The bullying of plus size women is something that has been going on for a long time. People tend to misjudge their looks by telling them to limit their eating habit or go to the gym so they can shed weights, which is very wrong because most of these ladies feel comfortable just the way they are.

Social media may not be a suitable place to be, especially if you’re oversized because of the negative comments you get from people with other mindsets. This can cause low self-esteem.

As a person, it shouldn’t matter which size you are because what really matters is how comfortable you feel in your body.

However, for this lady dating was never difficult since she’s got a beautiful face.. She gets a lot of admirers but the main issue is that every man she dates would come and go.

It seems these men get attracted to her beauty but can’t handle her weight.

she opened up on how no man stays in a relationship with her for long because her oversized body.

A young woman on Twitter has opened a can of worms regarding how she once dated a Reverend Father of the Catholic Church for more than one year without her knowing that the man was actually a Catholic priest.

It’s a wonderful world – From women playing men and men playing women, to the extent that people no longer believe in the word “love”.

Some men have done very little to help the smudge on their names as they constantly seek out young girls to prey on and lie to just to gain their trust before going on to break their hearts.

In the story that was narrated by a heartbroken lady on Twitter, a Reverend Father who should be a shining example to young men and women out there was accused of lying to a lady just to get her love and trust. He went further to date her for more than a year.

According to the rules of the Catholic Church, a Reverend Father is prohibited from getting married, due to some reasons. But according to one Idoko Precious, a Reverend Father hid the fact that he was a Reverend Father and dated her for one year plus.

She brought up the story after another girl shared a story of how she was heartbroken by a man she went to meet in another country.

She said “I will summon courage to give my own story soon! Your own better self, I discovered one time, that my precious boyfriend of a year plus is a Rev. Father. Ah, long distance nah bastcrd!”

Many people have criticised the fact that the lady did not know that her supposed boyfriend is a priest, saying she was not paying attention, else she would have known the truth.

The Name Nengi and Ozo has been on the lips of viewers as well as fellow Big Brother Naija Housemate, ever since the show came to a close.

Nengi and Ozo’s popularity has been on a raise even after the show, even more than the eventual winner of the Big Brother season 5, Titled ‘Lockdown’, Mr. Laycon.

This can be attributed to the fact that alot of Nigerians as well as viewers are still faithful that the duo might end up going into a relationship as we all expected.

But getting close to four months, Nothing can be seen on the radar.

If we could all Take a look back at when Ozo and Nengi where still in the Big Brother House, Ozo practical proposed nearly every single day, Although the act became annoying, Nengi kept her cool, and spoke about patching things up with her boyfriend, as being the main reason why she kept on turning Ozo down.

As at Today, Nengi is single as she stated in her interview that her boyfriend has shown no interest in keeping the relationship between them.

This gives Ozo the opportunity to ask Nengi out.

If these Two wanted to be in a relationship, they would have made if official, after the Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show came to an end.