In Africa, If a husband suspects that his wife is cheating on him, there are Charms he can use to make her stuck on bed with her lover. African men have been using this method for long to catch cheating partners. A case of lovers that stuck together had just be reported by Vanguard Newspaper.

According to what Vanguard Newspaper reported

A married man was sleeping with a married woman without knowing her husband had used a charm on her as he was a truck driver and was never home most of the time.

They both stuck together while enjoying themselves on bed, and they were taken to the hospital last week Tuesday. The doctors were Unable to separate them because they got stuck together spiritually.

They called the woman’s husband who was in South Africa when the incident happened, he said he can’t come home till Thursday, last week.

After a lot of trials to separate them by Doctors, they both died on Thursday before her husband arrived, when they died, the doctors could not still separate them and they had to separate them by cutting part of the man’s body from the cheating wife.

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Source: Vanguard Newspaper

I set him ablaze because we took blood oath, and I aborted for him 3 times- 17 year old lady narrates

According to a news that was posted by Punch Newspaper early this morning, it has been alleged that a newly admitted law student at the Benue State University, whose name was given as Alex Esther, has narrated the reason why she burnt her boyfriend alive.

According to Punch, it was made known that, the 17-year old lady revealed that the deceased, Chidinma who was her boyfriend, were both in a serious relationship to the extent that they took blood oath and promised never to leave each other in bad times and good times, and they took this blood oath when he wanted to sleep with her for the first time, as she revealed to him that she had never done it before, and that she was afraid that he will leave her.

As time goes on, she got pregnant for the deceased, and he told her to abort it.

Alex Esther revealed that she was living with the deceased, as they have already done their introduction with her family members and due to this, she got pregnant again the second time and her late boyfriend started misbehaving, as he won’t come home at times, telling her to abort the baby, and she did it again in order to please him.

However, she got pregnant for him the third time, as they had serious problem, to the extent that the sister of her late boyfriend will come to their house to beat her up, without anyone rescuing her.

She said after she packed out of his house and he came back on the 9th of January, he came to her house looking for her, but she refused to see him, and he started begging for forgiveness, as he said he had offended her and when he said this, Esther (suspect) told him that there are a lot of things they need to resolve, and her boyfriend told her to come to his house and she went there in the night, the next day.

While she was going there in the night, she bought fuel and matches from a man selling it, because she was thinking that when she gets there, her boyfriend might hurt her again, and when she got there, she left the fuel outside and went inside the house. They talked and the deceased slept with her forcefully again and they both slept.

When she woke up in the night, she could not control herself, as she went outside, carry the fuel and burnt her boyfriend, as she also ran to a church to sleep that night.