You want to break up with him?”

She said nothing at first, she only kept staring at me. She answered, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.” “I’m not judging you. I’m only asking you why.” She still looked calm. No sign of remorse or regrets.

“Are you planning on telling your dad?”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll have no option than to tell him.”

I thought that would put some fear in her but I was lying. She only said, “Let’s see what happens.”

I’ve been in school for about two months. I called my dad one night and asked him to give the phone to my mom to speak to her. He told me, “Your mom hasn’t returned from work and it’s already 10 pm.” I got triggered. It was like I was possessed.

I called mom’s phone several times after speaking with dad but she didn’t pick. She called the next morning to tell me she was busy. “Busy with your boyfriend I guess?” I shouted on the phone. She responded, “I’m still your mom, give me some respect, ok?” She hung up.

I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. My dad was a good man and to the best of my knowledge, he was playing his role as a husband impeccably well.

I went home that evening to spill the beans. As usual, mom hadn’t returned from work. Dad was in the dining hall eating rice he himself had cooked. I sat next to him and told him everything; “Mom is cheating on you. I found out from her messages. She comes home late because she goes to see the other man after work.” 

He was quiet. He didn’t say a word. “Did you hear what I just said? Mom is chea…” 

“I know!” He interrupted. “I’ve always known her ways from day one.” 

“You what! Do you know? And you haven’t done anything about it?”

He stopped eating and turned to me, “I haven’t done anything about it? I have. The first time I caught her cheating, I had to warn the other man to stay away from her. And he did. Not too long after, she dated a guy who was 15 years younger than her. I used her own phone to send a pleading text to the guy to stay away from my wife. The guy left. 

She pleaded for forgiveness and promised not to do it again. But you see, I can’t keep chasing flies off your mom. She can stay away from the flies if she wants to.” 

I’ve lived with these two all my life and didn’t realize they were going through such hard times? Where have I been? I was a girl and maybe didn’t think too much of them but since that day, I respected my dad more and resented my mom with all I have. 

I stopped picking her calls and refused to see her when she came around looking for me in school. She kept telling me, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.”

So what is the other half of the story?

Dad insisted there was no other half story and if there was any, he wasn’t aware of it. Mom wouldn’t tell me what the other side of the story was. She claimed, “You are a child. Our daughter. You can’t know all of our struggles, especially the intimate ones. Leave us to fight our own issues.”

They never divorced and no one ever heard them fighting about this issue. 

I grew up and took less interest in the way they lived their lives. After all, they were both ok so who was I to get angry on their behalf? 

Dad died recently. He still wore his wedding ring with pride regardless of all the struggles. In my mom’s tribute to him, she called my dad a warrior. I knew what that meant. It takes only a warrior to live with a woman like her until the end.

But I wasn’t done until I got the “other half” of the story.

Mom said…

“When you were about four years old, your dad became impotent as a result of a sickness he was battling with. You were four and I was hitting twenty-five. That was the reason we had only you. For the rest of my life, I had to endure a sexless life with your Dad. 

I tried. God knows I did my best. Your father became impotent and also resigned from any affair with me. He didn’t even sleep next to me or even held me during the cold hours of the dawn. 

A gentleman found me beautiful at a point I thought I was decaying. He was all over me so I gave up resistance and had an affair with him. Your dad got a hint and drove him away. Another came my way. He was a boy but had the mind of a man. I had him and when I thought everything was going on fine, your dad happened. 

He drove that one too away. He drove them away and yet starved me of his presence and connection. Your dad was a good father and a friend but he wasn’t a good husband. I wasted my youth with him and that came at a price.”

That is the other half of the story. Dad is gone and can’t defend himself but mom had no reason to lie. I concluded that mom was a bad bitch but she too had her reason. Who am I to judge?

The issue of cheating in marriages is the main cause of most divorce cases . A repentant lady has disclosed a strategy side chicks use to attract married men and how wives can stop their men from cheating. She took to her Twitter handle to drop a whole thread on this issue.

A lady identified as Deborah Moses revealed that many things get a man to cheat even if they are spiritual leaders eg Pastors and Deacons. According to Deborah, one common strategy “ladies in the world” use to attract these men is the understanding a man lacks in his marital home. “Speaking by experience, it’s the basic truth” she said.

