A lady known on Twitter as Jamila Motunrola has revealed what married men usually do that is disgraceful to their own wives just because they want to have a new side lover.

There are some married men who do not only go about chasing small girls but also stoop so low as to talk bad about their own wives just because they want to get that girl to accept their proposals.

The men who cheat on their wives sometimes go as far as denying their wives who are home working and taking care of the house and the kids.

To buttress this point, a lady who is a Twitter user took to her handle to point out most of the things that men say to the small girls they want to cheat on their wives with just for them to accept their advances.

According to her, the men go as far as calling their wives unprintable names, denying the existence of their marriage and even telling the new girl that they are no longer attracted to their wives.

She said “The way married men reduce their wives to nothing just to get a babe will make you question if marriage is really worth it.

“My wife is a pandemic”, “My wife will understand”, “I’m no longer attracted to my wife”, “I’m not really married”, “Marriage is not a prison,I’m a free man”

The bullying of plus size women is something that has been going on for a long time. People tend to misjudge their looks by telling them to limit their eating habit or go to the gym so they can shed weights, which is very wrong because most of these ladies feel comfortable just the way they are.

Social media may not be a suitable place to be, especially if you’re oversized because of the negative comments you get from people with other mindsets. This can cause low self-esteem.

As a person, it shouldn’t matter which size you are because what really matters is how comfortable you feel in your body.

However, for this lady dating was never difficult since she’s got a beautiful face.. She gets a lot of admirers but the main issue is that every man she dates would come and go.

It seems these men get attracted to her beauty but can’t handle her weight.

she opened up on how no man stays in a relationship with her for long because her oversized body.

Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure. It is usually done by people who specialised in the field. They are called Massage Therapists. A massage therapist is someone who treats clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. With their touch, massage therapists relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of their clients.

Massaging is not a gender-specific job hence both males and females can work as massage therapists. However, depending on the location and culture, the clients for the massage therapist may differ. While some people believe that both males and females could go for a body massage from the opposite gender, some consider it as something which is not proper.

<p class="has-drop-cap" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Twitter users from Nigeria were recently thrown into a debate after someone identified as Nappy Blaze asked a question regarding some pictures of a massage therapist he shared on his timeline. Taking to his Twitter account this morning, Nappy Blaze asked if men will allow their partners to be massaged by a male therapist or not.Twitter users from Nigeria were recently thrown into a debate after someone identified as Nappy Blaze asked a question regarding some pictures of a massage therapist he shared on his timeline. Taking to his Twitter account this morning, Nappy Blaze asked if men will allow their partners to be massaged by a male therapist or not.

In his words, he writes, “Guys will you allow another man to do this type of body massage for your woman?” The question sparked various reactions from Twitter users. Most people responded that they won’t allow it because it is not proper to allow another man to be touching your wife in the name of massaging. However, few people opined that they could allow it, after all, it is just body massaging and nothing more. Check out some of the reactions below:

Ever wonder how some women are able to catch and hold some men indefinitely, even against the wish of the man. And when it is no longer palatable to them, certain men find it incredibly difficult to get out of certain relationships. Worse still, even though the relationship becomes counterproductive, the men stay there.

In fact, in certain instances, these men basically become toys in the hands of these women, not necessarily because they are too strong or tough for such women, but because they have some items they may have literally trapped them with. Some of these relationships are not aimed at marriage, but a woman can take advantage of these circumstances or strategies, whether the man is married or not, to hold a man under her influence for her selfish gain.

In offices / workplace, courtship / marriage, education, online, community, religious centers, etc., these relationships may be Here. are 12 most dangerous ways women in relationships permanently trap men;

1. Sharing Secrets

Some men have no idea of how to keep secrets. Without thinking of the consequences, they speak carelessly. There are some secrets that a man, even if he intends to marry her, should not share with a woman. If a secret significantly affects the two persons involved, a man must learn to keep certain stuff to himself in a marriage-oriented relationship. I saw, for instance, where a woman killed her boyfriend because he shared a secret that his university degree was fake. She revealed the code to the superior authorities when he jilted her and he paid dearly for it. Do you know what Samson, in the Bible, destroyed? Hidden sharing!

Secret sharing often means possessing a ‘unique’ secret that is popular between two individuals. So, if you don’t want a woman to trap you in a relationship, watch out for Sharing a Secret.

2. Blackmail

Blackmail is one common method women use at any level to trap men in relationships. In dealing with some ladies, some men are not wise. As a consequence, if they abandon them or do something to them for some reason, these women usually have one thing or the other for which they try to blackmail those men. Moreover, to get some of their selfish needs met, they can use bribery as well. If you are a man, no matter who you relate to at any stage, avoid something that will give a woman room to blackmail you, otherwise, even if it is against your desire, you could remain stuck with that woman.

3. Covenant/Oath

While this may seem old, this act is still performed by some citizens. She will keep him stuck for the rest of his life if a woman can get a man to take an oath or vow with her. Breaking a covenant or oath, particularly those related to human blood or sacrifice, is not easy. At distinct stages, like public office holders, individuals take oath / covenant. Some, including marriage, corporation, etc., are also legally binding. Some are spiritual too. However, I advise men to be very cautious when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, since a woman may use a covenant to keep a man permanently imprisoned.

