A man of God is a great pastor was exposed by one of his girlfriends that he was having an affair. This man of God was begging a married woman telling her how much he missed her and that she should come to his house. When the lady complain and tell him that her husband will suspect, he encouraged her to lie to her husband. The man of God even told this lady that his wife will be going to Nigeria so he and her can have the house all for themselves. The person who exposed them also told Mrs sadiki that you not the only person the man of God is having an affair with, they are other women too. The person also claimed that the pastor was giving Mrs sadiki many duties in the church so that he can be close to her all the time.

this must be a huge embarrassment for Mr Patrick sadiki as his name has been mentioned and he is also a pastor. What do you think the partners of this people should do? File for divorce? Please leave a comment below

Sources: Kenya expose

Three years into my marriage, I could not believe that I have been deceived by my own wife. Precious was looking so innocent and simple the day I first saw her and made up my mind to marry her. Precious and I met in a shopping mall at Ikeja,Lagos and within seven months, we were legally married. My name is Michael and I am 35 years. I have been a successful business man who dealt in building materials. After our wedding, I pleaded with Precious to quit her job at the company and help me build my business so that it would become a family legacy. Precious, my wife refused and in short, she did not like me to bring up the topic.

One fateful day at the shop, I discovered that a large amount of money was not in the records and as such, the money was not paid into the bank or cash in the shop. I was able to detect this because I was there on the day we made the sales. I called my shop accountant and it was there I realized that my accountant has been stealing heavy sums of money from my shop. I was deeply pained and I took my car keys and sped to my wife’s office. I had made up my mind to stop her from going to the office. Precious is an accountant with other qualifications and now my shop accountant has stolen so much from me.

When I got to the office, I did not wait at the car park as usual for her to come out. I entered the reception hall and demanded to see the company’s accountant. I was directed to the office. I knocked on the door and met a handsome and tall young man in there. I demanded to see my wife and he said he did not know what I was talking about. He asked me my wife’s name and I told him. I saw the shock on his face and he offered to show me her office. I followed him waiting to see the next surprise. He led me to a large office which was labelled CEO in golden letters. I wondered what we were doing at the office of the CEO.

When we entered, I saw my wife sitting on her seat and golng through files. She dropped her pen as she looked up and saw me. The young man turned and left. I stared at Precious and the office. Her portrait picture was on the right side of the wall. I saw with my own eyes that my wife has been lying to me for the past three years. She never told me she was the CEO. She is an accountant but now owns her own company. Little wonder why she never complained about her boss and even during her maternity leave, she was able to stay for six months before resumption. She even had nice car and a decent apartment as a single lady. I was proud of her but then, I was sad my wife was hiding the company from me and kept her position as a secret. How could I tell my parents and what a shame it would have been if someone else found out before me. Precious has been deceiving me and I never knew.

I stormed out of the office and went over to my friend’s house. I opened up to him and told him everything. He told me not to forgive Precious. He said a woman that could keep such a secret undiscovered maybe dangerous. I drove home in anguish in my heart. This may bring trouble between us because I”m not quite sure of how to handle the situation, please I need some advice.

A lawyer has narrated a strange story about how a man spent 10 years in jail for killing his Landlord after he caught his wife sleeping with him, only for him to come out of Jail and find out that she has two boys and also nursing a third child for a neighbor.

The lawyer said that the man came home to discover that his wife was sleeping with his landlord and out of anger, he hit the landlord with a stool on the head and he died instantly.

After about five years of trial, he said that the man later regretted his actions, claiming that he does not know how many people his wife would be sleeping with now that he was in jail.

Following their argument in court that he was provoked to commit his actions, the judge gave him 10 years imprisonment, and when he came out of prison, he discovered that his wife already had two kids and nursing a third one for their neighbor.

The moral of the story being that one should not kill anyone because of a cheating partner.

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Love is an attitude and attitude determines your altitude.

We are all aware that love and infatuation are two very different things. We also know that love isn’t just an emotion. Love is a decision — a commitment. It’s the action of choice.
Love is more than an emotion – it’s a verb, an action — that we demonstrate continually regardless of how we happen to feel on any given day.

Sometimes, you will be baffled as to why a couple who fell in love with one another, professed eternal love to one another, got married and after many years of being together, they will get a divorce.

You will then start wondering, are these not the same couple that were full of love many years ago? Couple that were love birds? Couple that acted like they cannot live with each other?

Most times, it is usually because the man doesn’t want the wife anymore and the woman will always be confused as to why her husband doesn’t love her anymore, or why the husband no longer do the things she used to do for her before they got married.

I will mention the reasons why such things could happen, why a man will suddenly stop loving his dear wife even though they have spent so many years together, been through many things together and have overcome so many things.