According to Deborah, some married women tend to switch concentration at some point in their marriage especially when they start giving birth to children. The worldly girl knows that he is not given enough attention at home so she’ll try to get his attention. Since the married man is not contented with the amount of attention his wife gives him at home, there are tendencies of him getting attracted to the side chick.

She narrated a personal experience. She met a married man who just wanted someone he could talk with asides having intercourse. Since she was a type of girl that loves gisting, she gave him all the time in the world. He became so attracted to her that he sent his wife and kid abroad. She also revealed that many worldly girls are gifted with the ability of knowing what a man lacks in his marriage and then using that particular thing to attract him. This is one of their strategies.

She further urged ladies to spice up their marital life. Going out on dates, effective communication, having fun, random gists. She finally asked ladies to commit their marriages in the hands of the holy Spirit because it isn’t easy. According to her, she has repented from doing the things of the world.

Screenshot of her tweet

It’ s all over the net that Regina Daniel might be practicing lesbianism with her close friend Casie.

Actress Regina Daniels’ friend, Casie is alleged to be a lesbian and reportedly dated Regina for a long time as lesbians.

Cassie confirmed this months back when she shared a photo of Regina on her page with the rainbow sign.

According to reports, Regina Daniels and Cassie Snow were very close friends that practically lived like sisters but ended their relationship for reasons yet to be known.

This report also gathered that the discovery of such a relationship reportedly made Regina’ s husband, ” Pa Ned shed tears in his own home.

It’ s very unfortunate for Mr. Ned Nwoko that his beautiful damsel Regina Daniel is discovered to be Bi

Gina being Bi is not an issue. It’ s normal. It’ s her choice but it would be very painful after the old man spent a lot just to win Regina Daniels, heart, only to find out she is cheating on him with one small girl.

But the good news is that Cassie has been uprooted from Regina Daniels’ s life.

According to the source, The alleged ex- girlfriend of Regina Daniels, Casie Snow has found love again after her rumored break up with Regina.

Casie the alleged lesbian who has confirmed it with her new post showing off her new babe saying she’ s crazy and she (Salwa) is insane.

This is serious, it’ s very unfortunate and sinful that God created a man and a woman to be together but the world has turned upside down where the same s3x have fun with each other.

If you indulge in such activity I urge you to stop and abstain from it because it would only destroy you.

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A New Jersey man is facing 15 years in jail after he used an iPhone app to track his wife which led him to her boss’ bedroom.

Sean Donis, 37, says he was minding his kids in April 2016, while his wife went to dinner with friends and he went searching for his son’s iPad. When he couldn’t locate it, he used the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to track the device and saw it traveling toward the New York state line.

Suspicious that the iPad was with his wife of six years, Nancy Donis, 38, Sean tracked the device to an unknown location and arrived at his wife’s parked car outside a house he didn’t recognise.

Donis tried the front door which was left unlocked. He made his way to the second floor master bedroom where he found his wife in bed with her boss, Albert Lopez, 58. Donis also filmed two short videos of the shocking encounter – which he reportedly forwarded to his wife’s relatives.

The couple were granted a divorce in February the following year and Sean Donis thought the encounter was behind him. That is, until he received a letter from his ex-wife’s boss in July, 2017, stating he had been indicted by a grand jury on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance.

I feel like it’s unjust what they’re doing to me,”  said Donis to the New York Post ahead of his first court appearance in September 2017. “It’s like I’m being punished twice.” He plead not guilty.

His trial began Friday and is expected to run until Tuesday. He is facing a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

Lopez testified in court that the encounter left him traumatized and unable to sleep. He also claims Donis’ wife told him they were separated at the time of the affair.

In opening statements, Donis lawyer Howard Greenberg argued his client “should be given a medal for the amount of restraint he showed when he entered that scene.”

Whereas Rockland county prosecutor Nabeela Mcleod insisted that even though Lopez slept with a married woman, he is still the victim. “Sean Donis broke into his home and invaded his privacy” by using a cellphone to record the startled couple in bed “without their consent or permission,” she said.

These two women identified as Favour and Uchechi, pictured above, were identified to be professional criminals, were caught by people with several sophisticated master keys in their possession. They were arrested along Rumuoke, off AdaGeorge Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers state and disgraced badly before been handed over to the police for investigation.

Before robbery was attributed to men alone but nowadays women are really taking over from men.

According to Facebook users, Bright Jossy, the women were arrested by some members of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Rivers state chapter. The armed women allegedly use their master keys to gain entrance into homes in the neighborhood and steal things They were handed over to the Nigerian Police Force, after the have been badly beaten and disgraced by the youth.