4. Crocodile Tears

When it comes to shedding tears, the majority of women are experts. As it is common with women, some tears can be real. On the other hand, for the reason of drawing undeserved sympathy, certain tears are crocodile tears. Usually, such tears have ulterior motives attached to them. For deceptive intentions, they are. When women begin to weep, men be cautious because others can use it to make you loose your defenses and you end up making wrong choices. In a relationship you do not like, those options do involve staying stuck with them.

5. Pregnancy

This one is the mother of all of them. Yeah. Yeah. Most women are fond of using pregnancy in a relationship to permanently trap us. Syndrome of ‘baby mama’. Sadly, if a man doesn’t want to have a pregnancy, it becomes a problem. He may ask her to abort it and she may refuse to abort it. Abortion is not promoted here, by the way. Some women do not even tell the man that once the pregnancy is nearly full term, they are pregnant. Men, here, you need to be alert. If you do not want a child, then avoid doing what produces one for you, otherwise a woman will use it to keep you stuck for life, even if you do not marry her!

6. Record Keeping

Many women are, by default, experts in record keeping. A man easily forgets any of his dealings with a woman and then gets surprised when she gives him information about his dealings with her. Mind you, as a male, she is more likely to keep records of any illegal affair or dealings you have with a woman-whether recorded, audio recording, video recording, etc. In the future, she might also use them against you if you are not careful. Now, remember that record keeping is one of the ways a woman in a relationship can permanently trap a man.

7. Promises

Many men like to make promises to women-even those they don’t want to fulfill. While a man may considers his commitment to be unsustainable, a woman hangs on every word that he says. Men, be mindful of yourself and stop making false promises to women. They can be used by a woman to keep you stuck in a relationship.

8. Compromise

When a man lives compromisingly, especially one who should be known for moral values, a woman may use it to gain an upper hand over him. Among religious leaders and people in high places of authority, this is very popular. They have built a loophole in their credibility if they are doing anything that society frowns at. Be careful how you compromise norms, especially if a woman is directly involved or she is conscious of it, whether you are married or not. This will encourage her to keep you trapped for life! Live right and you’re going to have peace of mind.

9. Food

The old saying that “the road to the heart of a man is his stomach” is still in vogue. Every man appreciates good food. Take it or leave it. It is most likely that a woman who knows how to cook fine, sumptuous and tantalizing food would gain an upper hand over one who does not. It is also through food that some women offer the ‘Love part’ to men. Pay attention to what you eat and how you eat from a woman who’s not your mom. She will use it to trap you in a relationship that is irreversible.

10. Appearance

Body form, dressing and physical grooming are included in appearance. Some men are glued, only because of their appearances, to certain women. Just to keep a man forever stuck in a relationship, some women can go to any extent to spend money on their looks. They know that from what they see, men are shaken. Why are some women spending a lot on plastic or cosmetic surgery, do you think? Why do you think that certain women are provocatively dressed? Appearing!!!

11. Constant Presence

A ton matters presence. It is easier for a man than one who is not to be stuck with a woman who is always present. This is why some women even move shamelessly into the house of a man without being married to him legally. Men, if you don’t want to be permanently trapped by a woman, avoid her constant presence, whether physically or through online chat.

12. Outrageous Gifts

In order to keep them under their thumb, some women will use their last penny to buy outrageous presents for men. Men, this is your warning. She will use it to keep you stuck for life if you accept an outrageous gift from a woman, a gift that you realize you can’t afford to pay back. Avoid living a life that you are unable to afford!

I hope you’ve finally learned something from this. What other risky ways can a woman keep a man stuck in a relationship permanently?

Thanks for reading, these are the subjects discussed here for positive results and critical evaluations. Please do well to drop a comment 

First of all we can’t be sure about who people are 100% , we meet them, we have fun and then its when we don’t see the need to do a background check on the person ,because we have created this innocent and perfect of the person in our mind and the feelings that cloud our judgement and our emotions on everything

You might have been told about the past of that person before or what they do but the image you have creates disables you from believing that a person that can make you soo happy or make you feel soo good about yourself can turn and do such things, yes it happens

Now a male in his late 20s met a woman on social media that she has been talking with for quite a while, the two did meet ups ,had several dates and the man invited the lady over for a weekend at his place

See visiting for a weekend or even a day requires you to have a hand bag , to put the important things that you might need to protect yourself or help yourself if it happens that you have an unexpected period, that’s why most men don’t feel comfortable in searching a woman’s bag but sometimes it might be help you

The two spend a weekend together ,and everything went great until the man noticed that her bag had an unusual shape than before, when she came it was light and looked light it did not have much but when she was about to leave and went to the bathroom all of sudden it looked full , he opened it and found half of his groceries in the bag milk, salt , spice , knorrox and two pieces of chicken in the bag