Below are the reasons why a man will stop loving his wife after so many years of marriage.


One of the reasons for that is infidelity. When he newly married you, you were faithful to him but after a few years, you felt like he can no longer be that vibrant young man you used to know and then you will start being unfaithful to him, this will make him to stop loving you immediately he find out.

He may decide not to divorce you but trust me, you will wish he did because he will no longer give you the attention you want.


Another reason is that, when he was still approaching you, you were dressing like a princess, your dress sense was top notch, that was what probably drew his attention to you but after the marriage, and when you realized that he can no longer leave you, you started dressing like an old woman, he will lose interest in you and that will make him to stop loving you.


Also, when he was approaching you, you were so respectful but after he married you and a couple of years down the line, you turned into a lioness in his home.

If he should say one thing, you will say ten things and you will be ready to fight him, he will stop loving you.

You even insult and abuse him anytime you feel like doing that.


Also, he will also stop loving if you are the type of woman that was helping him achieve greatness when he first met you, you were dishing out wonderful pieces of advice to him but after he married you and a few years after, all you now do is to squander his money in frivolities, he will stop loving you.


Finally, if you were the kind of lady that always prepare his meal before he comes back from work when he first met you and few years after marriage, you stopped, instead you started telling him to go into the kitchen and make food for himself when he comes back late at night from work, he will stop loving you.

Life is messy and marriage is life. So marriage is messy, too. But when things stop working perfectly, we start blaming our partner for the snags. We add unnecessary mess to the already inescapable mess of life and love. We must stop pointing fingers and start intertwining them. And then we can we walk into, and through, the mess of life together. Blameless and shameless.

So, please, just be that person he fell in love with and he will never stop loving you.

Death has claimed a married SDA Church woman from Lubosi compound in Mongu,  under unclear circumstances after spending a night at a boyfriend’s house.

The woman known as Precious Musole was discovered dead by her relatives at a boyfriend’s house on Tuesday morning in Mandanga compound after the boyfriend informed the sister to the deceased Woman.

And the disappointed husband (Mr. Kebby) has told Barotseland Broadcasting Network (BBN), that he is very sad and disappointed to learn that her wife (precious Musole) died at a boyfriend’s house as result cheating on him.

Mr. Kebby disclosed to BBN that precious Musole was a business Lady who on Monday told his husband that she was going in the Barotse plains to trade in Sour milk (Mabisi) not knowing that she diverted her journey and went to his boyfriend where she died in unclear circumstances.

And the officers from Mongu police have refused to arrest the boyfriend saying that there is ‘No foul play’ suspected in the death of precious Musole and that as police they are still waiting for a post-mortem report.

Meanwhile, the body of precious Musole is currently at Mongu mortuary awaiting burial tomorrow.

Mother of two, Mrs. Olubunmi Faseyitan sent goose pimples over everyone in the court on Thursday, when she admitted to consulting a spiritualist to inflict sickness on the husband.

It was a Customary Court sitting in Mapo area of Ibadan, on Thursday, where the court dissolved a 15-year-old marriage between a Olubunmi Faseyitan, and her husband, Kolawole, over voodoo attack.

Faseyitan admitted that she asked a witch doctor to ”tie her husband spiritually to milk him dry”.

”I never wished death on my husband. All I wanted was to keep him in bondage and make him sick, until he serves his purpose.

”I only told the witch doctor so that people would be convinced that his second wife was responsible for the calamity that befell him.

While delivering the judgment, the President of the Court, Mr Odunade advised that ”men and women intending to get married should seek God’s approval in their relationship before forging ahead”.

According to him, dissolving the union was in the interest of peace.

The Court also granted custody of the two children to Faseyitan while ordering the husband, Kolawole to pay N6,000 monthly for the children’s upkeep.

Kolawole, a factory worker had approached the court, praying for the dissolution of his 15-year-old marriage on grounds that his wife was into voodoo.

A pastor in Kisii County on Thursday is said to have slit his wife’s throat after going through her phone and finding weird messages.

According to media reports, the preacher is now under police custody after he tried to fake the suspected murder and make it look like a suicide.

People Daily reports that Pastor Joel Mogaka, 40, took his wife Irine Nyakwara, to one of the hospitals in Kisii town with pretence she had taken poison.

Kisii County Police Commander Jebel Munene who confirmed the bizarre incident said the suspect is now in custody pendingpostmortem to determine what killed the woman, who was a secondary school teacher.

The officer also said they are analyzing the suspect’s call history to determine if there were other people involved in the suspected murder incidence

The couple’s neighbours said the two had issues on Thursday after the man found some messages on her phone.

They also said they had other marital issues some time back which were solved by their relatives.

“They had been having marital differences on accusations and counter-accusations over infidelity. Elders attempted to iron out the issue in vain,” Tim Kironchi said as quoted by People Daily.