They were beaten to the extent that the were thrown inside the cutter full of mood.

The ladies were caught after a woman raised an alarm of them gaining entrance into her locked apartment, the stole so many things from the woman’ s house and they were about leaving when the youth of the community caught up with them and collected the items from them.

These women were described as a disgrace to womanwood, they were beaten in a very bad way Untill the police came and took them away.

They two girls were handed over to the police force which arrested them and took them to the station for interrogations, after series of interrogations they all confessed of how they use to go about on day time and in the night to steal people’ s things.

Some implicating items were found from them at the point of their arrest, items like a short pistel, master keys, and machetes.

The police DPO who confirmed the arrest said the ladies have been terrorising the peace of the community.

He told the youth to be calm that the ladies will be transferred to their headquarters for more interrogations and charging.

There was a certain time a lady on social media identified as Eno Patrick called out Mrs. Okezie for Allegedly snatching another woman’s husband, according to her, she commented on a post made by Edidiong Akpan, she said: Mrs. Okezie is trouble herself as she clenched the husband of my friend that was married for 15 years, she also included that God is the one battling for her friend and she doesn’t sympathize with the woman’s circumstances because she is a husband snatcher but only pities the little son who was assaulted.

Mrs. Okezie reacted to the comment yesterday after some weeks and said the lady who her friend accused her of snatching her husband should let her be, she added that the woman has been sending series of messages and her husband wedding photos to her friends and telling them all manner if lies, she added that she will open up on why the husband left the lady for her.

Mrs Deborah Okezie, the mother of Don Davis who allegedly got assaulted in a Deeper Life School has recently taken to her Facebook page as she reacts against a lady identified as Imaobong. According to her statement, she urged Imaobong to leave her son alone. 

She was focused on the fact that the lady had earlier accused her of snatching her husband from her since 15 years ago, but she ignored it. Mrs Deborah claims that the lady is now inboxing her Facebook followers and sending the pictures of her wedding to them.

Mrs Deborah threatens to tell the public why Imaobong’s husband threw her out of the house. She claims that she gave money to Imaobong and also assisted her when her elder brother was sick. Deborah urged her to be careful or else she will disclose her secrets to the public.

“Leave my son, Don Davis alone. I saw the write-up you posted that I snatched your husband from you 15yrs ago, I overlook it. You have being inboxing my follower your wedded pictures. Do you want me to tell Nigerians why he threw you out? 

“After which I gave you money to do business, after you left your elder brother became sick, I assisted you. For the past 15yrs you have been in the life of other men. Why did you choose to make a public show of yourself with Don Davies case? 

“Please be warned don’t let me dry your clothes outside!, respect your old age, let me remind you here that I am legally married. Keep to the order the court gave” — Mrs. Deborah Okezie Stated.

Here Is The Screenshot Of Her Post On Facebook:

The accusation was first made open to the public through a Facebook user identified as Eno Patrick, she claimed that her friend’s husband was snatched away by Mrs Deborah Okezie.

The merge photo above discloses the picture of a Facebook user who claims that Imaobong’s husband was snatched but pictures of Imaobong haven’t been disclosed at the moment.

The husband which is identified as Iniobong Archibong who was said Mrs. Okezie snatched reacted and said: what does she want to achieve in her actions? I have no regrets for my actions he added.

To me the man is old enough to know what’s good for him, another is they can never snatch who don’t want to be snatched and according to her husband, he is proud of his actions and 15 years ago is enough to let the sleeping dog lie.

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In a viral video, a young lady identified as Oyin narrated a horrific experience that she had few years ago when she was attacked by her own house guard who was a Fulani man, named Sani.

In this video, the lady said she was alone in her house around 7: 30 on the 4th of February, 2018 when she was attacked. She said she was in the house when her Security Guard and his colleagues broke into her home and attacked her.

The lady said that his guard, Sani invited his colleagues to come and attack her and they forced their way into her house. When they got inside, she said she screamed for help but there was no one but her house girl in the house.

She said that when they entered, they raped her house girl and they also attempted to rape her but when she proved stubborn, they started hacking and stabbing her with cutlass. In order to show the authenticity of her story, she showed the scars that the Machete left on her body since then.

She said they later left after raping her house girl and their efforts to rape her proved abortive. She was in the pool of her own blood as she drove herself and her house girl to the hospital.

Little did she know that she was pregnant as at that time, it was when she was receiving treatment in the hospital that she found out that she had been pregnant before the attack. She said she was so depressed and traumatized with the experience. She has now left Nigeria for United States because of the bad experience.

She alleged that the police escorts that were sent to her even attempted to sleep with her house girl that was raped. She said they started extorting her and she was paying irrelevant fees just because she wanted to fight for justice.

She said that the Police told her that the case is beyond the Police and it ought to be with SARS. She said she was paying them money but the result was not satisfactory, so she later dropped the case.

After she left the house, she said she sent her brother to pick something from the house but when he got there, he realized that those guys later came back to her apartment and carted away and vandalized her properties.

She said that she alerted the Police again and they told her that she needed security because it seems the attackers are after her life. She said that the Police even suggested that maybe she had an affair with the man, Sani, which she denied.

watch the video below;

She said she always treated the man like a family. She said she even invited her to some of her outings so that he would not be bored at home. She treated him very well but he repaid her with evil. She said her husband was meant to move in few days before the attack and the Police thought that was what triggered the attack.

She said that the Police suggested to her that maybe she led the guard on and got his hopes high of marrying her but later got annoyed when he found out that her husband was coming home. She said this was what the Police suggested.

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A medical doctor, Chidera Ifudu, has died in a motor accident two months to his wedding

The accident involving his Lexus SUV occurred on Friday morning, along Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway.

According to reports, the medical practitioner was trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian when his car veered off the road and crashed.

The deceased, who worked at Enugu State University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, was reportedly the only son of his father.

It was gathered that Ifudu’s wedding invitation card was used to trace his relations. 

Ifudu and Judith Ogochukwu’s traditional was scheduled for Tuesday, April 6, 2021, in Umuahia-South Local Government Area of Abia State and the church wedding on Saturday, April 10, at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Independence Layout, Enugu.

One of Judith’s friends, Aguli Daniel Okechukwu, wrote, “Sundown and Dusk @ Noon: Adieu Dr. Chidera Alex Ifudu. (A lone son of his father)

“What a cruel world we’re living in. How can someone’s wedding card be used to trace his remains after soul departure in a ghastly motor accident?

“Brother, as die-hard believers, even though it’s hard to believe and accept, we can only say goodbye with prayers for God knows it all.

“May God give your dad, siblings, and other relations the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. Our thoughts are with them. It’s hard to take but blessed be the name of God on those who have faith in Him for he who has high faith and trust in God will always find comfort through the opium that sedates of our emotional worries and pains in the challenging life. God is Hope.

“For us the fortunate fast livers, the earlier we begin to have a deep thought on our lives with respect to death, the better for everyone.

“Dera, May the Almighty in his unreserved Mercy, and means in which you departed the mother earth grant you a peaceful repose and give you a place in Heaven .


A man has been left totally devastated after he caught his wedded wife red-handed having a good time with another man on valentine’s day.

In the video, the married man is reported to have tracked his wife to a special location where there was a Valentine’s Day event happening.

man catches his wedded wife

On getting there, he realized that his wife was spending time with another, man and it caused him to create a scene.

The romantic evening event was marred for the married woman and her side guy along with others who had come to the venue to spend time with their significant others.

What ensued after the man caught his wife with another man was an eyesore as he instantly jumped to attack the side guy.

Some people who were present at the event tried separating the fighting men, but as has become a normal trend, others took out their phones and captured the moment on camera.

One of the people recording the incident could be heard narrating what was happening and revealed that the married woman had been caught with her lover by the husband.

Watch the video below :

Today we sadly report about the heartbreaking new of another victim of abuse in the hands of her loved one, her very own husband who stabbed her 49 times and now she’s fighting for her life.

This is the post that got people talking on social media about what happened to this radio personality, Dimakatso Folotsi who works at Lesedi FM, the post read as follows translation, “Dimakatso Folotsi who works for Lesedi FM wanted devorce from her husband was taken to a shak house and the husband stapped her 49 times, and her card was also with the man who currently ran away to Lesotho.”

This are some of the pictures taken from of Dimakatso Folotsi on a hospital bed.

This is not how humans should behave especially if you love someone you will understand what they want, not put fear in their lives to stay.

Those pictures were shared on Twitter and many people are shocked by the nature that this man behaved.

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