The news from Sahara reporters have revealed that the First City Monument Bank Manager Mr. Adam Nuru’s wife have pack out his house and is now considering a divorce.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">This was after Tunde and Moyo's issue came up, remember that it was reported that Moyo the wife of Mr Tunde told him when leaving Nigeria that they children they had wasn't his own but was for the managing director of First City Monument Bank, Mr Adam Nuru.This was after Tunde and Moyo’s issue came up, remember that it was reported that Moyo the wife of Mr Tunde told him when leaving Nigeria that they children they had wasn’t his own but was for the managing director of First City Monument Bank, Mr Adam Nuru.

Report revealed that this news alone lead to the death of Mr Tunde as he was confirmed to have died of heart failure.

This made the board of directors to remove Mr. Adam Nuru as the manager of the First City Monument Bank, now report from Sahara reporters has it that his wife has packed out of the house and is now demanding for a divorce.

This is so sad and heartbreaking, just within a month Mr Adam Nuru is losing almost every he has worked for. This family, his business and his children.

See comments from viewers.

Over 1000 Sign Petition To Sack Adulterous FCMB MD Adam Nuru

The demise of Tunde Thomas has caused a great deal of responses via online media after he was Buried on December 30, 2020. The story was actually a difficult one. 

Everything started when the spouse of the late Tunde Thomas disclosed to him that he wasn’t the biological father of his two children who he has been dealing with for quite a long time. In the wake of getting such terrible news, he drooped down with heart failure. 

It was accumulated that Tunde Thomas passed on about fourteen days after the fact in the wake of experiencing a heart failure, and after he was Buried, loved ones have given up 1000 petitions against FCMB Manager, Adam Nuhu who was having an unlawful illicit relationship with his significant other. 

Notwithstanding, FCMB board have released a press statement that the case is under scrutiny as they have gotten more than 1000 petition against Adam Nuru. As per the assertion, it peruses: 


“We know about a few stories going across a few media platform about our managing director Adam Nuru, a previous worker Ms Moyo Thomas and her expired spouse Tunde Thomas ” 

His wife revealed that his two children belonged to her boss. This is something we only see in the movies.

<p class="has-drop-cap has-vivid-red-color has-text-color" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">The wife had an affair with her boss at FCMB Mr Adam Nuru and that affair gave rise to two children. The wife kept it a secret only to reveal it when the first child was 8. Mr Rude suffered a stroke but recovered later only to have a heart failure just a while later. He died and has since been buried.The wife had an affair with her boss at FCMB Mr Adam Nuru and that affair gave rise to two children. The wife kept it a secret only to reveal it when the first child was 8. Mr Rude suffered a stroke but recovered later only to have a heart failure just a while later. He died and has since been buried.

After this revelation, a lot of Nigerians are not happy and they have repeatedly called for the culprits to be punished after the burial of Tunde. One person that called for the sack of the FCMB boss is Nigerian Lawyer, activist and essayist Demi Fani Kayode.

Yesterday, he said that the man should be fired in a tweet. Today he has spoken on it again. A few minutes ago, he analyzed the matter in a series of tweets. He has accused Mr Adam Nuru of sending N500m to the account of the pastor of ex-EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu.

He went on to condemn the man and label him the scum of the earth and said that he deserved more then a sack. Below are his tweets.

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Operatives of Rivers Police Command have arrested a mother of five, Ihuoma Amadi, for allegedly Kinikanwo, her husband to death with a broken bottle during a fight by the couple over allegation of infidelity in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The 47- year- old late Kinikanwo, a former Supervisory Councillor at Obio-Akpor local government area, Rivers State, was said to have been stabbed multiple times with a broken bottle by the wife who left him to bleed to death in the course of the fight.

Our correspondent learnt that the late Kinikanwo and Ihuoma, have been having constant quarrel which usually resulted to fighting over allegation that the wife had been having an affair with a man living along their street.

The wife has always denied the allegation.

However, it was learnt that last Thursday, the couple were again involved in fighting, during which the wife used a broken bottle to stab her husband multiple times.

Kinikanwo was said to have died around 1 am at their Nkporlu-Rumuigbo residence as a result of the injuries sustained from the stabs.

The younger brother to the late Councillor, Victor Akandu  Amadi, said his late brother  was killed by his wife according to information given to them by the 15-year-old daughter of the couple when they rushed to his residence early Thursday morning.

Victor said the daughter told family members that her parents were fighting due to the accusation of infidelity her father leveled against her mother.

He added that the corpse of the deceased has been deposited at morgue in the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital(UPTH).

Spokesman for Rivers Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni, who confirmed the incident said the State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mukan, has ordered an immediate investigation on the matter.